Fifth year is the standard year for starting things harder than hexes and jinxes. In this case it is the first day of attempting patronus charms, students of all ages come even if they aren't part of the class. Younger years come to watch in awe and amazement while the older years come to laugh at the failures and watch out for the prodigies. You, known as Odin Arrow, however are there as an apprentice to the defense Professor and so you sit on the teacher's desk watching through half lidded eyes desperately wanting a smoke but knowing it isn't allowed inside the stone castle of a school.

The first to try is a girl with vibrant green hair. Her name is Maggie Lacivi and she's snarky with the cold Professor Pedri even when she knows he'll get her into trouble every time and she's cruel to you on the best days. She prances to the front of the room, heeled boots clicking on the floor every step causing you to flinch at the oddly loud sound in the quiet room. Twirling to face the onlookers Lacivi doesn't even acknowledge the way the others are whispering and muttering about her. Instead she casts the spell her voice strong and clear, "Expecto patromun!"

From her wand a silvery shade comes, a vague shape takes form and no one can say she isn't strong. Pedri looks down on her but cannot comment on her ability, instead he directs her away from the front and calls up the next student. None who come next can making anything forming a specific shape but all can form the silvery mist.

You can't help but be a little impressed. The best your class had been able to manage on the first day was a barley there mist and yet everyone in this class managed that. Except it wasn't everyone, you notice it is three minutes to the bell and there is one person left that Pedri didn't bother to call. Nothing sparks your curiosity more than a mystery so you call her, glancing at the attendance sheet for reference, "Ire? A-Ava Ire?" You call in your own hoarse voice.

Pedri doesn't object even as he glares at you and this makes you even more curious. A girl who would barely make it to your chest and looks to be twelve rather than fifteen – however you know she is in this class as you have caught yourself looking at her quite frequently – stands up slowly her head bowed the whole way.

She is timid as she makes it to the front, stumbling on the slight step to the raised platform. Her hands are shaking and nothing seems to make it stop even as she tries to take deep breaths, "E-expecto patromun."


Nothing come from her wand and her face goes red in a flash before the bell rings and she's scurrying off not even bothering to grab her bag. You are intrigued but don't chase after her, instead you go and grab her bag before Lacivi tries to mess with the contents. Pedri has a free period so you cannot get into trouble for skipping out, even so unnaturally bright and fuchsia eyes burn a hole in your back as you walk slowly towards the door opting for causal rather than hurriedly. No need to seem worried to them.

Snagging the bag in you right hand you throw it over your shoulder as you make your way through the students crowding the corridors. There are people pressing up against you and no certain amount of nervousness enters you but you ignore it as best you can. You already know where Ire has gone and so you head to the dungeons where a fire started five years ago that never seems to go out.

You are certain if one were to ask the house elves who stays there they would not be able to answer, Ire was more cautious than that. If you were to ask them who asked for mattresses and blankets for the fire room they would surely answer with 'Missy Lava'. You make sure your footsteps just enough to be heard so you don't scare her away. Wandering the hallways you can see the flickering light of fire but you cannot feel the heat yet.

Turning a corner you enter the room feeling the blaze at once but not feeling any of the heat. "Ire," you say walking farther in without any invitation. "You left your b-bag in the classroom. I don't think I need to tell you that's a bad idea with L-Lacivi in your class."

"I know that," she snaps. Dark eyes glow red from a pile of blankets where you can tell she is buried. "I just don't care that much. I've learned to make copied of everything anyways, I don't care if those things are destroyed either way."

You nod and sit in from of her close legged, "You k-know I could help you with the patronus charm if you l-like." It is a genuine offer, something your rarely give out.

"How could you do that?" she hisses. Suddenly there is venom in her voice and you are startled by that. "I know for a fact it took you far longer than anyone else in your class to get this stupid charm right."
You flinch at the mention of your failure, "I know that, b-but I also know that I'm the one with an a-apprentice ship versus t-them." She doesn't seem able to form a response and instead remains silent. You don't move for your own spot, beginning to shiver a little at the cold draft because even with the fire there is no warmth in the room.

"I'm sorry for snapping at you…" Ire is quiet when she speaks but you can still hear her clearly. "I get upset easily and I take it out on the nearest person. I am sorry though." You glance over and notice her eyes are glowing much less so now and she seems to be calmer. "Did you mean it when you offered to tutor me in this charm?"

You nod because you did. You're not going to forget her temper however, "S-sure. I mean that is what I'm supposed to do r-right? I'm supposed to -hhelp students and all that." She nods now emerged from her pile of multihued red blankets. Ire offers you one and you give her a short smile in thanks, "You can call me Odin if you l-like. I'm no teacher but there isn't much I can do about that y-yet."

"Thanks Odin," Ire says smiling brightly at him her mood obviously lifted. "You can call me Ava if you want. I guess we'll be working together a bit if you're going to be helping me." Here the smile turned a little guarded but you don't mention it, still wary of setting her off again.

You had noticed the scorch marks on the walls and the dents in the stone in the floor. The black marks might've been from magic but the cracked stone certainly wasn't. "You have a free period today so we can practice now and after dinner if you want?" You offer the times even though you know in the evening you're supposed to be grading third years and down on their homework. "Unless you have too much homework to something."

"That sounds perfect."