As usual I own nothing but the plot.

Also I must thank fireswordAL for allowing me to rewrite this story.

He was there in my dreams and his voice echoed though my head. My palms felt slick and my breath was hitched as he said goodbye and walked away.

I screamed at him trying to tell him to wait but it was no use. Much fingers clutched air and I fell into a dark hole of pain and loss. There was a roar and I will was lifted up into the light on a noble beast, he was a green Dragon.

We clawed though the air roaring with delight. My sorrow was swept away by the vast power of the dragon's mind.

I sat up quickly holding my hand to my head wondering where that dream came from. I never dreamed I was being lifted into the sky. There was still a deep pain in my heart. I stared out the window at the snow. It was December. Almost 3 months since Edward left.

I curl into a ball eradicating everything else and I'm reminded of his kisses and voice.

I got up from the bed and got dressed. I decided to take a stroll through the woods. It might be might take my mind off things. I could visit Jacob later. My day didn't have to be too bad.

I walk outside and through the trees. The sky was light as I trailed much fingers over moist branches. I stopped in a small area clear of trees and my heart stopped.

This is was the place he said goodbye. I wanted to curl up on the ground and sob. There was a large booming sound and the ground erupted sending me back into a tree.

All was silent. With a groan I got up and looked at the smoking hole in the middle of the area. I cocked my head. I peered down into the hole.

There, nestled I'm the soil was a green dragon's egg.