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"It's been like two weeks. Are you sure they can't tell?" Maya asked Lucas as she stared over at the two speaking at their lockers. He secretly wrapped his arm around her waist and shrugged unknowingly. Ever since the closet incident, they had been inseparable ever since. The couple didn't officially become an item until later that night, when a certain cowboy came to the blonde beauty's window, and kissed her without a word spoken. And when he pulled away, he saw a look in her eyes, a look she always had given him-except with a gleam of hope.

Now, ever since that night, they found any opportunity alone to make up for lost time. Everything was the same, except they couldn't keep their hands off of one another. It was as if a new door opened up to a world they've never known each other in. Sure, Maya and Lucas had known each other as friends, but as boyfriend and girlfriend, it was even better. They made an agreement to get back at all the times Riley and Farkle tried forcing them to be together, and to then torture them until they cracked-which only meant, a new plan.

"They haven't said anything about us. Plus, who really can tell the difference whether we're friends or more anymore?"

Maya raised her brows and smiled at the boy. "Oh, so we're more now?"

"We established this like last week." Lucas replied, a blush forming on his face as he stared down. Maya turned his face toward her with a smug expression.

"I know. I just like to hear it from you." The blonde gently squeezed his hand with the love that no one in the public knew about yet.

He led her into a hallway that no one hung around and smiled without a word. Maya stared back at him with confusion. "What're you doing?"

"I almost forgot to do something before I walked in this morning." She waited for him to elaborate as his other hand reached up and caressed her cheek. Before she could ask him what he meant on that and to stop being so damn vague, Lucas leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. Maya smiled into his touch and melted, resting her hand on the back of his neck. He pulled away and caressed her chin with his thumb once she released a satisfied breath. Refraining from giggling like a little girl, she said something to change the mood.

"We should probably get back before someone, AKA Riley or Farkle sees us." She managed to say with a blush on her face as he leaned closer again, kissing her temple and then her cheek. He leaned away and caressed a strand of hair behind her ear with a smile.

"You never cease to amaze me, Miss. Hart." He flirted as a smile painted back onto Maya's lips. "But, If we must." He added with sarcastic despair. Maya nudged him as they walked back into the hallway together. Immediately, Riley caught the blonde's eye and frowned as she glanced over at Lucas.

"What gives?" Riley complained, folding her arms. Before she could continue ranting, she confusingly stared at Maya. "Why do your lips look so puffy?" Maya blushed and shrugged unknowingly. The brunette rolled her eyes and continued on. "I mean, seriously, I don't get it. How are you guys even talking again?"

"What do you mean?" Lucas asked with over the top curiously. Riley's frown deepened as a temporary frown line formed in the middle of her brows.

"You guys literally weren't talking for like a few weeks. And now you're walking down the hallways, smiling and-" Farkle gently placed a hand over the brunette's mouth. She licked his hand and he immediately let go in annoyance. Riley knew that if she was going to keep on ranting in front of her closest friends, she'd end up ranting completely on how their logic is simply ridiculous and that they seriously need to reevaluate their lives.

"Riles, remember what we talked about a couple of weeks back? You said you were going to leave this alone?" He informed her with slightly widened eyes as the boy waited for her to catch on. Riley groaned and felt her hands clench in frustration, but nodded in defeat as she stared down at the ground.

"I knew you both were a little, stubborn, I guess..."

"What?" Came from both of their mouths. She smiled sheepishly and continued, hoping they wouldn't grow angrier at her.

She sighed as she continued on in a gentle manner rather than a harsh one. "I... just don't understand how it's not killing you."

"We're just fine." Maya shrugged. "How about you, Riles? Are you fine?" The blonde's eyes remained on the brunette, challenging her as a corner of her lips raised. Riley felt her breath silently hitch in her chest.

The girl reddened as Lucas quizzically glanced over at his secret girlfriend. But, Maya knew what she was doing and what she was talking about. "What about your troubles?"

"Wh-" Riley stood confidentially. "What about them?" She cleared her throat uncomfortably, flipping her hair casually as Farkle stared at her questionably too. She breathed through her nose uncomfortably as Maya opened her smug mouth.

"Like, I don't know, you possibly li-"

"Okay okay Maya, I get it." Riley glared as she covered her friend's mouth. "I'll stop. But I am very disappointed in you, for the record." She huffed before walking away. Farkle ran a hand through his hair before following her almost like a lost puppy. Lucas and Maya exchanged looks as they watched them storm off.

"What did you mean by that?" Lucas asked his secret girlfriend. The blonde smiled mischievously, and shrugged.

"During Riley's plot to get us together, she fell into one of her own." Maya remarked. The boy glanced at her trying to catch on to what she was saying. Rolling her eyes, she sighed and skipped to the point when she knew he wasn't exactly catching on. "Riley likes Farkle."

The boy blinked once, and then a few times with a small smile. "Wait-what?" Lucas raised his eyebrows with surprise. "She does? How do you know this?"

"It's completely obvious. But maybe we can make a plan to get them together instead."

"I feel like all we do now is scheme." He frowned, though there was a gleam of agreement in his eyes. The blonde smiled and wrapped her arms around the boy's neck apologetically. The past few months of the year have been very hectic, so she really couldn't blame the boy from having some kind of exhaustion built up within him.

"Well, think of it like this. Before, we were playing pretend. And plus, Riley was constantly on our ass about us finally getting together and admitting out our feelings-"

"-which happened,-"

Maya smiled. "So maybe this is just getting even. And it's not even for a bad cause. So we have moved forward-"

"But we're playing pretend again."

"Okay. Fine. That is just a taste of her own medicine. A part of me needed to add that." Lucas shook his head and sighed.

"I wish we'd do something I'd want to do. Lately it's pretty much been you you you." Lucas pouted. Maya caressed the side of his face and smiled.

"So then what do you want to do, Huckleberry?" She asked before he took her hand in his, leading them down to a corner hallway. The girl was right about to ask him again, but he hushed her in another kiss.

"Huckleberry," she managed to speak up between kisses. "We-have cl-ass."

The boy stopped and smirked. "Has that ever stopped you?"

"When did you become such a bad influence?" Maya raised a mischievous brow, holding him by his collar as their faces were only inches apart.

"Today is an exception, I guess." Lucas replied, smiling as he closed the gap once more.

And another day at lunch, the lovebirds began scheming. Maya and Lucas sat across from Riley and Farkle as usual, the new couple secretly holding hands underneath the table.

"So Riles." Maya began as she twisted around her pasta with her fork. "What did you think of that lesson today in English?

Riley looked at her tray before glancing up at her friend. "Normal as usual. We don't really talk about English class, Maya. How about we talk about history, you know, with my dad? And-"

"No, because for once in my life, a class was appealing to me. And I wanted to share." All her friends stared back at her, most of their faces covered with surprise and confusion.

"A class interested you? Is the world going to end?" Zay appallingly stated, his eyes dilating as his sandwich dropped back onto his plate. Farkle patted his back as he stared at the blonde in dismay.

"I think what stood out to me was how Daisy, from the Great Gatsby, knew she had a connection for Gatsby, but repeatedly refrained from telling him, or really anyone in that case. You know, Matthews should teach the class that."

Farkle swallowed the remains of his lunch. "Teach what?"

"What happens when feelings spiral from the lack of confrontation." Maya casually remarked as Zay began to choke mid-sip of his water bottle. Lucas eyed him as Zay slapped his chest gently until he calmed down once again. Riley and Farkle's cheeks were a shade of pink, and were both avoiding the stares of the three at the table.

"Hey Farkle," Lucas spoke up as Maya covered her mouth and silently snickered. "Aren't we having a test in bio today about the reproductive system.. Right? And the multiple hormones we go through during the puberty stage?" Farkle's muscles tensed up as Lucas continued. "What was that hormone again, ugh, oh right- Oxytocin?"

"Oxytocin is a hormone in your body that stimulates strong emotion such as lust or love or.." He trailed off. "Love is... The biological fact of love consists of neurochemicals like dopamine, testosterone..." Farkle trailed off again.

Riley banged her fist on the table. "You're driving this boy crazy! You guys don't even take biology this year!"

Maya uncovered her hands and without even stifling a laugh, she said, "You're right. You guys have chemistry together though, right?" Riley's face hardened as Lucas's chest twitched with a silent laugh.

"Love is... Love iss..." Farkle began speaking as if he was a machine that was practically about to break down and explode. Maya stared at the two like a hawk before kicking Riley's leg, causing her to wince and brush her hand with Farkle's. Zay's eyes widened and clutched his heart as the two shared a quick moment. Riley moved her hand away and blushed as she set down her fork into her food-but instead of setting it down, she accidentally stabbed her tray.

She glanced up and frowned at them all. Riley sniffed in hurt, stood up and exited the cafeteria. Farkle glanced back at her worriedly, but narrowed at his eyes at the lovely Maya and Lucas.

Lucas held his hands up in defense while Maya smacked his chest. Farkle didn't say a word, but slowly stood up and followed the brunette out of the cafeteria.

Riley wiped her eyes gently and dabbed the underneath as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. Taking a breath, she leaned her hands on the sink in front of her. Moments later, a boy caught her eye in the mirror. Farkle walked in quietly with a tissue in his hand, and gave it to the brunette. Riley couldn't help but smile at the small but heartwarming gesture. "Hi."

"Are you okay?" Farkle politely wondered. Riley blew her nose and threw it out in the trash can aside from herself.

"I am now." She unintentionally replied. Catching her own breath, she bit her lip at her own comment. Farkle smiled at the girl's embarrassment. "I mean.." she staggered to find her words. "When I first came here.. Maya pushed me to one and only one boy." Farkle nodded with comprehension, but he really wanted to understand where she was going.

"And, while the Lucas drama was happening, I mean, every day Maya always pushed me to him. But something kept gravitating me away." Riley swallowed nervously as her hand brushed against his. "And i gravitated toward you." Farkle remained silent as his eyes intently stared at their hands. "You were nice to me, you were always so gentle and honest." A smile drew to her face as their hands laced together. "That's all I've ever wanted."

Farkle then at that moment pulled the brunette close to him so that their chests were almost touching, and stared deeply into Riley's eyes. "Then you have me." He whispered for only her to hear. The girl's heart beat began to quicken at the small proximity as Farkle captured her lips, his other hand resting at her waist.


The two bumped foreheads and ow'd in unison. Maya and Lucas walked into the bathroom, unintentionally holding hands and smirking at the new couple.

Riley, not knowing what to do, immediately caught them holding hands in the act.

"AHA!" She yelled back twice as loud.

Maya glared at their hands. "SHIT."

"WHEN DID YOU-" both girls started, and glared at one another. "HOW DID YOU-"


"STOP IT." Riley exclaimed as Maya stomped her foot on the ground.

Darby walked out of the bathroom and gaped at the scene in front of her. "What in the actual hell?-"

"OUT!" Riley shouted, stunning the girl as she ran out of the bathroom.

"It worked!" Maya cheered, clapping on her own. "I got you two together!" She remarked excitedly, while everyone was giving her narrowed eyes. Her smile faded away and then again looked miserable. "What? When I make a plan, you guys get mad? This is so unfair."

"When did you two get together?" Riley curiously asked. Maya smiled back at Lucas, who shook his head. She furrowed her brows and faced the fire in front of her.

"Two weeks ago..." She answered politely.


Oh boy.

"So now that we've gotten caught up on what the hell you guys have been feeling for the past, I don't know, year?!" Zay began, glancing at the four sitting down. "You guys can finally all apologize to one another."

"When did you end up in the bathroom?" Riley wondered as the rest all tilted their heads in curiosity. Zay examined the room and the door.

"That's not important, anyway," he skipped over. "Say your sorrys and make up."

Riley glanced at all of her friends, and smiled a tad. "I don't really think we need to." Maya raised her brows, urging for her to continue. "I mean, look at all of us. We kind of all pushed each other. And if we all pushed each other too far, then we," Riley gestured to herself and Farkle. "Are sorry we went to the extremity." She nodded.

"I'm sorry." Maya said. "I didn't want to actually hurt you when we might've been taunting you a little-" Lucas furrowed his brows at his girlfriend. "Okay, a lot a bit."

"But are you two together now?" Riley questioned.

"Yeah." Maya turned to Lucas, taking his hand in her own as he smiled at her.

Riley then looked at Farkle. "Are we?"

A smile drew to Farkle's face as his warm hand covered hers. "We are."

"And we're all happy. What else is there to know?"

"Are we?" Maya asked in a small voice.

"Are you calling us... Best f-"

"Hush!" Maya cut Riley off with her index finger. "People will hear."

"We are." Riley said, wrapping an arm around Maya. Suddenly, the brunette raised up her hand with a wide smile. "Thunder?"

"What?" Maya chuckled lightly. Riley gestured to her hand again.

"...lightning?" Maya slowly raised her hand up as well. Riley nodded in confidence as she entwined their hands.

"Forever." She giggled, making everyone else laugh.

"OKAY." Zay interrupted, crossing his arms. "So y'all are all happy together, but like..?" He gestured to himself. "What about all of this?" He waved himself up and down.

And finally, the group jumped up all together and ran over to Zay, practically killing the boy in a group hug. "Alright." He said in a muffled voice. "I'm feeling loved now."

They all pulled apart in slight laughter, until the bathroom door opened, and Isadora Smackle walked into the room with a puzzling expression.

"Sorry.. Am I interrupting?"

Zay raised his brows as his friends all gave him knowing looks. "And who might you be?"

"I'm Smackle, well, Isadora. Um.. Am I in the wrong place at the wrong time?"

"No." Zay replied, completely mesmerized. "You're exactly right."

"Oh." Maya laughed and shook her head as Lucas snaked an arm around her waist. "Here we go again."


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