The blonde let out a laugh as she shook her head at the boy before her. You'd think that this boy couldn't be anymore pathetic- but boy he was quite the expert. Any girl had seen poor little Lucas Friar from afar, they'd think, damn, he has the whole package. He's perfect. But if you see him up close, you're not surprised and you're passed his front consisting of Texas pride. Maya Hart, currently 16 years old, had met Lucas Friar, currently 17 years old, in the 7th grade from when he first moved here. And from then on, the two had an inseparable friendship in which nothing and no one could ruin. Maya stood next to him at her locker, laughing at his pathetic pleads. His pleads had been pathetic before, but this one, was a freaking winner. "Maya." Lucas whined. "She's new, she's from upstate New York, she's here. And she's loved by everyone already."

Maya stared at the new girl who was currently smiling widely and laughing at of the other students. "You are seriously a puppy. A lost one, at that. What do you see in her? She's perky, and she's a freaking rainbow with legs."

"She's drop dead goregous. And you could probably use a friend like her. So maybe your reputation wouldn't be so..." God Lucas, pick your choice of words carefully. "Intimidating?"

"Indimidating? I'll show you intimid-" Maya stopped herself, sighing as she realized he was probably right. "I'm fine!" Maya shook it off. "I can be nice. I'm nice to you, aren't I? And how about Zay and Farkle?"

"Okay, you're nice to three people. Three people whom you've known for years on years. You look at others as if you're a wolf and they're like.. helpless ants."

Maya snickered. "Good analogy." Lucas' eyes were lingering back to Riley again, who was twirling around to her locker. He gaped back at Maya.

"Maya, you're a girl." The boy looked at her with eyes filled up with ideas.

"I think I need boobs to prove that." She pulled her shirt so she could look down at her chest. "Oh right. They're still there."

"No!" He sighed at his too sarcastic for her own good friend, and got to the chase. "No, I mean, why don't you befriend her? It seems like the only friends you really have are Farkle, Zay and I. Wouldn't it be nice for you to actually have a girl friend to like... Talk about girly things with?" Maya scowled. She was anything but girly.

"I talk about everything with you guys."

Lucas rolled his eyes. "There are always going to be things girls talk about with each other that they cannot tell guys. Just be her friend. And maybe.. Put some word in for me? As some like.. Potential boyfriend?"

Maya huffed, and folded her arms as she glanced back at a smiling and poised Riley Matthews. "Only because you're desperate." She smiled as her best friend frowned. "And because maybe I could have a shot at befriending a decent-non whorish girl."

"Good! Now go make a friend." He pushed her from her back and she stumbled over closer to Riley in the halls. She reminded herself to kick her best friend in a forbidden place later on.

"Oh hi!" Riley immediately drew her attention to Maya. "I'm Riley Matthews, I'm new." She held out her hand for Maya to shake it. Maya raised her brows as she took her hand. Teenagers still did this?

"I'm Maya." She felt the need to add in her last name, feeling like this girl was brought up polite and formal. "Maya Hart."

Riley smiled sweetly at her. "My first day here, and everyone at this school is friendly. Teachers and students are so sweet! Oh, did I mention that my dad works here? And-" This girl talked a lot. Maya felt like she was drowning as the girl uttered out each and every word. She was very bubbly and full of happiness and maybe just what Maya needed. Maya was a dark grey cloud living in a world of sunshine. And now maybe, just maybe, she could just lighten the hell up with more of it. "Though I kind of miss my boyfriend at home. He told me a day without me is like a day without water." She sighed. Maya wanted to roll her eyes until they reached the back of her head. Her boyfriend must've been so dramatic. "But enough sad things!" No please, bring more emotions other than utter happiness. "I'm gonna like it here."

"That's really interesting, Riley. It's cool to meet you. Want to sit with me at lunch?" She felt like a freaking sixth grader. Who even still said that?

"That's really sweet! I'd love to!" Riley nodded furiously excitedly. "I'll see you then!" And with that, she took off.

Maya raised her brows as she walked back to Lucas, who's eyes yet again lingered on Riley who was walking away. "You're drooling."

He broke his stare and looked at Maya. "She's a bowl of sunshine, isn't she?"

"That girl almost made me want to skip around a big meadow." Maya shook her head. "But she seems really nice. Think you can handle a girl like that?"

Lucas nodded. "She's really pretty."

"Yeah, but pretty girl has a boyfriend at home from where she originally came from." Lucas's smile fell.

"It figures." He sighed dramatically. "I'm gonna grow old and die single."

"Hey! Lighten up. Who knows? Maybe you'll just be a virgin until you're 30." Maya laughed as he narrowed his eyes.

"Look. I invited her to sit with us at lunch. Then you can introduce yourself a little better." Lucas's face brightened again.

"Maybe next time a new boy walks in, I'll help you."

"Yeah.. No thanks. He'll probably be another nameless asshole on the football team."

"Hey! I play football."

Maya pinched his cheek playfully. "But you're not an asshole. Well, you're not a narcissistic asshole. Now come on, let's just head to first period."

Maya and Lucas sat down at their usual lunch table as Farkle and Zay approached with brown bags. By the looks of it, Farkle was annoyed as the two plopped down in their seats.

"Great. Now my mom wants me to go freakishly nutritional for the whole year. No more burgers or greasy fries for me."

"It's not that bad!" Zay exclaimed to his friend. "Well... When you get used to it, it's not that bad." He gestured to his sandwich his mom prepared.

Maya patted Farkle's shoulder supportingly from across the table, a smile playing on her lips.

"How bad is it?"

"She wants me to go on some ridiculous vegan diet. I'm a boy. How am I going to live without milk or chicken?"

"Look at the bright side!" Lucas held back a laugh. "You always have, um... Tofu." Farkle looked disgusted as he took out his all vegan sandwich. Moments later, the bubbly brunette walked into the lunch room, and spotted Maya from afar.

She walked over and greeted them all with a smile. "Hi everyone! I'm Riley Matthews." Riley presented herself, waving at all of them. Farkle and Zay were already mesmerized by her beauty and perky-attitude. Lucas unfortunately included. Maya narrowed her eyes at all three idiot boys around her.

"And who are you guys?" Maya asked them, motioning for them to move their gaping mouths. Lucas opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

"I'm Farkle, I'm Farkle." Farkle dreamily spoke like a broken record, resting his chin on his palm.

"Zay." He choked out, dropping his sandwich which he was once holding. Lucas smiled his friendliest, and held his hand out.

"I'm Lucas Friar." Lucas commented, trying to play it cool and humorously failing.

"It's nice to meet you all!" Riley cheered, shaking Lucas's hand. Farkle and Zay stared at him and he mouthed the word, dibs. Both boys groaned as they sat against their chairs, neutral looks painting their faces again.

"So, how do you like our schools annoying classes?" Maya took a bite of her apple, pushing back her blonde ringlets. Riley shrugged with a never ending smile on her face.

"I think they're very educational. Except my dad's class. He can be a kiss up."

"That's the class we share, right?"

Riley nodded. "Yup. He's only a teacher because he says and I quote, "Wants a second shot from being a c average student."

Maya laughed. "Him and I have that in common."

"So Riley, are you seeing anyone?" Everyone glanced at Lucas. Maya mentally reminds herself to smack to Lucas later on.

Riley set down her fork. "I have a boyfriend back home. It's probably not gonna work back because of the long distance anyway."

He mentally cheered and danced in his mind. "Oh, that's a shame."

The school's speaker made a sound. "Riley Matthews, it's your father. Please report to my room." Riley closed her eyes sheepishly as some students stared at her.

Farkle chuckled. "He couldn't of texted you."

Her cheeks turned a bright red. "That's what I was just thinking. Well, I'll see you guys later. Nice meeting you guys!" She slipped Maya a napkin with her cell number. "And text me later Maya. Girl talk at my Bay window."

Maya laughed. "Bay window? Isn't that the love seat thing?

Riley sighed and patted her friend's shoulder. "I have a lot to teach you, my friend." And with that, she strolled out of the cafeteria as her heels clicked the floor.

Lucas glimpsed back at Riley before turning to Maya. "I want her."

"Good luck with that."

"Hey wait, I have an idea!" The two turned their attention to a idea filled Zay. He leaned closer to them with a mischievous smile on his face.

"Project MRLY." Maya gave him a foreign look.

Zay awaited a response, but rolled his eyes and in a duh tone, said, "Make Riley Like You. Maya, you could hang out with Riley and talk to her about Lucas." He seemed pretty impressed with himself. "And Lucas, just try to be um... A more normal version of yourself. Don't freak her out, man."

Maya and Lucas exchanged looks before laughing. "You really must've thought this out, haven't you."

"Well, you two seem to get yourselves into more mischief and growth than Farkle and I."

Maya rolled her eyes and threw a French fry at Zay's face as the group laughed.

Maya awkwardly climbed through a window of the new girl's house as Riley ordered to do so. "Is this even legal to do? Won't her parents freak?" She mumbled to herself. Riley turned around, hearing Maya's comment.

"Who cares? It's my own thing. I do it all the time, now that I have it at least." Riley laughed as Maya reddened, joining her at the Bay window.

"Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to be rude." Maya said, lightening up around her new friend. Riley shrugged it off.

"It's alright. I could use a cool person like you to actually survive high school." She smiled, clasping her hands together politely. Maya stared at her curiously.

"So you don't mind my witty comments?"

"Not at all! If only you met some of my old friends. They were sweet and pretty cool over all, until I found out one of them sleeping with my ex.." Maya's cheeks reddened again. "Yeah we're not getting into that. Never date Charlies, which is a lesson I learned." Maya smiled. Maybe this girl actually had some sense to her.

Riley went on talking about her past and what she had gone through at her other schools. Maya had then realized that maybe Riley wasn't some perfect sunshine girl, but a girl who had been done wrong in the past just as Maya had been. Mentally sighing, she decided to open up about her life as well, mentioning bits and pieces about Lucas and trying her best to be nonchalant. Smiling, Riley would notice this and ask, "You like him, don't you?"

And Maya would laugh hard and respond with a assuring no. There's no way she'd ever-not with the friend code between the two. Throughout their conversation, Maya mentioned how Lucas wanted to be a veterinarian and how the two became friends. Riley's eyes became to sparkle whenever she'd bring him up, and Maya knew this plan was working.

"I miss my boyfriend." Riley sighed, resting her hand under her chin. "I think I need to end things."

"Why?" Maya asked, curious and almost happily. Riley definitely had a newer interest. She was almost certain. She stayed silent, tracing circles on her thigh.

"How do you know when you like someone?" Riley asked, shrugging hopelessly. Maya stared at her back, furrowing her brows in confusion. She was sure she knew the answer to this.. But she had only dated one guy in her life, Josh Matthews. Wait a second... Josh Matthews.. Riley Matthews... Maya gasped. What were the odds of this?

"Wait.. You don't happen to have an uncle Josh... Right?" Please say no, please say no. Riley nodded suddenly, a smile brightening on her face.

"Yeah! Why, do you know him?" Riley responded curiously. Maya gulped. Slim to everything.

"What do you mean? What happened to the long game?" Maya snapped, waving her hands in the air. Josh stayed silent as Maya covered her face, not wanting him seeing her vulnerability.

"Josh... I thought we were on the same page, I thought we liked each other." She turned to him, speaking meticulously when she noticed the furtive look paint Josh's face.

"College happened, Maya." Josh said in a perturbed tone. "Things escalated, and it was hard enough when you weren't around. It just happened because I was lonely. She doesn't mean a thing to me." He stood up, trying to hold her hands. Maya drew back, giving him a skeptical expression.

"No.. You made your decision. If you were happy with me, you wouldn't have done that. I'm done." Maya shook her head as she walked out of his house.

Maya sighed when she finished telling her background with Josh as Riley raised her brows. "Wow.. I didn't know that. Or you."

She shrugged, looking at Riley's wall. "Not surprising. But anyway, in case you're interested in the boys here, Lucas is definitely a good one."

Riley smiled, feeling all giddy inside. "Thanks Maya. You're a good friend."

"What are friends for?"

And then officially, project MRLY was set.

Sooo that's the first chapter :). I'm giving this a try. Normally I don't do chapter books-but I'm challenging myself. Hope you loved!