Disclaimer: Yes I own Inuyasha and Yu Yu Hakusho because I happened to make Kagome and Kurama with my amazingly bad art skills.

Chapter 4

Soon after Kagome and Shuichi arrived, Miroku left. But like two high school students, Kagome squealed about how cute they were. Sango denied the best she could but could not hide the deep blush staining her cheeks. "You can't be serious Kagome! Me like that pervert!?"

They caught up on current events until Kagome turned around to fully explain her situation when she saw Shuchi sitting behind her in a chair, ever so quietly. He sat there, with his back straight and watching Rin sleep. "Sango, we have a problem..." Kagome started. Sango leaned in. "Shuichi and I, neither one of us has experience with children... Can you help us?"

Mirth danced through Sango's bright hazel eyes. She knew her best friend jumps into things without thinking but this is something on a whole new level. "Kagome. You know that if you need anything, you just have to ask. I'm your best friend, I'll do anything for you." Sisterly Moment .

"First thing first, you two are co parenting correct?" Sango asks, getting a nod from both Shuichi and Kagome. "Is the baby going to be with you both as often as possible?" Kagome and Shuichi look questionably at each other.

"I guess? I mean we both have to work. Hey Shuichi, what's your profession?" Kagome realized she never asked. Shuichi smiled. "I am a lawyer, and you are a child social worker, am I right?"

Kagome stared at him; confused, how did he know? "You mentioned it when you were on the phone earlier." Shuichi was clearly amused at the blush that stained her face when she remembered the aforementioned phone call.

"Sorry to interrupt but, where will the baby sleep?" Sango questioned. She had a point. "Kagome, how many rooms are in your apartment?" Kagome quickly understood. "Two bedroom, and one bathroom, maybe about 950 square feet?" Shuichi nodded, that wasn't bad for a government salary. "What about you Shuichi?"

"Its three bedroom but one of them is a study, however the other bedroom is a guest room. You can take that one and we can alternate Rin on different nights." That sounded like a good idea.

"Let's go shopping for Rin afterwards. Sango, can you write us a list of stuff we need?" Sango bobbed her head up and down excitedly. Her best friend is taking care of a baby with a hot guy! -

While they were leaving, Sango overheard her best friend. "Does this mean we're moving in with each other?"