Hi guys! I'm wondering if this should be a two-shot, or a three shot. I might even make this longer if I can but what do you guys think? Anyways, this is definitely being a KurKag story.


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage. That's how the children's song goes right? Little Kagome always loves little songs other than the popular one she shared names with. Kagome Kagome. Whenever her classmates played the game, poor Kagome was always the Oni. She would be blindfolded as her classmates held hands and walked in a circle singing in Japanese

Japanese characters English transliteration (Romaji) かごめかごめ 籠の中の鳥は Kagome kagome / Kago no naka no tori wa いついつ出やる 夜明けの晩に Itsu itsu deyaru / Yoake no ban ni 鶴と亀が滑った Tsuru to kame ga subetta. 後ろの正面だあれ Ushiro no shoumen daare

"When, oh when will it come out

In the night of dawn

The crane and turtle slipped

Who is behind you now?"

Kagome would always lose in the game. You hear so many voices at once and you are blindfolded. How can you guess who is standing behind you? As she grew up, she hated the game. There was another song that the school children played. When they suspected that two friends liked each other, they would sing. "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage," much to the embarrassment of their friends. What if things happened in reverse?