The air was cold and was everywhere during the time of night, and forest was having a severe rain mass that would be chilly if no heat would ever come due to time schedules and warranties. The critters rushed off to their homes, and stayed in for tonight. On the other hand, they would die due to sickness if outside.

In the desperate rain that came to be, a lonely sad honey bear walked with his arms hanging down like two nooses when someone is hanging anyone for suicide. His arms were calm and did not move, unless the bear did. He looked depressed and could not find a home after the mysterious disappearance of his parents. He then found a log, and sat down on it, watching the rain flow by, splashing its drips and drops to the ground. The bear wore a pair of yellow shorts he wore a blue backpack given from his grandfather the day he died. The bear simply clutched his fingers, pressing them against one another. He sighed as there was nothing he could do.

On the other side of the forest, a sad, naked red-fur squirrel came by sniffling and sniffing because he lost his sister. He was feeling real down and walked lonely as he lost hope for loosing his sister as a murder victim. When he met the bear eye to eye, he just sat next to him on the log. Sighing, and then sobbing, tears flowing from his eyes. The two animals were depressed because they lost the ones they cared about from his family. As the squirrel was sniffing, he said to the bear in a young, shy, sweet voice, in the saddest tone:

"It's no wonder you loose some of your family members. Huh?"

"Yeah. My parents were taken into custody for a terrible reason, and my grandfather died when loosing his cancer battle. It's partially my fault." Said the bear, in a deep, yet sincere voice.

The squirrel stopped sniffing and wiped his eyes dry. He got closer to the bear and continued speaking:

"I don't blame you. Sometimes things worse than ourselves are the cause of our tragedies."

"Well, mostly. But… My day would end with my dad taking me for a walk through a sunset, then heading me home." Said the bear, with a little light and humor in his voice, stopping his sadness.

The squirrel laughed a little, feeling a little better. He smiled, and as the bear smiled too, they shook hands introducing themselves:

"The name's Conker. What's yours?"


The two friends smiled and held hands. As they walked through a dense grass field, in which they could barely see the view, Conker was feeling nervous, but Banjo, inhaling and exhaling deeply, took Conker with his hands and safely put him on his backpack. As he walked through the grass, with Conker safely breathing through the backpack as he needed oxygen, Banjo heard a growl. As he turned, he saw a humongous serpent which was unknown for many important reasons. As the humongous serpent hissed, and then roared at the two animals, Banjo ran with Conker still in his backpack. The serpent chased the two helpless animals but as the beast lost them, he hissed and slithered all the way back home. Conker, poking his head out of the backpack, giggled. Banjo smiled and admired the humor from his friend that enjoyed the bravery.

"That beast sure is dumb. Don't know what made him go like that." Said Conker, with a lot of humor.

"Strategy is always before stealth." Advised Banjo with confidence.

The two smiled and with Conker in Banjo's backpack, the bear walked happily towards somewhere they could both be safe. Through the grass fields, through the dense jungles full of ferocious monsters, and whimsical insects of nocturnal fuel-ups. They stayed in, entered a cave and slept. Before the two friends slept, Banjo took out Conker from his backpack, and put on a rock just tall enough for him to sleep comfortably. Banjo smiled and kissed Conker on the forehead, whispering to him:

"Goodnight pal."

As they due then fell asleep, the night roamed the atmosphere as nature began to settle down. And with the creatures sleeping, the night was sure to be a relaxing one.