2. Do You…?

"Maybe this decision was a mistake. You probably don't care what I have to say. But it's been heavy on my mind for months now. Guess I'm trying to clear some mental space…I just wonder do you ever think of me anymore. Do you?" – Ne-Yo

"Master Richard, meet the newest member of our family, Master Jason," Alfred presented as Robin waltzed into the Waynes' Steel City vacation home. He dropped his heavy luggage and stared strangely at the dark foreigner across from him. He was leaning back on the side of the long staircase with his arms crossed and his eyes low.

"I asked you to stop calling me master, Old Man," the young teen finally spoke. He stood up straight and sauntered over to Robin with a sneer on his face. "Nice to finally meet my big brother."

Robin squinted his eyes and got a good look at the black and silver striped haired boy standing in a black leather jacket in front of him. "You're that rude kid from that juvenile hall Bruce and I used to speak at."

Jason smirked harder and deadpanned, "Nice to know you remembered."

Alfred sighed and dripped with sarcasm as he told Robin, "Enjoy." And left them alone in the house.

Robin raised an eyebrow and eyed the kid again. "What made Bruce pick you if you only have a year until you turn eighteen?" Bruce had mentioned the fact that he was adopting another son, but he never mentioned the boy was sort of close in age to Robin. That was a year ago and he never decided to tell him until today.

The new addition to the family shrugged his shoulders and mumbled, "Something about seeing something in me. You know, that bull."

Robin rolled his eyes and picked up his luggage. "How fatherly."

"Hey, I can help you with that," the younger one perked up, much to Robin's surprise. "If you want…"

"Uh," Robin started, confused. Teenagers. "That's cool."

Jason might've been a bit of a delinquent but he had always wanted an older sibling. Someone he could look up to, get advice from, and whoop in basketball. And from the stories Bruce and Alfred told, he thought he would like Robin, even if he didn't know how to show it.

So, a week or two ago, Bruce had the bright idea of letting Jason stay with Robin in his new Steel City home over the Christmas break, so they could get to know each other better. Both of the boys had refused at first, but soon gave in to their adoptive father. And they both sincerely hoped it would all go right.

Later on that day, Robin went to go finish some business at the university's registration office. As he was leaving the building, he bumped into a familiar redhead.

"Robin! Dude, long time no see!" Wally's voice was still as chipper as ever.

Robin winced from the hard pats on the back the boy gave him. "Hey, Wally."

Wally pulled the straps of his yellow, book bag closer to his back and grinned. "What are you doing on this side of the world?"

"I'm, uh, transferring here for the rest of my semesters," the ebony-haired boy replied.

"Really?" Robin shook his head up and down. "London must've been too much for you."

Robin smirked cockily. "Something like that."

"What time is it?" Wally asked and glanced at his thin but large iPhone 9 screen. "Wanna get lunch and catch up?"

Robin gave him a firm smile and nodded. "Sure."

"So," Wally began before stuffing a triple stacked hamburger in his mouth, then continued with a mouth full of ketchup, mustard, beef, and lettuce, "when'd you get back?"

Robin quickly cut a piece of his steak and stuck it in his mouth. "This morning actually."

"Dude," Wally paused and took a sip of his soda, "shouldn't you have like serious jet-lag or something?"

Robin shook his head and took another small bite. "Actually, I slept pretty much the whole ride, so I'm good." That was in fact a lie. Every hour of the eleven-hour trip, he found himself wide awake with anxiety. He couldn't wait to be back home and surrounded by friends. And most of all, he was excited to lay his eyes on the violet-haired beauty. His adrenaline kept his eyes open without hesitation.

"That's crash," KF swallowed another lump of burger. "The others will be so excited to see you."

"Yeah," Robin mumbled and took a sip of his coffee. Plain, black coffee. He had long ago ditched his signature coconut-milk and cinnamon coffee. It brought back too many good memories of him and Raven's friendship which now only wounded his heart.

"You got a place to stay?" Wally's voice rang.

Robin nodded as he sipped again. "Yeah, Bruce is letting me kick it in his vacation home here."

"Even more crash!" Wally exclaimed as he finished the last bite of his burger.

"What is this crash you speak of?" Robin squinted and eyed the boy across from him funnily.

KF snickered and licked his fingers. "It's what the young kids are saying these days. My cousin, Bart, taught it to me."

"Well, I guess that's crash," Robin smirked and leaned back in his chair. "So, how are things going with you and Jinx?"

KF raised an eyebrow and wiped his mouth with his napkin. "Dude, me and Jinx were over more than a year ago."

"Really?" Robin retorted, shocked. They seemed like such the perfect couple.

"Yeah," Wally chuckled matter-of-factly, "I'm dating Speedy's baby mama's sister, Artemis, now."

"Wow," Robin whispered, then said louder. "So, who's Jinx with?"

Wally sighed and took a big gulp of soda. "Her and Cyborg are apparently in love now."

"Wait, wait, what about Bumblebee?" Robin squinted again.

"They went their separate ways when Bumblebee went off to school," Wally answered. "Remember she went to Yale way on the other side of the country."

Robin leaned back in his chair again and whispered, "Oh, that's right."

"And Aqualad and Starfire finally made it happen." Robin hunched a carefree shoulder at that. "The only couples still together are BB and Terra, they're married now by the way, and Rae and Speeds."

Robin's heart fluttered. A part of him had suddenly become hopeful that they had gone their separate ways as well. "Wow."

"Yeah. It's been three years," Wally said while trying to get a fiber of beef out his teeth. "Did you really think everything would be the same? Things change."

Robin ignored his question and asked what was really on his mind. "So, how's Raven?"

"There it is!" Wally exclaimed teasingly. "I'm surprised you didn't ask sooner."

Robin grimaced and said through closed teeth, "Just answer the question."

"She's crash."

"What does that even mean?" Robin wished he could scream, but he didn't want to get thrown out of the small restaurant.

KF leaned towards the table and finally said with a serious tone, "She's doing pretty great, Dude. Speedy is making her a content, expressive woman. Plus, his daughter's mom is in prison, so they're just one big happy family."


"Don't ruin it, Rich," the redhead interrupted with a somber glare.

Robin gulped, making him seem suspicious. "Why would I ruin it, Wally? How can I ruin it? If she's truly happy, she won't pay me no mind."

Wally let out a breath and said, "You know what I mean. They're both still my best friends, and I don't want to see either of them hurt. Plus, they really love each other. I still think their relationship is nothing short of a miracle."

"Raven is…I mean was my best friend, too," Robin admitted. "I wouldn't dare hurt her."

A smirk graced Wally's face as he said, "Good, because then I'd have to make sure you feel the mode."

"I got the popcorn!" Roy called from the kitchen of his family's apartment that grew increasingly comforting each night.

Raven and Lian were snuggled under a thick, red blanket on the couch and waiting to start the movie. They were watching Alice in Wonderland for the umpteenth time that year, and Raven was slightly annoyed. However, she knew Lian loved it and every time she watched it was like her first. Not to mention, it was the only movie that could keep her quiet for an hour and a half.

Raven jumped in her skin as she felt sudden warmth under her right bosom. She looked down and realized that Lian had nuzzled herself under her arm. Raven slowly let a smile caress her face as she hugged the child closer to her, her chin resting on top of her curly bed of red hair. The scent of lavender baby lotion kindly filled her nose, but was soon after replaced with the smell of salty, buttery popcorn.

"Aww," Speedy pestered from behind the couch. Raven quickly separated herself from the girl and turned to glare at the grinning Roy.

"Come sit so we can get this over with," she deadpanned. Before she could even blink again, she was holding a bowl of popcorn as the man laughing at her seriousness hopped over the couch.

"My turn! My turn!" Lian stood up and jumped on the couch. Raven held onto the popcorn tightly as the popped kernels flew out of the bowl and onto the floor.

Speedy snickered and calmed his very restless child down with the touch of his hand. "No, Sweetie. Daddy wouldn't want you to hurt yourself."

The little girl pouted and crossed her arms. "But I thought you said I was your big girl!"

Speedy shook his head at her sassiness that she probably derived from her mother. "You are, Lian, but you have to wait until you're a little bigger."

Violet eyes slowly rolled. "Can we just start the movie…" Raven dragged.

Speedy squinted his eyes at her dryness, but she just gave him a sneaky, wide-eyed smirk. He shook his head once again with a snort and pressed play as his baby girl crawled onto his lap. He wrapped his arms tightly around her while she got as comfortable as she could. She ended up laying on his chest and keeping one, dark gray eye on the movie.

Thirty minutes into the movie, the three-year-old was fast asleep and her father was close to it. Suddenly, he shivered as he felt something soft and silk-like on his left arm. He looked down to see Raven resting her head on his bicep. It was her silky, violet hair that had startled him up. She must've sensed his alertness, because she looked up at him with her big, doe eyes. And smiled. Yet, the smile wasn't shown on her face, but in those very eyes. They were always his favorite thing about her face.

"Hey," he called as she looked back towards the movie. She looked back up as if to say huh. Something inside him tingled as he felt the need to say, "I love you."

Finally, she gave him that smile he adored so much even though it was barely noticeable to most eyes. "I love you, too, Roy," she whispered in return, then turned her attention back to the movie.

Raven let out a short sigh as she stared at the Cheshire cat on the screen. She figured the movie must've been Jade's favorite as a little girl and apparently the dark-haired criminal had passed the love down to her daughter. Despite the fact that Jade was a criminal, she had an extremely loving relationship with her daughter. The little girl was pretty much her world. Raven wondered if she would ever have that kind of relationship with Lian or her own daughter. She loved Lian just as much as her parents, but she wasn't exactly sure how to show it. Kids weren't her forte.

She stole another glance at the man she was using as support. He was now sleeping peacefully with his mouth slightly open. Then, she looked to her side. Her first thought was that Lian looked like a precious, sleeping beauty. They were perfect. Her perfect family.

'Almost too perfect,' she thought. Suddenly, she felt sick to her stomach as she sat up straight on the sofa. She grasped her heart and looked at the two beside her once again. For some reason, she had a sudden feeling things were about to get crazy.

'Just drive!' Robin screamed to himself inside his head. 'Put the car in reverse and drive.' Wally had—after many tries and on-the-knees pleading—finally given him Raven and Speedy's new address. He made the ginger promise he wouldn't warn the two of his arrival.

Now, he was sitting in his car under the garage of his new home trying to convince himself that driving to their place was a smart idea. He was pretty sure Speedy would be home at this time of night, and he didn't want to start any drama. He just wanted—no—had to see her, hear her voice. He sighed and tapped his head on the steering wheel, causing the horn to beep three times. Jason opened the door that led to the garage and gave his new brother an emotionless but inquisitive stare. Then, he rolled his eyes at the pitifulness and slammed the door close. Robin let out a blank chuckle and stared down at the text Wally had sent with the directions.

"I know you miss me, too, Raven," he said out loud and put his face in the crook of his elbow. But obviously, he wasn't trying to actually convince Raven of anything. He was more so trying to make himself believe that she still thought and cared about him.

If he didn't say anything else to her ever in his life, he wanted to ask her a series of do you's. Do you still think of me? Do you miss my voice, my smile, my presence, the touch of my skin against yours? Do you dream of me? Do you care for me? Do you think we'll ever be best friends again? Do you still love me the way I love you? Do you still love me at all?

He sighed, realizing that he'd probably never get to ask her those questions. For years he dreamed that when he returned, he would be full of confidence and swagger. He would do any and everything to take what was his. Now that he was back, he realized he couldn't do that. If she was truly happy, he couldn't take that away from her.

But deep down in the back of his conscious, Robin knew that once she saw his face, heard his voice, and felt his touch, she would want him, too. And if she did, she was going to be his to keep.

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