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Upon arriving to Ichiraku's, Naruto and Yakumo are greeted by Ayame, Teuchi and Rin.

"Could you please let us be you two? I would like to spend some quality time with my team," Rin asked Ayame and Teuchi.

"Sure Rin-chan, have fun Naruto-kun, Yakumo-san," Ayame replied before she and Teuchi headed to the back to the shop.

"Alright team, we're going to start things off with some introductions," Rin told Naruto and Yakumo, "I'll go first. My name is Nohara Rin, my likes are Naruto-kun, my deceased sensei and his wife, my deceased teammate Obito, working at the hospital, sweets and seafood, my dislikes are my ex-teammate and friend Kakashi, Yuuhi Kurenai, when someone abandons their friends and comrades, people denying others a chance to reach their full potential and Shimura Danzo, my hobbies are learning new kinds of medical Ninjutsu and spending time with Naruto-kun, my dreams for the future are to become a Medic-nin that surpasses Senju Tsunade and Senju Hashirama along with seeing you reach your full potential. How about you next Yakumo-san since I've just met you."

My name is Kurama Yakumo," Yakumo began, "My likes are painting, learning Genjutsu and my new friend Naruto," Yakumo said, getting a blush from the young Uzumaki, "My dislikes are my clan and my ex-sensei Yuuhi Kurenai, my hobbies are the same as my likes and my dream is to become one of the greatest Genjutsu specialists in history," Yakumo finished getting an approving look from Rin and a smile from Naruto.

"Very good Yakumo-san, now you're up Naruto," Rin told the orange cladded shinobi.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto, my likes are Rin-sensei, Hokage-jiji, the Ichiraku family, Iruka-sensei and Ramen, my dislikes are the three minutes it takes for instant ramen to boil and those who judge a book by its cover, my hobbies are training, gardening and eating different kinds of ramen, finally my dream for the future is to one day become Hokage and surpass all of the previous ones!" Naruto said enthusiastically, getting a small goodhearted giggle from Rin and Yakumo.

"Very good," Rin said, "now we can get started on your real Genin Test."

"What do you mean sensei? I thought that we are already Genin." Yakumo asked her sensei.

"The Academy Genin Test is just a way to tell who has potential and who aren't fit to become Shinobi, each Jounin Sensei is required to give his or her to personally Test if their team are truly ready to become Genin or if they have to be sent back to the academy," Rin explained, getting a look of worry from Naruto and Yakumo.

Seeing that her Genin were getting worried, decided to give the some reassurance.

"Don't worry, I have full confidence that you'll pass the test, now meet me at training ground eleven tomorrow at six a.m. and use the time you have to prepare for the Genin Test," Rin told the two Genin before she got up and left the Ramen Stand.

Upon hearing Rin's words of encouragement, Naruto started feeling more reassured about his chances of success, though he could see that Yakumo was still looking a bit worried about the real Genin Test and decided to help her feel better.

"Don't worry Yakum-chan, like Rin-sensei said, she is sure that we are going to pass, plus I will do everything in my power to make sure that we both pass the our Genin test together, that a promise of life time and I never back down on my word, that's my ninja way," Naruto told Yakumo with a confident and reassuring tone while sporting a grin and a thumbs up, getting a blush from the Kurama Clan Heiress.

"Th-Thanks Naruto-kun," Yakumo said, though upon realizing the suffix that she just used, Yakumo's face went a bright red and she ran out of the ramen stand and back to her clan's compound in embarrassment and with a small flutter in her heart.

"Hmm, is Yakumo-chan sick? She did say she has a weak body, I sure hope that she doesn't push herself to hard during the Genin Test," Naruto murmured in confusion, getting a face palm from Ayame and Teuchi who saw the whole thing.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun, I'm sure that Yakumo-chan will be just fine tomorrow," Ayame said pleasantly.

"If you say so, Ayame-neechan," Naruto said before getting up and heading home himself.

Once Naruto was out of sight, Ayame let out a sigh.

"You would think that Rin, Iruka or the Hokage would have given Naruto the talk by now," Ayame muttered in annoyance at her little brother-figure's density.

"Don't worry, I'm sure that they'll tell him soon, especially now that he's a Genin," Teuchi said with a reassuring tone.

"I hope so Tou-san, I hope so," Ayame said before heading to the back of the store to get some ramen ingredients.

-With Kakashi-

Hatake Kakashi was walking through the Academy halls while trying to hide the scowl on his face. How dare that turtle-bitch deny him of his chance to train his sensei's son as his student and sabotage his shinobi training! Wasn't it enough that she already stole his chance to learn the Flying Thunder God Jutsu?!


A younger Hatake Kakashi was heading to his team's training ground, upon his arrival, Kakashi saw that a yellow flash in the middle of the training ground. Thinking that it was his sensei, Kakashi walked over to the flash in a stride until it fully faded away revealing not Minato, but his teammate Nohara Rin instead.

'Wh-what's going on here, how was Rin able to use the Flying Thunder God?!' Kakashi asked himself in shock, before anger started bubbling in his chest, resulting in him storming down towards his last surviving teammate.

"It seems like I've almost master the Flying Thunder God Jutsu, I'll have to thank sensei for that advice he gave me," Rin muttered to herself, before taking notice of Kakashi walking towards her.

She was about to greet the upcoming Copy-Nin until she saw the look in Kakashi's face.

"What's wrong Kakashi?" Rin asked her friend.

"How are you able to use the Flying Thunder God?! The only living person that knows how to use that jutsu is Sensei!" Kakashi asked in an anger-filled tone.

Rin couldn't help but let out a sigh at Kakashi's question. She knew that Kakashi was gaining a bit of an ego ever since Obito gave him his Sharingan eye along with his rising as the Copy-nin. Minato-sensei warned her that Kakashi might get upset if he learned about her being able to use the Flying Thunder God and it seems like the gods wanted to screw with her today.

Seeing no point in beating around the bush, Rin decided to tell the Kakashi the truth, "The reason why I can use the Flying Thunder God is because Sensei taught it to me," Rin told her teammate and then before she could react, Kakashi decked her right in the face, sending Rin tumbling to the ground.

"Ow, What The Hell Was That For Kakashi?!" Rin asked in anger and shock at the fact that her own teammate socked her in the jaw.

"How dare you steal my right to learn the Flying Thunder God! Sensei was supposed to teach that jutsu to me and me alone, not some useless medic ninja that is lucky to be alive right now!" Kakashi shouted in anger as he glared at Rin with his only visible eye.

Rin couldn't believe what Kakashi was saying, has his ego really gotten so big that he believed that the right to learning the Flying Thunder God was reserved for only him?! Heck, the jutsu was created by the Nidaime Hokage himself, so if anything the right to decide who learned the jutsu would have been his if he was still alive!

Suddenly what Kakashi said fully registered in Rin's mind causing her to look at Kakashi in shock, "What do you mean by a "useless medic ninja that is lucky to still be alive" Hatake?!" Rin asked in rage as her eyes flashed into that of the Sanbi's.

Momentarily shocked by Rin referring him by his last name, Kakashi decided to answer Rin's question after regaining his composure.

"Fine you want to what I meant by that, fine! You were the one that was stupid enough to let herself get captured by those Iwa Ninja that eventually resulted in Obito's death, then a few months after you letted yourself get kidnapped yet again by those Kiri Ninja and both times you had to have someone else pull your ass out of the fire! Heck, if I knew that you were going to take what was rightfully mine, I would have left killed you with my Chidori instead of redirecting it at the last minute when you jumped right in front of it!" Kakashi ranted in rage, while not even noticing that the Sharingan Eye behind his h had transformed into a Mangekyo in his rage.


Kakashi's face was turned to the side from the force of the slap he just received as Rin looked at him with teary eyes that were filled with nothing but anger, sadness and betrayal. The fact that Hatake Kakashi, the man that she loved, just admitted that if he could he would have killed her during the Kiri-nin incident if he knew that their sensei was going to teach her, his signature jutsu. It shattered her heart to dust.

"Well then Hatake, if that's how you feel than consider our friendship over!" Rin shouted in emotional pain, before using the Flying Thunder God Jutsu to teleport to her apartment.

After regaining his bearings, Kakashi turned around to leave only to see a sight that made his blood run cold. It was his sensei, Namikaze Minato and he looked furious, no furious didn't even come close to the expression that was on his sensei's face. Before he could react, Kakashi was on his knees clutching his gut in pain before he felt his sensei tear off hitai-ate and thrust his hand onto his forehead. Right when he was about to ask Minato what he placed on his forehead, Kakashi suddenly gripped his head and began screaming in pain.

"That was a seal that I made with the help of Inoichi, it erases a targeted memory or memories that the user doesn't want the person the seal was placed on to have. It was designed to keep enemy shinobi from escaping with vital information and now I'm using it to erase your memories on how to perform the Rasengan," Minato told Kakashi, causing the young Hatake's eyes to widen in horror as he felt everything he knew on how to use the jutsu was fading from his mind.

"As of now, you are no longer my student Kakashi, I only have one student and that is Rin," Minato said only for his eyes to widen in shock and horror before slapping his hand over Kakashi's left eye, placing a new seal on it causing Kakashi to scream out in pain once more before passing out.

It seems that Kakashi awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan due to the anger he felt about Rin learning the Flying Thunder God jutsu. Luckily he was able to notice it and placed a seal on Kakashi's left eye that sealed away the advanced form of the Sharingan before his fallen student has noticed it. Once the seal on Kakashi's eye faded away, Minato placed another amnesia seal Kakashi, sealing away the memories of him placing a seal on his left eye, after all Kakashi would get suspicious he knew that Minato placed a seal on his left eye and nothing (to his extent) happened to his Sharingan.

After the sealing was done, Minato got up and flashed to the Hokage's tower with every intention to report what just happened to the Hokage.

*Flashback End*

When he woke up Kakashi was told by an ANBU that he was no longer a Shinobi and was to report to the Academy if he wanted to get his hitai-ate back and to add insult to injury Kakashi was banned from participating in early graduation and the teachers were having their minds check in case they were showing favoritism or were under the effect of his Sharingan. Not only that but, word got out about what happened between him and Rin, causing his reputation to take a huge nose both in and out of the village. Heck it was only because of the fact that he was more useful as a Shinobi than a civilian and the fact that they were at war at the time being the reason why Kakashi wasn't dropped from the Shinobi program completely.

"Damn my promise to Obito, mark my words Rin, I'll have my revenge against both you and sensei, and nothing will stop me," Kakashi thought as he opened the classroom door and walked in.

*Timeskip, the next day* -Training Ground Eleven-

Naruto and Yakumo have just arrived at their team's training ground after meeting up with each other on the way there. No long before they stepped into the clearing, Rin appeared before them in a Body Flicker.

"Well now, now that we're all here we can begin the exam," Rin said before walking over to one of the training posts and placing a timer on it, "Your assignment is to land a solid hit on me, this timer is set to noon, which means you'll have about six hours to land a solid blow on me."

Turning around, Rin saw the serious looks on her students. It seems that those lessons on patience that she gave Naruto were really paying off, now if only she could get him to stop from wearing those orange jumpsuits. Oh well, she'll have Yakumo help her with that once the test is over.

"Alright then, the test will start right…about…now!" Rin announced right as she turned the alarm on, resulting Naruto and Yakumo speeding off into the folage.

Backing away from the post, Rin stood in the middle of the clearing with her guard up, when suddenly she heard a whistling in the wind and turned her body in time to dodge a couple kunai and shuriken that were thrown at her, only for one of them to disappear in a puff of smoke revealing Naruto who threw a punch straight at Rin's face. Unfortunately in a puff of smoke, a log appeared in Rin's place signifying that she used a Substitution Jutsu to evade Naruto's attack.

Looking around to see where his sensei has gone, Naruto didn't notice Rin's presence until she was right behind him.

"Never let your enemy get behind you Naruto-kun, Wind Release: Gale Palm Jutsu!" Rin called out from behind her student as she clapped her hands together and launched a powerful gale of wind at Naruto. While it wasn't as strong as a Great Breakthrough, the jutsu was strong enough to send Naruto flying right into a tree.

Shaking off his daze Naruto went to confront Rin a match of pure Taijutsu, but unfortunately it was only serving to tiring Naruto out as Rin weaved through his attacks, constantly dodging, parrying and countering them. Then suddenly out of nowhere a flash bomb was thrown from one of the trees surrounding the clearing and detonated, temporarily blinding both Naruto and Rin as a pair of arms grabbed Naruto and pulled him straight into the tree line.

-In the Forest of the Training Ground-

"Are you alright, Naruto-kun," Yakumo asked before having to fight down a blush due to the fact that she called Naruto-kun again.

'What's wrong with me, I just met the guy yesterday and I'm already call him "Naruto-kun",' Yakumo thought while shaking her head to clear her mind and focus on the task at hand.

"I'm fine, Yakumo-chan but you could have warned me when you threw that flash bomb," Naruto replied while rubbing his eyes so he can get rid of any remaining spots in them.

"Sorry," Yakumo muttered sheepishly.

"Don't worry Yakumo-chan, no harm no foul," Naruto assured her before he turned around to face her, "So I'm guessing that the reason why you interrupted my fight with Rin-sensei was because you figured something out?" Naruto asked his teammate.

"Yes Naruto-kun," Yakumo said while fighting down another blush due to the fact that she used the word "kun" with his name once again, "From the looks of your fight with her, we won't be able to land a solid hit on Rin-sensei on our own."

"Yeah, I figured that with how well she was evading my strikes," Naruto admitted, the only reason he kept fighting Rin despite realizing this was because his location was already compromised, "So, what's plan Yakumo-chan?" Naruto asked.

-With Rin-

After getting the spots from Yakumo's flash bomb out of her eyes, Rin got on guard while silently cursing herself. She got careless due to the combined fact that she was holding back and was only focusing on Naruto, if she wanted to, Yakumo could have used the confusion from the flash bomb to land a strike on her, instead of retrieving Naruto. Not that it would have worked of course, Rin has trained all five of her senses so she can fight without having to rely on her eyesight. It seems like Yakumo was aware of that since it was quite common amongst shinobi, which was why she focused on retrieving Naruto instead of attacking her.

'Smart girl,' Rin thought, when all of a sudden she sensed that someone was trying put her under a Genjutsu.

Acting quickly, Rin dispelled the Genjutsu as saw Naruto and Yakumo standing right in front of her.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto exclaimed before he summoned at least a hundred or so Shadow Clones.

"Nice try you two, but it's going to take more that Shadow Clones to land a hit on me," Rin told her students with a confident tone.

"We know, which is why I'm going to do this, Reverse Harem Jutsu!" Naruto announced, and with that a puff of smoke covered Naruto and his clone, and in their place was a group of sexy naked adult Narutos with only a cloud of smoke hiding their junk.

Caught completely off guard by the jutsu, Rin and Yakumo's faces were completely red, both embarrassed and aroused by the jutsu that Naruto just used.

"Now Yakumo-chan!" Naruto shouted to the Kurama Clan heiress, snapping her out of her daze and allowing her to land a solid punch on their sensei.

With due to the combined factor of Yakumo's attack landing and Naruto dispersing the jutsu, Rin also snapped out of her daze.

"Well that was something," Rin said with a noticeable blush on her face, before she managed to fight it down and regain her composure, "Very good team, you managed to work together and a land a solid blow on me, because of that Team Eleven is now official," Rin announced, getting a cheer from her students.

"Now, I'm going to go report to the Hokage, so you're all dismissed," Rin announced before she body flickered straight to the Hokage's Tower.

"Hey Yakumo-chan, want to head to Ichiraku's to celebrate?" Naruto asked his now official new teammate and friend.

Uh, sorry Naruto, I have to tell my uncle that I passed, maybe another time," Yakumo quickly told him with a blush on her face due to Naruto's jutsu still being fresh in her mind.

"Well alright then, see you tomorrow Yakumo-chan," Naruto said before walking off while feeling confused about why both Yakumo and Rin's were so red when and after he performed the his Reverse Harem Jutsu.

Seeing that she was only one left in the training ground, Yakumo decided to head home herself. While it was true that she needed to inform her uncle that she passed, there was something more…personal…that she had to take care of as well.

-The Hokage's Tower-

"Alright, since Kakashi isn't here yet, he'll report last," Hiruzen said as the Jounin began give their reports on their teams' tests.

"Team One has failed, Hokage-sama," Yamashiro Aoba reported.

Team Two has also failed, Hokage-sama," Gekkou Hayate announced to his superior while also letting out some coughs as he give Hiruzen his report.

One by one, each Jounin sensei announced that their team has failed their Genin Test until they got to Team Eight.

"Team Eight has passed Hokage-sama," Kurenai told her superior.

"Team Ten has passed their Genin Test, also" Asuma reported to his father.

"Team Eleven passed, though the method they used to pass was a bit, unorthodox," Rin reported with a small blush on her face that was only caught by the Hokage himself, making him wonder what kind of crazy jutsu Naruto used to get that kind of reaction out of Rin.

With finishing with her report, Hiruzen dismissed the Jounin and waited for Kakashi to arrive.

-Ichiraku's Raman-

Naruto just finished telling Ayame and Teuchi what happened during his Genin Test and informed them of his confusion regarding the blushes that Rin and Yakumo were sporting.

"Sigh, Naruto follow me, I think that it's time that I gave you the talk," Ayame said with a blush on her face due to the description that Naruto gave her and her father regarding his Reverse Harem Jutsu.

Seriously how can someone create such perverted jutsus while also being so dense?

Thinking that Ayame just wanted to talk to him about something, Naruto followed her to the back of the Ramen Shop.

"WHAT!" Naruto shouted soon after, before running out of the Ramen Stand and to his apartment with a massive blush on his face. It was on this day that Naruto finally learned about the birds & the bees.

There we go, here is the second chapter of Team Eleven. As we can see, Yakumo is starting to develop feelings for Naruto along with Naruto's jutsu left both Rin and Yakumo a little bothered. We also got to see the events Rin and Kakashi's fallout. I'm deeply sorry Kakashi fans, but it seems like we're going to have Kakashi as one of the antagonists of the story, I may redeem him later on, but it seems highly unlikely at the moment.

I'm sorry if Yakumo and Naruto's Genin Test was a little underwhelming, that was my first combat scene. Hopefully I'll get better as time goes on. Also, I'm sorry if the developing of Yakumo's feelings for Naruto seems a bit rushed, this is my first attempt at romance too.

Also before you say anything, the reason why Naruto's Reverse Harem jutsu didn't fully change him and his Clone's appearances is because Naruto hasn't completed it yet.

Now for the next chapter: Team Eleven will have their first team meeting as an official team, there will be a quick timeskip regarding Naruto and Yakumo's training along with the start of Team Eleven's first C-Rank Mission, though I'm not sure if I'll do the Wave Arc since Rin can easily plow through Zabuza and Haku along with the fact that it's been done to death. We'll see if what I come up with.

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