She was apart of the Ori but unlike the others she preferred to use a human form and it has served her well over the millions of years she's existed, how ever she grew bored and had a ship built before she left the galaxy that her fellow Ori ruled over and 5 million years ago she found the Heretics that fled the Ori millions of years ago growing and expanding some even had the gall to ascend much like the Ori had done millions of years before, and so she created a plague and unleased it on the Heretics empire and she had wiped all but a few hundred thousand that left in a great city ship, sadly she didn't follow because she was focused on avoiding the ascended Heretics though when only a very small group return 10,000 years ago she was happy then got very upset, happy that the Heretics was almost wiped out but upset that many ascended and thus rivaling the Ori in total power, how ever recently as she was contemplating how to deal with the Heretics she felt a spike in power close to that of an ascended being and like every other time she took her ship to where it happened which led her to the Heretics former homeworld Terra to a island and eventually to a wreaked house that still held traces of power where upon investigation she found a crying child of Heretical decent and as she was planning on killing the child she stopped before she gain a sinister grin on her face as she picked the child up and using some minor power found out the child's gender to be female.

"Oh child you shall be the Heretics undoing you a child of their line shall become the Orici and a child of the Ori, and you shall spread Origin to the way word humans who have suffered unto their neglectful watch" the female Ori says as she heads back to where she had ringed down to the planets surface and ringed back up barely missing the arrival of the childs godfather followed by the gentle and well meaning giant that would've taken the child to her aunts house.

{Higher Plane}

The Ascendant Alterans could only look on as what they believed to be a follower of the Ori who had minor ZME abilities like their own defendants who calls it magic take the child who thanks to her mothers sacrifice was near ascension herself but the proclamation of the child being raised to be the Ori's pawn and follower made many of them wish to break their own laws about interfering with the lower planes, but sadly unless the Ori try to be active in their protected galaxies they wouldn't be able to do a thing.

{Galactic LaGrange point 1994}

Chiara looked at the woman who raised her and whom she though of as a mother as she was given her mission to covert her home galaxy to see the truth or origin or to purify the Heretics who refuse the enlightenment that is Origin with fire, she would have to start with just herself and the lone warship that her mother created for her but she knew that this was just a test from her mother to prove her worth as the Orici and bring Enlightenment to those who have been led astray and have never herd of the light that is Origin.

"I will Convert the Heretics and show them the light of Origin mother or they shall be cleansed in fire" Chiara says to her mother before she smiles and adds "Hallow are the Ori" before leaving for her ship and then Avalon for this was her mothers test to her for her to show that she is worthy of being the Orici and eventually to be welcomed among the Ori.

{Chapter End}

Well the chapters short I know but hey i'm going into uncharted waters as it was by making this as I've seen harry being host to a Goa'uld, and Alteran/Ancient but never the Orici or in some way related to the Ori outside of the VERY rare harry/Adria pairings also Chiara looks like Adria only with emerald Green eyes, so let me know what you all think but please no flames, also fem harry has been raised by the female semi-rouge Ori and so has been spoon fed Origin and Ori worship since her parents deaths meaning she devoted to her 'mother' who's and Ori along with the rest of the Ori.