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California Dreams

Chapter 5 – When in Vegas

Finally being honest with each other, with nothing and no one between them, ignited a fire that burned off all hesitation as they ripped each other's clothes off, and threw each item haphazardly around the suite. After almost three years of tension, their coupling was explosive, fast and furious, leaving them catching their breath, limbs entwined while their heart rates returned to normal. The second round was initiated by Rick, wanting to touch and learn all he could about Kate, already addicted to her taste, the feel of her skin on his, the sound of her voice and the little sounds she made in the throes of passion. This was much slower, sweeter, and both of them recognised how well they fit together, completing each other like no one else ever had. Neither were ready to say the words yet, but their eyes broadcast the love they were already feeling and sharing in the dark of the Vegas night.

Kate drifted off afterwards, her head cradled on Rick's chest, arm thrown across his abdomen. His arm was caressing her back, drawing meaningless patterns on her spine after he pulled the sheets up. He knew now, that this had been his last first time. No one would ever come close to Kate, and he would do all in his power to keep her happy and by his side.

Kate woke about an hour later, first becoming aware of Rick's heartbeat under her cheek, and his breath blowing over her hair, with a gentle snore every few exhales. She let out a quiet sigh, accepting for the first time that she was right where she wanted to be, and she had stepped out of her comfort zone to ask for it. Rick was an amazing lover, even in the heat of their first coupling he was watching her, making sure she had her pleasure first, and she wondered if this could have been her last first time. The thought was a little scary, but not near enough to have her bolting, as a similar thought may have caused her to even a year ago. She had only just admitted her attraction to Rick, but it seemed like flood gates had opened, and she was almost drowning with the deep feelings he was evoking in her. For the first time since her mother had been murdered, Kate was contemplating not only a long term relationship, but marriage and children down the line. She fell asleep again to that pleasant thought, and dreamt of a little girl with brown curls and a little boy with mischievous blue eyes.

They were both woken by the almost simultaneous ringing of their mobile phones, but they were not inclined to rush out of bed and let them go to voicemail in the lounge. After the messages came through, Rick got up and brought both phones into the bedroom, Kate admiring his naked form all the way.

"Like what you see, Detective?" Rick asked, the smirk wide on his face and Kate was shaken out of her contemplation of his assets by the cockiness of his tone.

"Oh, I guess it will do." She bantered back, then rose much more gracefully from the bed, and walked across the room to retrieve one of the hotel robes before moving to the suite phone and ordering two coffees from room service. Rick was equally distracted by her naked form, so much so that he didn't even rise to the bait she put out for him.

The phone messages were from the airline, advising of next available flights to New York. Neither of them wanting to burst their bubble yet, they agreed to take flights the next day instead, and Rick texted Alexis to let her know of the change of plans.

"Now we have another day all to ourselves, what shall we do?" Rick asked, but he was quite partial to returning to bed to explore Kate's body some more.

"Well, when in Vegas, there are certain things you have to do." Said Kate, knowing exactly where Rick's mind had gone, and while she would have been just as happy to stay in bed with him all day, she also wanted to experience the city with him.

"Gambling, showgirls and a drive-thru wedding chapel it is, then."

"OK, but only if it has Elvis officiating!" Kate bantered back. They had a long joint shower, and may not have actually made it out of the suite except Kate turned the water to cold and then jumped out of the shower, quickly deflating Rick's ardour.

They wandered into a couple of casinos, taking turns at the Black Jack table as well as some of the slots, but Kate was restless, something drawing her on, so they didn't stay long. They enjoyed a lunch and matinee floorshow at the Venetian, and then wondered the streets hand in hand. Finally, they stopped in front of the Chapel of Love, and Rick caught Kate gazing at the sign offering Elvis and various other celebrity wedding officiants. He wasn't sure what she was thinking, but he figured he was in Vegas with the girl of his dreams, whatever she wanted to do he was up for.

Kate was contemplating how serious she was about an Elvis wedding, and stunned that after only one night together she was even considering such a move. She knew that these ceremonies didn't have to be binding, and she was pretty sure her Dad and at least Lanie would have harsh words to say if they were excluded from her wedding, but she was still riding a high from the last 24 hours with Castle, and so she turned to him with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, Castle, put your money where your mouth is. Elvis is available, are you?"

Rick had been surprised by Kate a number of times, especially in the last 24 hours, but nothing in his experience had ever prepared him for this bombshell. Kate was asking him to get married in Vegas? The reaction must have shown on his face, because she laughed, but leaned into him as she spoke.

"You know it doesn't have to be legal, but I bet you haven't been married by Elvis yet, so maybe third time's the charm?"

"Beckett, are you asking me to marry you?" He asked, deliberately keeping his tone light, but suddenly he could imagine Kate in a white dress, and down the track a little girl with her eyes and smile, and a little boy with his mischievous grin.

"Yes, Rick, I am asking you to marry me, here, with Elvis. What do you say?"

"What are we waiting for?" he asked, and then practically dragged her into the chapel.


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