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The Boy


Someone was crying downstairs from an argument over what he only guessed was the last bit of milk. Johnny Morgan sat on his small twin sized bed crammed by the window of the last room down the hall. On his lap sat a Flash comic book. He skimmed through the pages, reading each panel with deep concentration, immersed in a make believe world much different from his own.

The comic book itself was somewhat ragged and wrinkled from being passed down from boy to boy in the home. Johnny had finally gotten it from an older boy that had left the home a week prior. The boy had been kind to Johnny and was the only kind of family he had ever known.

Johnny's blue eyes studied each drawing with precision wishing he too could run as fast as Barry Allen. Johnny often found comfort in super heroes like Barry Allen or Peter Parker that were much like him, often orphaned and bullied by others. Of course many of these super heroes weren't truly alone.

Johnny often wondered if there was also someone for him too. Perhaps it was a parent still looking for him. Maybe even his own mother.

Johnny became rigid at the thought of the mother he had never known. She often crawled in his mind at random moments throughout the day. He wondered if she was dead, if she was alive, if she was looking for him. But Johnny wasn't the only boy in the home who wondered about his mother. Many of the boys had often admitted during the night when all the lights were off that they still hoped their mothers and fathers were out there somewhere. Johnny too felt that way but he didn't admit it like all the other boys had.

He didn't like to think about it.

Johnny pushed his glasses up and glanced at the door when he heard his name being called from downstairs.

"Chris! Johnny! Riley! Come down now!" It was Anne, the orphanage director—or so she liked to call herself. Johnny knew she was but a simple house mother.

Another boy appeared at the doorway. He was a red headed boy a few inches shorter than Johnny but about a year older than him. "Hurry up, you dink. We're gonna be late."

Johnny frowned at the name he'd been called but quickly shoved his comic book into his backpack and jumped off the bed, grabbing his brown jacket as he exited the room. Before he did, he skid to a stop and turned back to fetch his black and white converse from under his bed. The boys fumbled down the stairs, feet heavy upon old creaking wood and into a sea of other boys ranging from ages three to fourteen.

Johnny followed the red headed boy, Chris, to the front door where multiple shoes were kept in a heap. Johnny leaned against the wall and put his shoes on. He hated leaving them in the pile just waiting to be snatched by another boy. It had happened before. As he tied his shoes, he looked down the hall in the direction of the kitchen where he could still hear crying and arguing. There was never enough for everyone.


The cold November air hit the boy as soon as he exited the house, making him shiver. He fixed his backpack, feeling the weight of his books, his comic and a few dinosaur toys he had forgotten to take out all jumbled together. The walk to the school seemed like a long one, especially beneath the cold weather.

Johnny walked alongside Chris and behind some of the other boys. He tried to keep up but the boys often walked fast on purpose to leave him behind. Once they reached the school grounds, the boys pretended not to know one another to keep themselves from being made fun of from coming from the boys' home.

"Wait up!" Johnny called out.

"Get lost, Dink!" An older boy called back, "Every kid for themselves!"

Johnny paused but hurried up and ran into the school after his classmates.


Lana parked across the street from the school. It was a fairly large gray building with multiple windows. She had already scoped out the place and had decided to check in with the office, claiming to be a visitor. Lana was the perfect sleuth and she knew how to play people perfectly into letting her into buildings. She supposed that's how she got in trouble in the first place.

The nerves wrecked havoc in her stomach and she waited impatiently for the final bell to ring. She just hoped she caught up to him in time. In that moment Lana knew that all she wanted was to see him. To know that he was okay. She just needed to see the boy. The remorse would not let her live.

She tried to rehearse the words she would use to approach him. She wasn't even sure if she was going to. The nerves were causing her to back out. Besides, what explanation would she give him?

Lana had no plan.

"I just want to see him." She told herself in attempts to calm her raging nerves, "That's all."


Johnny sat in his class with mild interest. He doodled in his notebook a variety of things from dogs to super heroes. He was scribbling a T-Rex with a spit ball hit him in the back of the head. Johnny turned around to see two boys snickering amongst themselves.

Johnny muttered under his breath and turned around to continue his drawing.

During lunch he sat at the edge of a table in the cafeteria with two other boys from his class and Chris from the home. Chris was the closest thing Johnny had to a friend or so it seemed. He had plenty of other friends from class like Ethan Malloy and Carl Wes but neither boy really knew of his home life.

Ethan was in the middle of a joke that Johnny already knew the punch line too. He bit back a smile and let his friend continue on with the joke. A group of older boys from the 6th grade passed by and made rude remarks, calling them names and making fun of them.

Johnny sat quietly, pushing his glasses up and ignoring the other boys. He noticed Ethan fall quiet.

"Go on Ethan, finish the joke." He encouraged his friend.

Ethan smiled and perked up again, continuing his joke.


Lana waited until the final school of the day rang. She stepped out of her car and watched as multiple children came rushing out of the front doors. Lana took in a deep breath and crossed the street.


Johnny stepped from out of double doors that lead from a hallway out onto the playground centered in the middle open-air quad of the school. Children waiting for their parents or simply killing time before they had to go home filled the small playground.

"No running!" A teacher called out, reminding the children to be careful.

Young girls went down the slide and children pushed one another on the small merry go round. Johnny stood near the slide, looking around for Chris to begin their walk home. He swung his backpack over his shoulder, accidentally hitting an older and much taller boy.

"Hey, watch it, punk."

"Sorry." Johnny muttered taking a step back from the boy.

The boy gave a chuckle and stepped towards Johnny. "What you got in here?" He reached for Johnny's backpack and yanked it from him.

Johnny became nervous and quickly looked around as kids began to circle around them hoping to catch the commotion. Johnny watched helplessly as the boy opened his backpack and rummaged through it, dumping some things out.

"You like dinosaurs?" He asked half amused yet mockingly, "You wanna suck a brontosaurus dick?"

Johnny glared at this, obviously offended, "Shut up, asshole!" he fought back against the taunting of the older boy. He was tired of being constantly pushed around.

"Who are you calling an asshole, faggot?" The boy demanded and with all his strength shoved Johnny down onto the ground just as he was reaching down to collect his things.

"Augh!" Johnny winced, the blow knocking off the glasses from his face.

And then Johnny heard the voice of a woman coming to his rescue.


When Lana arrived at the playground, the first thing she noticed was a small crowd of children gathering around two boys. She got closer, picking up her pace and only hesitated a moment when she realized that one of the boys was Johnny Morgan.

He stood face to face with an older boy and an altercation was clearly underway. It was then the older boy grabbed Johnny by the scruff of his brown aviator jacket and shoved him down to the ground as hard as he could.

Lana didn't hesitate and approached the older boy with a determination to protect her son that was so strong she let it over take her. "Hey, you. You little shit. You back off." She pushed the boy away from Johnny Morgan, "You better back off before I hurt you in ways you haven't even dreamt of."

The older boy only looked at her with nervous eyes, he took a few steps back, gave Johnny one last look and stalked off without another word or glance.


The next thing Johnny knew, an elegantly dressed woman with long brown hair was pushing the bully back. He remained sitting on the grass, watching what was happening with his very own eyes. He made eye contact with the boy right before he walked away and then turned to look at the woman that was now walking towards him. He looked up at her from the ground like a little boy lost and confused.

The woman slowly knelt down to his level and took off her sunglasses. In that moment, Johnny remained quiet. The woman struck him as beautiful and elegant by the way she was dressed but he had never seen her before.

"You all right?" She asked him.

Johnny tried to act nonchalant about the situation. Not wanting to look weak in front of a stranger, "Yeah, I'm fine." He answered her, keeping his gaze on hers.

Lana slowly looked away and reached for his glasses, picking them up off the ground and offering them to him. The boy quickly grabbed them and put them back on. The woman continued to study his face for a few more seconds. Her eyes looked solemn and filled with a sense of longing. No one had ever looked at Johnny like that before.

"You know he's the asshole, right?"

"Yeah, I know."


The boy's answer was firm, without any hesitation and Lana could only guess that he had a good understanding between the good guys and the assholes. Yet, his sweet little face made him look defenseless. Especially when he sat on the grass in front of her with his things spilled around him. Lana hadn't even noticed the other children standing around watching them. Not even the boy had taken notice. His eyes were on hers.

Lana felt the strong urge grow through her like wild fire and with a gloved hand, she reached up to softly caress his face. She gave him a solemn smile, wishing in that very moment to pick him up and take him home. The boy was just as defenseless as the day he had been born and he needed his mother.

His eyes were so blue, bluer than in his photograph. Lana knew he had gotten them from her father. She was sure of it since he was the only parent she had with eyes as blue as the boy's. And in his face she could see traces of both her and Oliver. With those glasses on, he resembled the man who fathered him that much more but not enough to be unsettling. He was a handsome boy no less and Lana was mildly surprised that she and Oliver had created such a fine young boy. It almost made her proud.

It then slowly dawned upon Lana that she was not his mother and he did not know her. She was but a mere stranger to him. And yet he continued to stare at her with parted lips and wide blue eyes, nervous, confused and somewhat afraid of her actions. Lana could only guess what he was thinking but she couldn't help it.


Johnny sat still, watching the woman's glowing brown eyes as she placed her gloved hand upon his cheek. He could feel his heart beat wildly in his chest and a strange feeling grow in his stomach. He was confused as to why a stranger was treating him that way. No stranger had ever done so before. Not even his caregivers or the multiple couples he met during adoption meetings that never went through.

Johnny then slowly began to notice all the other children watching them and grew embarrassed but made no real effort to move. It wasn't until the woman realized what she was doing and slowly pulled her hand away that Johnny finally got up to his feet. He quickly collected his things and ran off without bothering to shove his toys and other belongings into his backpack.

"You should report him!" The woman called out to him as he headed towards the back exit of the playground.

Johnny turned around, watching the woman as he continued to quickly walk away. She continued to watch him go until Johnny fully turned around and ran off, leaving the woman behind in the playground.


Lana watched the boy run off. He turned back to look at her as he did so. He still looked afraid and unsure of what had transpired. Lana just stood feeling helpless as the boy slipped through her fingers. She had never felt the need to protect someone so strongly before. Of course she knew that she wasn't his mother in any meaningful way and entering his life as so would only confuse the boy.

Still, as she stood, watching him disappear, Lana knew she wanted to be a part of his life.

She wanted to be his mother.