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"Keiko darling, you have to eat."

The blurry woman in front of my small body tried in vain to get me to eat the mush these people call baby food. If I was a lesser baby the woman's soft and encouraging voice would have been my undoing.

But fortunately, I'm not, far from it actually.

I'm guessing you don't want an entire life story, so I'll make this short and simple because I hate wasting my time with relevant things.

Screw reincarnations and taboos.

I'm also guessing that my earlier sentence should have made the bells go off in your head by now.

Also by now, you might have concluded that 'ah she's been reincarnated! Ahah I'm so smart.' Congratulations, you have figured out something faster than me. I once read in an article that reincarnated people aren't supposed to remember a past life.

I remember a past life, my past life. So I clung to the hope that I haven't been reincarnated but sent back in time. That delusion shattered when I was presented a mirror by my adoptive mother (there's no other way to truly describe the woman) at the two-years-old.

One does not be sent back in time as a mixed person when he or she was once African-American.

Also, I read that people usually grieved for their lost loved ones first. I grieve for myself first, my family is the last thing on my mind.

I slapped the spoonful of food out of the woman's hand, still angry at the fact Sarah is gone and replaced with Keiko.

Reincarnation cheated me.

Once I had read the article I had left all my belongings to myself in my will in case reincarnation is a thing.

If my family (or you) didn't think me evil before I'm sure they do now. Even after death, I was still a pain in their asses.

The woman in front of me groaned pitifully but attempting to scold me. "Bad Keiko. We do not slap food, we eat it."

Ignoring the fact that it felt like she was talking to a dog, I turned to ignore her then and settled for chewing on my teether ring.

Reincarnation cheated me.


A teasing voice interrupted my space bubble. "Keiko, look at what Mama has." I wouldn't have paid her any mind if it wasn't for the fact that I'm extremely bored.

Turning I found myself faced with a teddy bear my own height or even slightly taller. It was plain brown and completely unattractive to me.

"Tada." The blurry woman sang and gestured to the stuffy thing as if it was something special. I couldn't tell what her eyes looked like because my vision is crap but considering how long she's staring at me I'm pretty sure she's expecting me to smile and hug the thing.

I settled on slapping it.

My open palm barely sunk into the stuffed creature because my muscles were basically none existent at this point in my life.

Second life actually.

I found myself slapping and hitting the bear repeatedly after that thought. I also found that the pressure in my head loosened with each strike and I laughed in childish glee.

Clapping noise filled my ears and I stopped to stare at the woman with my disgustingly huge eyes. Even if my eyesight is shit I still saw the huge smile on her face tinged with relief.


Her reaction confused me. I fully expected her to be giving me strange or worried looks. I've been quiet mostly since the day she found me and the first time I actually let her see me smile and laugh is when I'm being violent.

I reconsidered the woman in front of myself before patting her knee gently.

Maybe I'm not the only strange one here after all.


I gripped James tighter in my arms as my adoptive mama and papa yelled at each other heatedly. If they attempted to be hush-hush about their voices they'd long since given up on that.

I wasn't scared.

This isn't my first time watching an argument. It's also not the worse one I've seen either. Neither one of them had moved to physical aggression, yet, so I tried to listen in on their conversation.

I didn't need good eyesight to tell my adoptive mama's face is red. Most likely an ugly shade of red at that. "What do you mean I'm overreacting?" her words were hissed out in disbelief. "You left again for an entire three days, Kaito! Am I not supposed to be angry?"

The man rubbed his forehead. "I was working," He tried to stress the last word. "Making money isn't easy."

My adoptive mom seemed ready to explode at this point. "You gamble. You do not work." She poked him hard in the chest and I felt a jolt in my stomach. "You left me alone with a baby for three days." her anger evaporated and was replaced with sadness. "Is this how you're going to act when our first baby is born?"

The man dubbed Kaito flinched as if struck with a hot frying pan. His stubborn face fell and he apologized. They kissed, then whispered gibberish to each other before getting ready for bed.

They did it often enough for me to notice the repeating pattern. He'd be gone again if my adoptive mama hasn't figured that out she's slow or stupidly hopeful.

Probably insane.

I decided then to stop listening on in their conversation and return to sleeping.

I have redone the prologue, again, because it has been brought to my attention that a 5,000 + word opening chapter is excessive.

After thinking about it, I can't help but agree. I noticed how almost half of the readers to visit Keiko do not continue onto the next chapter. I'm going to chalk that up to my long opening chapter and not the fact that my writing sucks big ones. : ) *Ego still intact*

I also enjoyed rewriting the prologue.

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