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A/N This is a Kannan and Hera one shot and it takes place after the season two rebels finale. This is my first one shot so sorry if it's terrible.

Hera walked over to Kannan and sat down. "How are you doing Kannan?" She asked tenderly.

"Better than a storm trooper facing an angry Wookie." He replied.

"Kannan, I'm serious."

"So am I. I'm serious and worried. Worried about Ezra. When we were on that planet he felt... dark. And when Ashoka didn't make it I could feel the sadness and rage within him." Said Kannan, his voice somber.

"We don't know that Ahsoka is dead. For all we know she could still be alive." Said Hera hopefully. Sounding as if she were saying it as much to convince herself that Ahsoka was alive as she was to convince Kannan.

"Maybe," said Kannan doubtfully. "But that still doesn't change the growing darkness in Ezra. I'm worried about him."

Hera sighed. "I am too Kannan. And right now I don't even have the slightest idea of how to proceed. But what I do know is that as long as we stick together we'll be able to get through all of this." Hopefully. Added Hera in her head. She then added, "But you avoided the real meaning of my question Kannan. How are you doing with, you know... that." Hera gestured to Kannan's eyes then winced, as she realized for the third time in the past couple hours that Kannan would never be able to see again, at least, not without prothstetics.

"I'm doing fine." Kannan replied, his voice clearly stating the opposite.

"No Kannan. You aren't." Replied Hera sympathetically.

"I just... I don't wanna talk about it okay?"

Hera nodded and then a new wave of sadness hit her and she replied with a simple "I understand". She then stood up and walked away as Sabine called her.

No Hera, you don't understand. How could you? Thought Kannan. He took a deep breath and released it, attempting to calm his mind and meditate. Thoughts of Ahsoka, Ezra, Maul, and his blindness whirling around in his mind, he still reached out to the force for guidance. Kannan received none but continued sitting there for a couple hours, his eyes closed as he slowly calmed his thoughts and gained a small amount of peace. However one thought prevailed above all others. The thought that he must help Ezra down the path of the light side of the force and help him to not fall to the dark side.