Team Eleven

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Looking into his crystal ball, Hiruzen couldn't help but feel great joy and pride in his adoptive Grandson's promotion to Genin and mastery over the Shadow Clone Jutsu. Sadly he also felt a great sense of grief and guilt due to Naruto's recent discovery of his burden and the fact that he had to learn it from a traitor no less.

"Sigh, that fool Mizuki, if it wasn't for Iruka we could have been looking at the rise of someone just as bad if not worse than both Madara Uchiha and Orochimaru." Hiruzen said in a tired yet solemn tone, it was these moments in life that made him truly feel as old as he is. Sure, he wanted Naruto to eventually to learn of his status as the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki at some point in the future, but under far more controlled circumstances.

"I have to say, I'm impressed, but then again given the fact that his is both Sensei and Kushina-neechan's son, I shouldn't be so surprised," a female voice said behind Hiruzen.

"Indeed, so what do you think Rin," Hiruzen replied as turned his head to look at a young woman that was garbed in a standard Jounin outfit with long brown hair that reached down to her mid-back, brown eyes and purple rectangular markings on her cheeks.

This was none other than Nohara Rin, one of the last two surviving students of the Yondaime Hokage and the Jinchuuriki of the Sanbi no Kyodaigame. Despite being around Twenty-Six to Twenty-Seven old, she looked like she was in her mid to late teens, it was theorized that it was a side effect of being the Sanbi Jinchuuriki due to all of the bijuu's past Jinchuuriki having pretty youthful appearances.

"So is there a reason why you're here and not searching for Naruto?" The Elderly Hokage asked.

"I knew that Iruka would find him before anyone else, after all he is a seasoned sensor so finding someone with as much chakra and little control as Naruto would be child's play for him, plus if I felt that they were really in any danger of being killed by Mizuki, I would have used the Flying Thunder God Seal that I placed on Naruto when he was an infant to teleport to him," Rin replied as she placed her hands behind her head while sporting a smile.

Rin was the only person in Konoha that Minato taught the true Flying Thunder God Jutsu too, due to the Chakra Reserves that she possessed due to being the Sanbi Jinchuuriki along with near-perfect Chakra Control, speed and reflexes she has due to her training as a medic, he felt that she was perfect to pass the Jutsu on to and use it to its full potential.

"So who are you going to have Naruto's sensei be?" Rin asked her superior.

"I'm thinking of having Naruto learn under Kakashi alongside Sasuke and Sakura," Hiruzen told Rin, causing the Kunoichi to lose her smile.

While she had nothing against Sakura and Sasuke, she wasn't really that fond of them either. Like most kunoichi in Naruto's age group, Sakura has shown to have fangirl tendencies for Sasuke and was physically abusive with Naruto, while Sasuke was showed signs of falling into his clan's Curse of Hatred along with having both a superiority and inferiority complex, add in Naruto's dislike for the Uchiha, that team would be a disaster waiting to happen, and don't even get her started on Kakashi. After learning that Minato taught her the Flying Thunder God Jutsu, Kakashi turned into a complete jerk towards her despite the fact that sensei taught them both the Rasengan, it was safe to say that her feelings for the Copy Ninja have died along with their friendship.

'The reason why Minato-Sensei didn't teach you the Flying Thunder God Jutsu, was because he felt that you didn't need it, you bastard!' Rin thought in anger as she thought about her ex-teammate and friend, while gritting her teeth and clenching her hand so hard that it was starting to bleed. "I would like to take Naruto on as an apprentice," Rin told Hiruzen, getting a look of curiosity for the aged Kage.

"Why should I take you up on that request," Hiruzen asked, wanting to hear Rin's reasoning. He knew all about her fallout with Kakashi and wanted to be sure that she wasn't just trying to one up the last surviving member of the Hatake Clan.

"I'm one of the only two people in all of Konoha that can teach Naruto how to use the Kyuubi's Chakra, with other being Jiraiya-sama and he's not always in village due to his spy network. Unlike most Jinchuuriki, I have full control of my bijuu's chakra, I am on the same level in Fuinjutsu as sensei and Kushina-neechan were at when they were alive due to the lessons that they and Jiraiya-sama gave me, and I can help Naruto with his Chakra Control due to me being a medic-nin, plus I also have a great arsenal of Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Fuinjutsu and Iryo-Ninjutsu that I can pass on to him along with the fact that I can teach him both of his father's signature jutsu," Rin said with a confident yet professional-tone.

Hiruzen pulled out his pipe and began smoking some tobacco as he thought over Rin's reasoning. I was pretty solid due to her having full mastery over the Sanbi's Chakra and her vast knowledge in Fuinjutsu she is probably the perfect, she made a great point with the fact that she could help Naruto with his Chakra Control given the fact that despite her being a Jinchuuriki, Rin's skill and mastery with medical Ninjutsu was second only to Tsunade's, plus her mastery over Genjutsu is second only to the Uchiha and Kurama Clans, so even if she is unable to teach Naruto Iryo-Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, she'll be able to help him learn how to counter the latter.

As soon as that last line of thought entered his mind, Hiruzen had an idea. Not only would it give Rin a chance to take Naruto on as an apprentice along with giving Naruto a sensei that can help him reach his full potential, but it would give Hiruzen a chance to fix on of his mistakes.

"Very well Rin, I'll grant you permission to take Naruto on as a student," Hiruzen said getting a smile from his subordinate," But only on one condition," Hiruzen latter added, causing Rin to lose her smile.

"What's that Hokage-sama?" Rin asked while frowning at the mentioning of a condition.

"You are to take this young lady as a student as well," Hiruzen answered before reaching into the drawer of his desk and handing Rin a file.

"Kurama Yakumo, huh," Rin said before she started reading the file on her potential student. As she read the file Rin couldn't help but feel furious with both Hiruzen and Kurenai, and that's putting it lightly. Personally she never really liked Kurenai, while she was a talented Kunoichi, she has also been pretty arrogant and always took things at face-value, heck those traits became even worse once she was promoted to Jounin, and with the file that Rin just read, her dislike for the crimson eyed kunoichi was now border lining hatred.

"It's only the fact that you're my superior and attacking you would be treason that's holding me back from attacking you right now," Rin told the Sandaime in a deceitfully calm tone with the only indication of her anger being that her eyes transformed into that of the Sanbi's.

"Sigh, I had a feeling that, that would be your reaction to the contents of that file. The reason why I want you to take Yakumo as student alongside Naruto is because the Ido has shown have some similar characteristics to a bijuu making you the perfect person to help her learn how to control it and throw in your knowledge of both Fuinjutsu as well as Medical Ninjutsu, you can help Yakumo suppress the Ido if it ever shows signs of possessing her while also helping her overcome her weak body," Hiruzen told Rin, if the events of Naruto learning about the Kyuubi from a rogue Chuunin caused Hiruzen to feel his age, then the reminder of his mistake regarding Yakumo and Rin's reaction to the said mistake made it feel like he has aged by another decade or two.

"I accept Hokage-sama, I'll take Yakumo on as a student alongside Naruto. But know this I'm not doing this because you ordered me too nor is it to help you clear you're conscious of another mistake that you made in your second run as Hokage. I'm doing it to help a poor girl who almost had her dream of being a Kunoichi stolen from her," Rin told the aged Hokage in a cold and venomous tone, before she turned around and stormed out of the office due to both the amount of respect that she lost for her leader and because if she stayed in there any longer, Rin wasn't sure if she would be able to hold herself back from going Sanbi on her village leader.

With Rin out of the office, Hiruzen had let his face fall to his hands. He might have just lost the respect of one of the best Kunoichi in his Shinobi Forces, but it was a sacrifice that he would have to make if he wanted to make amends to both the Kurama Clan and young Yakumo.

-Rin's Apartment-

Rin has never felt so mad in her life, with all of the mistakes that the Sandaime made in his second run this had to be one of the worst, to deny an upcoming talented Kunoichi of her dream just because she had an inner-demon. He could have at least informed her of it earlier so she could help Yakumo over gain control over the Ido before it became a serious issue. Tch, her sensei must be rolling in his grave with all of the mistakes that, that old fool has been making over the years of his second run. Her thoughts were soon interrupted by a familiar voice.

"That's enough Rin, I understand that you're angry with the old monkey, but you can't let that cloud your thoughts. Just relax and think of the positives, not only will you be able to help your sensei's son, but you'll also be able to help a young girl fulfill her dreams," said the voice that was none other than the Sanbi no Kyodaigame itself, Isobu.

'You're right Isobu, I can't let my anger at the Sandaime's mistake cloud my thoughts. Despite what I just learn, a lot of good did come out of this, though it will be a long time before I can both respect and trust the Sandaime as my leader again,' Rin replied to the turtle bijuu with a small smile forming on her face as she looked at the two photos on her nightstand, one was of her and her genin team though Kakashi's face was cut out due to the fall out they had, while the other was one of her and a five year old Naruto at Ichiraku's.

Stripping out of her Kunoichi uniform, Rin undid the bandages that she was using to bind her chest, freeing her mid to high C-cup breasts and got in her bed only cladded in her purple thong.

'Don't worry sensei, I'll take care of Naruto-kun, just like I promised,' Rin thought to herself as she looked at the pictures on her nightstand once more, before going to sleep.

*Timeskip* -The Shinobi Academy-

It must be the end of the world because right now, we find Uzumaki Naruto brooding. Today wasn't starting out that well for Naruto, first he ended up drinking expired milk which resulted in him having a slight case of food poisoning, then he was pushed into Sasuke-teme resulting in them kissing, just the thought of it caused Naruto to shudder, and finally he got beaten up by a hoard of angry Sasuke fangirls. Not really how he was expecting his first day of being a Shinobi to go.

Hearing the classroom doors opening, Naruto saw Iruka walk in with two others following him. The first was a boy around his age that was wearing a black shinobi outfit with albino white skin and short black hair, the second was a girl that was also around her age, she was wearing a pink kimono that was held close by a pink sash, violet baggy pants, red mesh armour underneath the kimono and orange colored sandals, which he approved of. But what caught his attention the most was the hitai-ate that were tied around the boy's left arm and the girl's forehead.

"These are Sai and Kurama Yakumo, Sai has received training from Shimura Danzo, who was once the teammate of the Sandaime Hokage, while Yakumo here was home schooled by her clan. They have both been deemed ready by the Hokage to join Konoha's Shinobi Forces, so please treat them with the respect that you would show any other comrade," Iruka told the class with a pleasant tone and smile, though on the inside he was suspicious about Sai since there was a good chance that he could be one of Danzo's ROOT ANBU.

"Now if you may please take your seats, I will be announcing teams," Iruka said as he motioned for Yakumo and Sai to take a seat.

After announcing the first six teams, Iruka soon got to Team Seven.

"Team Seven will be Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura and Sai under Hatake Kakashi," Iruka announced.

"Yes, Take That Ino-Bunta/Damn It!" shouted both Sakura and Ino respectively.

'Great, another thing to add to the amount of shit that's being thrown at me today, now Sasuke-teme is going to end up getting together with Sakura-chan for sure now," Naruto thought in depression, though as he thought about it, it might be for the best. Despite Naruto's feelings for Sakura-chan, there is no denying that she is a big time Sasuke fangirl and if he was paired up with them there was a good chance that they wouldn't function well.

"Anyways, before I was interrupted, Team Eight will consist of Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuuga Hinata and Aburame Shino under Yuuhi Kurenai, Team Nine is still in circulation, and Team Ten will consist of Akamichi Chouji, Yamanaka Ino and Nara Shikamaru under Sarutobi Asuma," Iruka announced before he was interrupted again by Ino, who was wailing at the fact that she was saddled with Shikamaru and Chouji, "Finally, Team Eleven will consist of Uzumaki Naruto and Kurama Yakumo under Nohara Rin, now there will be a quick lunch break before your senseis come to get you, so take this time to get to know your teammates."

With that said, Iruka left the classroom to leave the Genin to get to know their new teammates.

"Hey Yakumo-chan, want to get lunch together? It would be a great opportunity to get to know each other since we're going to be teammates for who knows how long," Naruto asked Yakumo, catching the attention of the Kurama Clan Heiress.

"Yakumo-chan?" Yakumo asked the orange clad shinobi.

"I'm don't really like using the "san" honorific and Jiji always said that I should be respectful to my friends and comrades," Naruto said with a grin, answering Yakumo's question, while holding out his hand to her.

Letting out a brief giggle, Yakumo accepted the hand and said, "Sure Naruto-san, I could use some lunch anyway and like you said it would be a great opportunity to get to know one another."

With that said Naruto helped Yakumo up and they walked out of the classroom to get some lunch, not noticing the looks of surprise from a majority of the remaining Genin in the class and a jealous look from a certain Hyuuga Heiress.

-The Hokage's Tower, while the events at the Academy were happening-

Everyone in the Hokage tower, save for two, were shocked by this turn of events. They thought for sure that Naruto would be teamed up with Sasuke and Sakura due to their positions as the Rookie of the Year and Top Kunoichi and they also weren't expecting the inclusion of Yakumo and Sai, though they were on edge as when they heard about Sai's connection to Danzo. It was well known amongst the experienced Chuunin and higher ranked shinobi about the War-Hawk's unsavory methods for quote "The Good of Konoha."

The first two to come out of their shock was Kakashi and Kurenai. Kakashi was clenching his book tightly in his hands when he heard the team announcements but kept quiet due to his years of experience, though Kurenai didn't even bother to hold in her complaints.

"Why the hell is Yakumo a Kunoichi?! I thought that the reason why we placed that-," Kurenai shouted before she was interrupted, by the Hokage.

"Enough Kurenai, you are about to reveal and S-Class Secret, I never said anything about her not being able to be a Kunoichi, it was your idea to deny her, her dream of becoming a Kunoichi! Now I suggest that you pipe down or else take away both your status as Team Eight's sensei and your rank as a Shinobi," Hiruzen said in a firm tone. While it was true that he was guilty of sealing away Yakumo's potential, the decision to not let her become a Kunoichi was all Kurenai's and he won't let her make him take the fall for it.

"Tch, why am I not surprise. Of course you would make big deal out of Yakumo being a Kunoichi Kurenai. After all it would mean that you were wrong in your choice in denying Yakumo her dream, and something that your damn pride won't admit since it would mean that someone else would have succeeded wher you failed," Rin said to Kurenai in a tone that was full of disdain for the crimson eyed kunoichi.

Kurenai wanted to lash out at Rin, but held herself back since it would cost her, her Jounin rank and position as Team Eight's Sensei if she acted out against Rin.

Seeing the tension between Rin and Kurenai, Hiruzen would be best if he ended the meeting right now.

"The meeting is adjourned and you are all dismissed, the Genin will be returning from their lunch soon and it would be best for you to meet your students on time," Hiruzen said with that little "on time" tidbit being directed more at Kakashi than anyone else.

-The Academy Classroom-

Naruto and Yakumo were back in the classroom and it was safe to say that they had pretty good lunch together to say the least. Naruto took Yakumo to Ichiraku's where she met Ayame and Teuchi, and it was safe to say that the Kurama Clan Heiress had hit it off pretty well with the Ramen Chef. The also both learned a bit about each other, Naruto learned that Yakumo loved to paint and wanted to be one of the greatest Genjutsu Specialists in history due to her weak body, while Yakumo learned about Naruto's love for ramen, gardening and his dream of becoming Hokage. The best part was that they didn't laugh at each other's dream like how most people do and gave their full support to the other.

Snapping out of their thoughts upon hearing the classroom door open, Naruto and Yakumo found themselves staring at a familiar figure, well at least of Naruto anyway.

"Rin-neechan!" Naruto called out.

"It's Rin-sensei now Naruto, anyway, Team Eleven meet me at Ichiraku's," Rin said before she shunshined out of the classroom.

"You don't mind, going back to Ichiraku's do you Yakumo-Chan?" Naruto asked his teammate.

"Not at all, Naruto," Yakumo replied before they got up and left the classroom and headed on back to the ramen bar.

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