By Biankies and Anjion

A/N: This is a collaboration between me and my good friend, Biankies, and features our 3 favourite sidekicks, Babkak, Omar and Kassim from Aladdin (specifically those from the original Broadway cast) and the movie Newsies.

Disclaimer: We don't own any of the characters except Mac, Lacey and ourselves. Please read and review!

AA/N: Mac and Lacey are Newsies. Mac is the doctor to her friends and Lacey is Spot's second-in-command and annoys him mercilessly! Enjoy!

(It is very busy in the Lodging House in Manhattan as most of the Newsies and their friends are getting ready for the Costume party at Medda's theatre. The party is courtesy of their author friends, Biankies and Anjion – better known as Mouse and Stars – and everyone is double excited.)

SKITTERY: (desperately looking around for his police helmet) Hey, has anyone seen my hat?

MUSH: (over his shoulder) Ask Race! He's the smart guy who finds stuff!

MAC: (busily painting her face green in front of the mirror) I think I saw Morris looking at it.

MORRIS: I ain't got it!

OMAR: (feeling brave thanks to his wizard wand and cape) I bet you have. You're always taking stuff!

MORRIS: (glaring at Omar) Watch it, you lousy...

JACK: (adjusting his cowboy hat) Hey, play nice, Morris!

MORRIS: And what if I don't?

JACK: (trying to stare him down) Then I will make you-

BUMLETS: (interrupting) Guys, we're supposed to be getting along! Can't we do anything without fighting?

(Meanwhile, two crazy authors are busy preparing the theatre for the party. Anjion is up a ladder and Biankies is in the kitchen, making sandwiches with Medda. Les, David, Kassim and Babkak are also helping out.)

LES: So, what have you come as, Stars?

ANJION: (in her terrible Irish accent) I's a lucky Leprechaun.

DAVID AND LES: Oh no, not the Lucky Leprechaun...

BABKAK: (looking rather chipper as a French Chef) What's so bad about that?

DAVID: (moving as far away from Anjion as possible) Can't you guess? Her accent is terrible!

KASSIM: (who is prancing around on the stage) It can't be any worse than Babkak's French accent...

BABKAK: (indignantly) Actually, my French accent is quite good!

ANJION: That it is! Kassim, stop showing off and come and help. We already know you're a gorgeous pirate, and we've only got about 45 minutes to make this place ready before the rabble arrives...

LES: (a Munchkin) I wonder what Mouse has come as?

ANJION: I have no idea. You'll have to wait and see...

BIANKIES: (yelling from the kitchen) Help! I'm stuck!

(Everyone rushes to the kitchen to find Biankies, who is dressed as a fairy, with one wing caught in a cupboard.)

ANJION: (struggling to free her friend) Kassim, give us a hand would you? This wing is jammed...

(Kassim complies and together we manage to pull open the door and release Mouse... and Anjion manages to pull the door clean off its hinges, sending everybody sailing through the air...)

ANJION: Oops...

COREY COTT: (who has just arrived with Andrew Keenan-Bolger) Guys! We're here! Hey, where is everybody?

ANDREW: (going to the kitchen door) Maybe they're in here...

(He opens the door and is flattened by an assortment of boys coming the other way...)

ANDREW: Ouch...

ANJION: Quick, Mouse, help me fix this door...

MEDDA: (coming back into the kitchen and seeing the broken door) I leave for five minutes and you break something?!

ANJION: (shamefaced) Sorry...

BIANKIES: Sorry; my wing got stuck.

(At that moment, there is a loud crash from the main theatre, and we dash through to find that half the decorations have fallen down...)

ANJION: (downcast) It took me ages to get those up!

SNIPESHOOTER: (hurtling into the theatre) Mouse! Stars! We got a Delancey problem! At the Lodging House!

BIANKIES: (turning to Corey, Andrew and David with a sigh) You three, stay help Medda. We'll be back soon...

(We get back to the Lodging House to find absolute chaos. Jack is fighting with Morris, Blink (a knight) and Snoddy (a white-haired scientist) are half-strangling Oscar, all three are being egged on by everyone else, and in the middle of it all, Omar is wailing loudly.)

ANJION: Oh my word...Guys!

(No one takes any notice, so Anjion randomly produces two megaphones from her coat, passes one to Biankies and draws a deep breath...)

BIANKIES AND ANJION: (as loud as they can through the megaphones) GUYS!

(Everyone freezes in whatever positions they are and looks sheepishly at us.)

ANJION: I told you to Play Nice!


ANJION AND BIANKIES: Omar, stop crying.

BIANKIES: (glaring at everyone) Explain! And it better be good or no treats!

(Everyone tries to talk at the same time but it just ends in one big fight again. This time, Oscar and Morris start yelling at Omar and Skittery, who are both close to tears.)

MUSH: (running over to us) You guys gotta do something!

ANJION: (loudly) Right, one at a time!

SNIPES: (excitedly) Skittery lost his helmet, so Mush told him to ask Race, because he is, you know, dressed like that famous detective guy, and then Mac said that she'd seen Morris with it, and he denied it, so Omar said he probably did have it, and Morris looked like he was gonna pulp Omar, so Jack stepped in and told him to "play nice", and Morris said, "What if I don't?", so Jack started to threaten him, but Bumlets stopped him, and then everything was fine until Skittery accidentally walked into Morris, and he hit Skittery, so Jack got angry and attacked, and so did the others, and then you arrived.

(We all stare stupidly at the boy for a moment while we try to process his little speech. Morris is the first to recover, and he isn't happy...)

MORRIS: Why you little...

(He starts to descend on the little Newsie, who is dressed as the White Rabbit, but Biankies trips him up, to an assortment of hurriedly suppressed giggles.)

BIANKIES: Guys, come on, this is supposed to be fun! It's a party! Can't you even try to get along?

(Everyone present, including Morris, looks suitably chastened.)

ANJION: Right, Mouse and I are going back to the theatre to finish off; can you lot try not to murder each other in the meantime?

(The boys mutter a series of apologies and we two authors return to the theatre... to find chaos of a different kind... Andrew and Corey are tangled up in the strings of fairy lights that they have clearly tried to put back up, and Les is happily snacking on the sandwiches.)

ANJION: (sighs defeatedly) Oh well, I'd better start putting these decorations back up...

(As she climbs up the ladder, a loud bang can be heard in the distance, followed by a couple of thuds on the roof.)

DAVID: What was that?!

(Before anyone can answer, the doors slam open and a great flood of boys bursts in...)

MUSH: We got a problem!

SKITTERY: Yeah! Iago's fired the Delanceys onto the roof with that exploding powder of his! We can't get them down!

(Everyone else, led by Biankies, heads outside to rescue the Delanceys.)

DAVID: (from outside) We need a ladder!

KASSIM: I'm on it!

(He runs inside and grabs the ladder while the others argue about who's going to actually go up the ladder.)

KASSIM: (to Anjion) You don't mind if I borrow this, do you? Thanks!

(He carries it outside, and it isn't long before everyone is back at ground level. All except one...)

RACE: (looking around) Hey, where's Stars?

BIANKIES: Kassim, where did you get that ladder?

KASSIM: From inside.

BIANKIES: (suddenly a very pale scaredy mouse fairy) I think that was the ladder that Stars was using to put up the stuff that fell down...

ANJION: (from inside) Er, can anyone help me down? I seem to have lost my ladder...

(A few minutes later, Anjion is also back on the ground, and she is not happy...)

ANJION: (crossly) It's a good thing I have strong arms! Or I might have fallen!

(Omar immediately tears up.)

EVERYONE: Omar, stop crying.

(Suddenly we can all smell something burning.)

BIANKIES: (who has only just managed to save the remaining sandwiches from Les) Corey, Andrew, you guys did remember to take my cake out of the oven, right?

COREY: (looking sideways at Andrew) I thought you were going to do that!

ANDREW: No, that was your job!

ANJION: (irritated) I have to say, I never thought I'd ever see Batman and a mini Mad Hatter arguing over a cake!

COREY AND ANDREW: (shamefaced) Sorry...

(They go to tend to the cake catastrophe, just as a heated argument starts up in the main theatre.)

SPOT: I'm the king! Look, I've got a cane and a crown!

KASSIM: But I'm a Pirate King, so I have my own authority!

SPOT: Do not!

KASSIM: Do too!

SPOT: Do not!

KASSIM: Do too!

BIANKIES: Both of you, stop it!

(We look around at the ruined decorations, the depleted sandwich stock and the ominously flickering lights...)

ANJION: I think I might just cry...

BIANKIES: Don't you dare, Starsie; if you start now, it'll set them all off and I don't wanna drown...

TUMBLER: (Les' fellow Munchkin) Can we get on with the party now? Please?

ANJION: (sighing defeatedly) Why not? What else could possibly go wrong...?

(At which point the doors burst open once again, heralding the arrival of our worst enemy...)

BLINK: It's Snyder! RUN!

To be continued...