R.O.B., Rayquaza, and Waluigi were wondering what was taking the Ice Climbers so long, since they were going to be doing something with the snow powered Eskimos. The trio were hanging out on the Great Fox as it was flying through Corneria, with a Smash battle occurring on top of the ship and on the floating platform nearby as the trio were inside the cockpit looking forward.

"Seriously, what is taking them so long?" Waluigi grumbled as he was smacking green fuzzy tennis balls back at the brick wall, with footage of the matches going on within the highly advanced television monitors.

"Maybe they're doing something big," Rayquaza muttered for you as he got the urge to crash this plane, WITH NO SURVIVORS.

Meanwhile, the Baneposting obsessed Ice Climbers themselves were by their frosty Summit, with the two kids doing what they did best ice climbing.

"Say... why is your mallet so big?" Nana asked Popo as they were making their igloo on the edge of the rising glacier bigger. "Does it make you feel in charge?"

"Of course!" Popo exclaimed with a smile as he smashed bits of ice with his oversized wooden mallet. "Nobody cared who I was until I put on the blue parka..."

"You're a confident boy," Nana remarked as she held her pink parka down, feeling it being lifted up by the wind to reveal her pants.

"For you." Popo responded, as he then chucked some ice blocks into the air to help stop the wind, WITH NO SURVIVORS. "It doesn't matter who we are. What matters is our snow."

Watching this from a distance was Dry Bowser, who was mining icicles as a means of having an unusual set of tools for later, seeing the Ice Climbers chucking their ice blocks into the air with no care.

"Sometimes, I ask myself why do I end up making these appearances..." Dry Bowser stated to himself as he rolled his eyes, the skeletal reptile turning around and preparing to go back to icicle mining as he then witnessed another version of himself dashing down a snowy hill across from him with another pair of Ice Climbers, the alternate trio rushing away from a giant avalanche that was going to crash into the glacier, with no survivors.