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Harry stared at the blond sitting on his sofa. The one who had been dragged through the mud much like Harry had during the war. The one who faced danger every day of his life if he simply moved the wrong way. The one who lied for Harry for some reason, despite knowing he could get hurt.

Harry held no positive feelings for one Draco Malfoy, but at the same time, he understood the blond better now. He knew that there was more to Draco than there originally had been. He knew that Draco was a different person now, though still relatively similar.

So why would Draco Malfoy of all people seek him out? Despite his parents being sequestered in their home and under watch, without their wands, as part of their punishment for their actions in siding with Voldemort for so long, their lives were still okay. And Draco was the only one left to hold a wand because he was a minor during most of the problems and was faced with either torture or death should he not do as he was told.

Draco came in quietly. He gave a full, unbiased account of the events he had witnessed, and was also on probation, but not to such an extreme. He never killed anyone, nor did he torture or imprison anyone, which was what set him apart from his parents.

Narcissa might not have killed someone, but she participated in the illegal imprisonment of people in her own home, supported her husband's actions, and allowed her sister to torture and kill people while under her roof. Quite frankly, the things they did before Draco had even reached the legal age, was astonishing, and Draco revealed all of it.

Therefore, he got off a lot easier.

"What do you want, Malfoy?"

He never said 'need'. No one ever came to him because they needed something. They always wanted something instead.

Though Draco wasn't in need of anything obvious, it would still be possible that he might need help but was skeptical of asking for it.

"Potter," Malfoy began, hesitating and looking unsure. "There is something you should be… made aware of. Something that happened that I was sworn by Unbreakable Vow, not to say unless it was to you personally. My parents know… however they have washed their hands of the situation and had intended to take the information to the grave."

Malfoy fidgeted, so much unlike what a proper Pureblood would do. He seemed uncomfortable and with the way the conversation was going, Harry could understand why.

"Is it serious?"

Malfoy's head tilted from side to side a few times, as if unsure. "Possibly, depending on who is asking. It's about the Dark Lord."

Honestly, Harry expected it when Draco could barely speak of it and being sworn to secrecy.

"He forced me into an Unbreakable Vow that if I wanted to tell anyone, it would have to be you. And I think he made a… good choice so to speak."

Harry could feel the dread building. What if it was something like another Horcrux? What if it was another method to be immortal? This could lead to potential disaster.

"What is it, Malfoy? Just lay it on me now."

The blond's grey/blue eyes flitted about the room for a second, before they steeled with a sudden resolve. Draco looked Harry dead in the eye and said in a nearly emotionless tone, "The Dark Lord had a child with my aunt."

And for a few seconds, Harry simply stared at Draco, not able to comprehend what he had heard.

"Excuse me?"

The Malfoy Heir groaned. "Don't make me repeat myself, Potter! The Dark Lord did things with Bellatrix and they created a child together!"

Harry wasn't sure of what to be more shocked by. Bellatrix, a woman who was supposedly the epitome of Pureblood supremacy and proper upbringing, was unfaithful to her husband. Voldemort actually had some kind of sexual knowledge. He actually had sex at least once in his life. He actually managed to get it up. He actually managed to father a child.

So many things to consider and Merlin where was said child?

Before he could ask, Malfoy had already beaten him to it.

"She was taken in by Euphemia Rowle when my parents refused the child, but Rowle isn't the one who is supposed to take her. The Dark Lord… when he had control of the Ministry, he Imperiused my aunt and forced her to agree to sign someone of his choosing as the child's godparent and guardian. Bellatrix wouldn't have agreed otherwise, if she was aware of whom he had chosen. They went and filed the paperwork when the child was born and to this day, no one has noticed yet."

That feeling of dread had returned in full because Harry could just see what would happen if people knew that Voldemort had a child.

"Euphemia is receiving gold and is hoping to raise another… Voldemort," the blond whispered, looking terrified. "And she's relying on the fact that the godparent won't know who they are. As she is not legally the child's guardian, she has no say in who the child goes to and as both parents signed in blood, she cannot change who the godparent is."

"Who is the godparent, Malfoy?"

Malfoy hesitated for the briefest of moments before saying, "You."

Harry stared at the long parchment that doomed him as the godfather of Voldemort's own child. Voldemort, the man who murdered his parents and tortured innocent people. The man who had had great potential and wasted it all. Voldemort, the sad husk of a man that would spend eternity in Limbo. Hopefully.

And then Bellatrix Lestrange. In most ways, he considered her worse, mainly because he had a connection with Sirius and she was the reason it was destroyed. He cared for his parents, but life had shown that neither were as great as people claimed - much like with Sirius - and he could be hurt over never meeting them and losing them, but not much else really affected him in regards to them, because he didn't know them.

At least he knew Sirius. At least he had some affection from someone, which was why he took Sirius' death much harder. So in his eyes, Bellatrix was worse for trying to kill her own family, than a complete stranger attacking his enemies.

Twisted morals, true, but that was how Harry was. He likened Bellatrix to Vernon and Petunia at times. It wasn't pleasant.

The parchment was new and well prepared. Almost as if Voldemort expected this to happen.

Name: Delphini Merope Riddle

Father: Tom Marvolo Riddle

Mother: Bellatrix Lestrange née Black

Blood Status: Halfblood

Heiress Apparent: Slytherin, Black

Date of Birth: 14 February 1998

Blood Type: O Negative

Hair: White/Silver

Eyes: Red

Skin: Very Fair

Godfather: Harry James Potter

Guardian: Harry James Potter

So yes, his name was on a parchment which labeled him as the godfather/guardian to the child that had been spawned by Voldemort and Bellatrix.

He didn't really know how to handle it, but he knew that he couldn't allow a Rowle to have control over Voldemort's child. While he believed that Nurture was what made people what they were, he knew that Rowel would not 'nurture' correctly. So it was either orphan the child and leave her with Rowle, or take her in.

Of course he could also place her in an orphanage or foster home if he wanted, but he saw what orphanages did to people and decided that that was not the best way to go. Not at all.

Harry resolved to find the child and get her away from Rowle first and foremost.

When Harry Potter appeared on the doorstep to the manor the woman supposedly resided in, he was shocked at the lack of confrontation he was met with. He literally Apparated right to the front door without issue. Either Rowle was full of herself or foolish.

He knocked several times and found himself met with a House Elf who asked him who he was and what he needed.

"Hello, my name is Harry Potter. Your Mistress has kidnapped by goddaughter and if you do not take me to her, I will return with Aurors in full force and raid the entire building."

The Elf twitched and began to twist her left ear as she looked back into the house with worry. "Vipe understands, Mr. Potter. Vipe bes taking you to see the Mistress."

Harry nodded curtly and gave a low mumble of appreciation. The Elf's eyes bulged in shock, but she caught herself and turned to lead him into the manor.

Harry kept his guard up at all times.

When he entered the room, he was very displeased to find that the child was left wailing in a large cage that held a single cot, while Rowle lounged on a settee. Rowle was laying across a young man and seemed unperturbed by the crying of the child she had locked in a large, bird cage.

No matter whose child, no child deserved that.

Within a second of being in the room, Harry was already moving, stunning both people and unlocking the large cage. The Elf stood by, twisting her ears as the Harry took her Mistress down easily. She was obviously torn on the situation.

Harry stepped toward the cage with caution and reached into the cot to withdraw the child that was less than half a year old.

She was a little bigger than Teddy, his godson. Huh, he had two godchildren. And both were his cousins.

She was adorable. It was odd how anything created by Voldemort and Bellatrix could be so cute. But then again Tom Riddle looked like a god among men, he was so handsome, and Bellatrix was probably a looker when she was healthy. The charm was obviously from Tom though, and he could see that she had his nose, judging by what he remembered of Dumbledore visiting him in the orphanage.

Her eyes were red like Voldemort's had been. Her hair was either white or silver, he couldn't tell in the lighting. Her skin was very pale and he could see her veins that stood out beneath. She most likely had Albinism, which meant that bright sun, like what was outside, would probably harm her in some way.

Harry cradled the child closer to his chest, holding her like Andromeda had taught him.

The incessant wailing ceased as the eyes she got from her father, peered up at him with interest. A small, pudgy hand reached up and patted his cheek, and slowly, ever so slowly, a wide, toothless grin spread on her face.

Harry was enchanted as the little girl giggled at him. It was like when he'd held Teddy for the first time, and Teddy's hair suddenly bled to black and his eyes turned green like Harry's. That look of awe and amazement was so cute!

Less than a minute in her presence and he was already captivated and Harry knew that he could not let anyone else have her. The chance of her growing up in a loving household once anyone knew of her true name, would be slim. Wizarding people were of the stupid sort and tended to push their ideas of one person, onto their children.

Harry knew from experience. Everyone expected him to be like his father and tried so hard to push him into the mold they had created and Harry didn't do as they wanted. Some liked it and others didn't.

Harry couldn't leave her to the mercy of Magical Britain, especially since she was legally his ward. Which he really needed to find out just how Voldemort had managed to sign him up for anything and actually made it legal. Like, if he and Bellatrix used blood to officiate the entire procedure, then wouldn't it take Harry's blood to finish it?

He was confused, but he intended to learn more later.

Delphini reached both hands out to his face, capturing his attention once again. Her one hand was balled up, clutching onto something crimson and silver.

Shifting his hold, he reached for her hand and slowly managed to pry the object from her fingers. It reminded him of the Locket. There was a large, crimson eye with a slitted pupil, in the glass dome of the object and it stared at him intently.

An eye perfectly reminiscent of Voldemort's own eyes.

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