13. Wake Up Call

"I didn't hear what you were saying. I live on raw emotion, baby…Wake up call. Caught you in the morning with another one in my bed. Don't you care about me anymore? You care about me? I don't think so. Six foot tall. Came without a warning, so I had to shoot him dead. He won't come around here anymore. Come around here? I don't think so." – Maroon 5

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Raven didn't know what exactly had just happened. All she remembered was feeling on top of the world as she passionately locked lips with the man who kissed her like his life depending on it and the man who seemed to be the perfect match to her soul, Richard John Grayson. They had been so into the kiss that they had forgotten to breathe. When Robin finally remembered that they needed oxygen to live, he rose up putting space between them. It was obvious he couldn't wait to push his soft pink lips onto hers once more. His intense blue eyes were burning with sizzling, passionate fire and his face was lit up in content.

But Raven's was set in a frown of horror and disbelief. Standing behind the content man in the doorway of their master bedroom was a monstrous Roy Harper with a glistening black pistol in his hand. The sight almost ceased her existence, but it was only the sight she was afraid of. She never once thought she'd have to be afraid of what he'd do with the weapon.

But before she could even warn Robin of his presence, there was an almost soundless click but with the fear in Raven's heart, it seemed to be deafening. The click was promptly followed by an even more ear-splitting crack of the gun going off. The bullet soared towards Robin in what seemed like slow motion and pierced through his skin with ease.

Robin barely made a sound as his face twisted from the shock and pain. His body wasted no time falling down on top of her causing her to let out a scared shriek. She rolled from under him and flipped his face towards her. He was still alive, just in too much pain to make a sound. She frantically searched around the room for a phone, trying her best not to collapse into a panic attack, and soon found his in his pocket.

"Hello!" she screamed into the receiver after dialing 911. "A man's just been shot in the back! We need an ambulance now!"

"Please, calm down, ma'am. Can you tell me the address?" the respondent replied in a patient manner.

"We're in the Steel City Luxury Apartment Complex, apartment 1609. Please hurry!"

"Is the victim still alive?"

"I don't know," Raven cried truthfully into the phone. She'd been staring at Robin the whole time and couldn't bring herself to look away when his eyelids slowly met.

"Okay, just keep calm and try your best to stop the blood from flowing. If he loses too much, he'll die. Help is on the way."

Raven hung up the phone and ran over to the boy. She picked up every blanket, t-shirt, and towel she could find and applied pressure to the wound that was overflowing with fresh blood. The room was beginning to smell metallic like the thick, red bodily fluid and smoke from the gun could still be seen moving through the air. Tears were running down her face into puddles on the ground and she was pretty sure she wasn't going to make it through the night.

Suddenly, a noise was heard as Speedy slammed his back into the wall and slid down to the ground, pistol still in his hand. His face was blank but his eyes were full of guilt and disappointment in himself.

"What the hell, Roy?!" Raven screamed and started kicking him while he was down. The abuse made him stand up, but she just continued punching and swinging until she was tired. "What the hell?!"

Speedy shook his head in defeat. He couldn't even bring himself to look into her petrified, wet eyes or at the bloody, motionless man on their bed. "I don't know! It just happened, okay?"

"What do you mean it just happened?" she asked with a punch to his chest. "What do you mean you don't know? He's fucking dying over there and it's your fault!"

"I'm so sorry, Raven," the broken-hearted redhead finally dropped a tear for his unexplainable actions. "I didn't see my car out there, so I thought you were still gone. I was only coming home to get Alice for Lian, but I heard noises and thought it was an intruder, so I grabbed my gun, eased my way to the back only to see you seemingly making love to another man. In our bed!"


"How do you think that made me feel?" he bellowed before she could speak. "You cheated on me. Me! With Robin of all people, Raven. I'm losing my mind here."

"Speedy, that doesn't give you the right to murder him in cold blood," she mumbled with hatred rolling off her tongue in waves and rushed over to Robin to make sure he still had a pulse.

Speedy sighed. He didn't mean to shoot Robin; he really didn't. He let his broken-hearted instincts get to him and the strong anger and revulsion he felt for the boy somehow made him pull the trigger. It was nothing more than a crime of passion that he regretted more than anything in this world.

Boom! Boom! Boom! came from the front door. Raven wasted no time running to open it. "He's in here," she whispered, everyone could practically hear the tears in her voice.

The paramedics quickly scooped an unconscious Robin off the bed and strapped him to the stretcher. His piercing blue eyes were barely stretched open but Raven could tell they were alive, yet they were also slowly but surely losing their life. The paramedics rushed out of the apartment, telling Raven she would have to meet him at the hospital.

Then, she looked around for who she assumed would soon be her former fiancé. She had been so caught up in making sure the first responders treated Robin right, that she hadn't even noticed the police tightening handcuffs around the taller man's wrists and reading him his rights.

"No, no, no," she mumbled and hurried over to them. Everything was happening so fast, she was sure she would soon faint from the dizziness of it all.

"Raven, it's okay," Speedy assured her as they forcefully pushed him past her trembling physique and lead him towards the front door. "Just let them do their job."

"No, Officer, you can't arrest him," she cried out desperately and pulled on one of the policeman's arms. "He didn't know what he was doing. It was a crime of passion!"

The officer frowned apologetically and yanked his arm away from the fragile woman. "He'll have to take that up with his lawyers, the judge, and the jury."

Speedy sighed, his whole body flushed an unhealthy red. Before they could push him all the way out the door, he turned to look at her. "I'll be fine, Raven. Just please give Alice to Lian. She's really going to need her now. Tell her I'm so sorry and I love her."

Raven prepared to close the door as they stepped into the hall. She gave Speedy one last, penetrating look in the eyes and then lowered her head to the ground. She was so ashamed; she hadn't even thought about what this would mean for Lian. It was all her fault for bringing Robin into their home.

"Okay," she muttered softly and tried her darnest to hold back her threatening tears.

"And Raven!" Speedy called as they struggled to push him through the open elevator doors. Raven's head snapped back up and waited for him to say one last thing. "I love you, too."

'Oh, that's it,' she thought and broke down crying on her knees right in the door way. The policemen showed slight remorse as they finally dragged the now bawling Speedy onto the elevator. They saw couples getting violent all the time, but they rarely truly seemed to love each other. But it was obvious this couple did.

Raven's heart hurt so badly she wanted to crawl in a corner and wither away. First, Robin came running back in her life causing her to fall in love with him all over again despite the fact that she was already in love and in a wonderful relationship. Then, she betrayed the one she loved by cheating on him with her old love. Soon after, he found out and she finally started to think that maybe Robin was the right one for her. Then, Speedy shoots Robin in the back, leaving him on his deathbed, and getting himself arrested.

And without a miracle, he was going to do some serious time. He was going down for attempted homicide, just like Jade. And if Robin actually did succumb to his injuries, he would probably be found guilty of second degree murder. Raven wanted to throw up at the thought of him spending the rest of his life in the harsh and coldblooded conditions of a prison.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't find it in her to be angry with him. It was her fault more than anyone else's. She knew he had bad impulses and she had severely crushed his spirits and heart. Crimes of passion were nothing new and she should've never risked Robin getting caught by Speedy. She knew Roy didn't actually want to hurt Robin; he was never that kind of person. His pain and anger just got the best of him which was something that hadn't happened in a while. When it happened in the past, it seemed to always be over her like when he held Wally over the balcony after finding out about them sleeping together.

But what was she doing? Robin could be losing more and more minutes while she just sat there moping about her mistakes like she wanted someone to give her sympathy. There was no one there to give her sympathy. She was all alone. And, in all honesty, she no longer believed she deserved sympathy.

She quickly reached in her back pocket to retrieve Robin's phone. She called Bruce, Jason, and whoever she could to tell them the news. Then, she found her phone on the glass coffee table and called the rest of their friends to break it down to them. She scurried so quickly to Lian's room to grab Alice that her feet barely met the ground. Then, she searched all over the place for her own car keys. When she finally found them randomly lodged between the couch cushions, she sped to the hospital as fast as humanly possible.

Despite the fact that it was almost three in the morning, most of their friends had beat her to the lobby of the emergency room. She rushed through the large, glass automatic doors looking around at everyone's faces for answers.

But apparently they wanted answers, too.

"What the hell happened, Raven?" Wally bombarded first, a crying Lian next to him in Artemis's arms.

"Why was Friend Robin at your house so late at night?" Starfire cried in a naïve voice to Raven and then her patient boyfriend. "What if the bullet hit an important artery? What if Friend Robin doesn't make it?"

"Raven, what are you hiding from me?" Jinx whispered to Raven next, angry that her friend hadn't shared any of her recent drama with her, but the girl just ignored her.

Cyborg shook his head in exhaustion and walked away. "Man, this is too much for me to fathom."

"Is this some deadly revival of their old high school rivalry?" Aqualad wondered out loud and wrapped a protective arm around Starfire's shaking one.

"Dude!" Beast Boy stormed through the hospital doors still in his purple, monkey-covered pajamas with a paled Terra following closely behind and a stunned look in his green eyes. "Did Speedy really shoot Robin?"

"STOPPPP!" Raven shrieked what seemed like a pained scream causing the other onlookers to eye her cautiously and her friends to take a shocked step back. "Is Robin okay is the only question that matters right now. Is he still alive? Will he ever be the same again? Those are the only questions we all should be asking."

Jinx nodded and wrapped a sisterly arm around Raven's shivering cold shoulder. "You're right, Rae. Let's just focus on Robin's wellbeing right now." Raven immediately whipped around and pulled the pink-haired girl into a clingy embrace. Terra and Starfire followed suit and soon it was a comforting group hug full of backrubs and encouragement, which Raven desperately needed.

"Hey," Wally called to his longtime best friend when she pulled apart from the girls, "I'm sorry I shouted at you. Speedy told me what happened, and I've just been so angry ever since."

"That's understandable, Wallace," Raven mumbled dryly without ever making eye contact with the taller boy. "You don't have to pick sides; I know you're on his."

"Sides? What, no," he squinted and let out a tired sigh. "I'd never choose between my best friends. I want what's best for both of you, you know. Maybe we've all been wrong these last few years. Maybe you're not right for each other."

Raven raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms across her chest and finally meeting his blue eyes with her violet ones. "I think…we can still work it out if we really wanted to. He told me he loved me as they were arresting him."

Kid Flash brushed a hand through his messy red hair and let out another sigh. "I don't know. He was so angry at my place. I honestly don't even believe he can ever fully forgive you."

Raven nodded with more hurt rising in her throat. This night was just getting worse and worse. "I'm sorry," she finally croaked. "I know you really wanted us to work out."

Out of nowhere, he pulled her into yet another tight hug. "I'm sorry, too, Raven. I really am." Then, he walked away with disappointed tears forming between his lids.

"Ravie?" Lian called from Artemis's strong grip.

"Yes, Sweetheart," Raven mustered up in her heart to say as she looked at the small girl's tear-stained face.

"Where's Daddy? Is he coming back?"

Raven's breathing almost stopped. She looked at Artemis for help but it was obvious she didn't know what to say either. Raven looked down at the doll she'd been holding and squeezing in her hand the whole time and handed it over to the heartbroken girl.

"Your daddy's gone right now, but of course he's coming back," she finally answered. "He told me to tell you he's sorry and he loves you. Whenever you miss him, just hug Alice really tightly and you'll feel better."

"Okay," the child mumbled and held onto her doll for dear life.

"Guys," Cyborg rushed back into the lobby with a doctor on his tail, "Doctor says he's stable."

They all hurried towards the doors of the emergency wing, but the doctor would only let one person in at a time. Everyone stared at Raven waiting for her to be the first one, but she just stood there in fear of what she might see.

"Friend Raven," Starfire started softly, placing a hand on the shorter girl's shoulder, "it is only fair that you go first."

Raven glanced around at everyone's sure faces and nodded apprehensively. She slowly followed the doctor down the stark white, never ending corridor of the wing. She could almost hear her heart pounding against her chest in the freezing silence.

"Here we are," the doctor suddenly stopped in front of a room. She looked down at her checkboard and told Raven, "He's doing pretty well. Thankfully the bullet didn't hit any major arteries, and we were able to remove it without any complications. He should be responding normally but try not to talk too loud or much because he's on a couple sensitive medications."

Raven nodded once again while exhaling the long breath she'd been holding as they strolled down the hall. She softly pushed the door away from her, revealing a wounded black-haired boy in a hospital gown and cot. His hair was stuck to his forehead from sweat and his face and lips looked paler and bluer than usual. The last time she'd been in this predicament was when Speedy had overdosed on heroin. It was all reviving a few old, dusty feelings and nerves that she'd stored in a box in her brain the moment Speedy was okay.

The man in the bed seemed to be sleep as she sauntered over to him, but the moment she placed her shaky hand on top of his motionless one, his scared eyes stared dead into hers.

"Raven," he uttered with squinted eyes, "what happened?"

There was no point in hiding the truth or holding anything back. "Speedy walked in on us. he thought we were intruders so he had a gun in his hand…And when he saw me and you together, I don't know what clicked in him, but something made him aim that gun at you."

Robin's eyes grew large. "Oh my God."

Raven pulled her gaze away from the boy and tried to shake off the tears that wanted to fall from her eyelids. "I'm sorry, Robin. I don't think I could've gone through my life without you in it. And it's all my fault for bringing you there."

Raven jumped when her hand was soon in his firm grip. "And mine for initiating the kiss in your bed," he assured her, but then just as quickly a sudden bolt of realization hit him. "No, it's Speedy's. No one forced him to pull that trigger. He's lucky I'm not dead."

"Robin," Raven started, yanking her hand from his, "we can't put all the fault on him. He was hurt and caught off-guard."

"And so was I when a bullet pierced through my back," he said with sarcasm in his voice. "You don't expect me to feel sorry for him, do you?"

"Yes, Robin, I do actually," Raven snapped, steadily backing away from the cot. "He's going to spend a good portion of his life in prison all because we broke his heart."

"Raven," Robin forced with frustration. She could tell the strain was bringing him a lot of physical pain. "He tried to murder me. I can't forgive him for that."

Raven sighed and looked away from the disappointment on his face. "Okay, I get it." Then, she turned to leave, not wanting to face him in his current state any longer. "I think I should go for now, but, please, just think about it Robin. We got him into this, so we have to figure out a way to get him out. At least for his daughter's sake."

"Okay," Robin whispered, defeated. He had neither the strength, energy, or desire to fight with the woman he almost lost his life over. He had almost flown into the abyss of afterlife and here she was still worried about Speedy. The fight just wasn't worth it.


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