Ch. 1: Trapped

The lights clicked on and Ethan was no longer submerged in darkness. The IMF agent hung by cuffed wrists dangling from a chain on the ceiling. His feet were slack against the ground. At the switch was a man of medium build. His blonde hair was slicked back and he wore a disturbing grin of a madman. He walked up to Ethan, smiling brightly. The man ran a hand over his face.

"You have no idea how long I've waited for this moment, Ethan," the man purred, a slight southern accent on his words. "It's been years of careful planning. So much just to get you here. I'm Adyn Kane-"

"I know who you are," Ethan cut in.

"Good, we can skip that part, then, but do you know why you are here?"

"Something about suffering."

"That's right," Kane snarled, "You cost me my wife, now I'm going to take the person you love most from you."

"I lost my wife years ago," Ethan explained, "There's no one I love."

Kane let out a laugh, walking over to a two-way radio and switching it on. Heavy panicked breathing played on the other end. The sound of a fist connecting with flesh rang out next. Ethan's eyes stared intensely at the box.

"We both know you wouldn't be here if that weren't true," Kane hissed.

"Where is Director Hunley?" A deep male voice on the other side of the radio demanded.

" will never m-make me talk," Benji replied, his voice uncertain.

Ethan's stomach dropped. Hearing the pain in the man's voice burned panic in his gut.

"Stop," Ethan commanded Kane. "Do what you want to me, but let him go."

Kane smirked. "Don't you understand? This is what I am doing to you. I was unable to save my wife. Now you will be forced to listen to him suffer and die."

Ethan's eyes snapped back to the box.

"Where is Director Hunley?" the man on the other side hissed. A cry from Benji followed.

"Please...please stop…"

"Then tell me!"

Benji sniffled, "I...I can't…"

Ethan shook his head, then struggled against his chains.

Kane's smirk grew.

Another scream from Benji echoed in the room. Ethan began pulling at the chains with all his strength, all the while glaring at Kane. "I'm going to kill you for this, I'm gonna-"

"What?" spat Kane, "Gonna do what? You're going to listen to him. That is all you will do."

"I…" Benji's voice began weakly. He let out a sob, "You'll just h-have to kill me."

"No, you don't get to join Hunt that easily."

Kane's smile grew, "Oh, here comes the best part."

Ethan's gaze flew from the box to Kane and back again. His heart thudded in his ears so hard he almost didn't hear Benji's next words.

"What…?" The tech's voice shook a little less.

"Oh-did no one tell you?" the torturer asked before cackling, "Oh, I thought for sure they told you. This will make things so much more fun."

"Tell me what?"

There was a pause. Ethan shook his head, silently pleading with a man rooms away, wanting to beg the man not to say it.

"Ethan Hunt is dead," the voice in the radio spat.

Quiet hung in the air before, "No," Benji stated, somewhere between fact and a plea. "You lie."

"It's true."

"No, he's not dead."

"He's not coming for you."

More silence. "I'm a field agent," Benji replied with forced confidence, "I...can look after myself."

"Clearly," the torturer retorted. "Either way, he's dead and gone. Here,"

There was a moment of quiet, then the sound of thin metal hitting a concrete floor.

Benji gasped, "No, no, no, no…" he pleaded, the sobs coming back.

Ethan struggled again, he wanted to call out to Benji.

Whatever they showed you, it isn't true. I'm alive. I'm alive and I'm coming to get you. Just hold on, Benji...

"We tortured him for so long. It's amazing how long he held out. It was just too much for him."

"Please, god, no…" Benji whimpered.

"It's true…"

Benji began crying.

"You bastard!" Ethan yelled at Kane, who was quite enjoying himself.

Benji's sobs rang in Ethan's ears. They broke him. They broke Benji.

"So...where is the director?" the torturer asked.

"I'll tell you," Ethan called to Kane, "I'll tell you where Hunley is. I'll give him up if you let Benji go!"

"You wouldn't," Kane replied dryly.

"I would. I'll tell you, I will give-"

"It doesn't matter either way. Hunley's suffered enough, and he'll have this on his conscious. I want him to stay alive, honestly."

"Then why ask Benji?"

Kane walked up to Ethan, "So he thinks he has a choice. So he either has hope and gives up Hunley, or better, he tries to be the brave boy and just refuse to betray everyone," he explained, a mocking tone on his last words. "Personally, I'm hoping we get a lot of time out of this."

Ethan reached out a leg to kick Kane, but he dodged, laughing at the agent.

Benji let out a groan again after the sound of impact.

"You're almost as much fun as Hunt," the torturer taunted, "His screams were like music to my ears."

Benji grew quiet.

"Do you want to know what I did to him?"

Suddenly Benji let out a guttural yell then there was the sound of a struggle. Breaking wood. Impact. Shuffling.

Then a gunshot rang out.