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"Hey Yakumo-chan, Rin-sensei!" Naruto called out to his teammate and sensei upon entering Training Ground Eleven.

"Oh Naruto-kun, I'm glad you made it on time," Rin said after fighting down a blush with the jutsu that he used yesterday still being fresh in her mind.

Yakumo on the other hand had a blush on her face and looked away from her teammate in embarrassment, "Hi Naruto-kun," Yakumo said barely above a whisper, though the orange Genin did hear it.

Rin and Yakumo couldn't help but feel ashamed at what they did last night, after arriving home (and talking with her uncle in Yakumo's case) they immediately ran to their rooms and began relieving themselves of their arousal from Naruto's jutsu before they went to sleep, they didn't even leave their rooms for dinner.

'I can't believe I did that while thinking of someone I just met/see as a younger brother,' Both Yakumo and Rin thought to themselves while filled with nothing but shame and embarrassment.

-Rin's Mindscape-

Isobu couldn't help but do a facepalm. It knew full well that deep down, Rin actually loved Naruto more than a younger sibling, but wasn't able to admit it.

Letting out a sigh, Isobu thought to itself, 'You better come to terms with your feelings soon Rin or else you might lose your chance to be with Naruto."

-Yakumo's Mindscape-

The Ido couldn't help but let out a laugh at its counterpart's dilemma. Due to it being a malicious sentient being, it was made of numerous dark and sinful emotions and aspects of Yakumo's personality, including lust.

'I hope that you liked those thoughts that I gave you, my pathetic ignorant counterpart because soon I'll be free and once I'm done destroying everyone in this everyone in this village with my Genjutsu, I'll take that boy that you're taking such a shine to as my slave and force you to watch as I break him before I kill you and taking this body for myself once and for all,' The Ido thought to itself before letting out a dark evil laugh from her prison in the depths of Yakumo's mindscape.

-Back to Training Ground Eleven-

Seeing the blushes on his teammates face, Naruto soon found himself blushing as well. After having "The Talk" with Ayame, Naruto was now aware far more aware of things regarding sex, relationships and the opposite gender itself. Don't get Naruto wrong, he always had a crush in Rin and he also found Yakumo to be very beautiful, but the fact that his jutsu most likely got a very sexual reaction from them and what they probably did last night if those blushes were any indication caused Naruto to get really embarrassed himself.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, Rin finally broke it after clearing her throat and took on a professional visage.

"Anyway, now that Team Eleven is official, it's time that we begin your training," Rin announced to her students, getting an excited smile from both Naruto and Yakumo.


It's been a couple months since Rin started Naruto and Yakumo's training and they were really benefiting from it. They soaked whatever she had to teach them like a sponge, especially Naruto when Rin taught him the secret of the Shadow Clone Jutsu. She taught them both Chakra control and teamwork exercises, along with teaching Yakumo Genjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu, Poison and Shuriken Ninjutsu, while she taught Naruto how to dispel Genjutsu, some Non-Elemental Ninjutsu and Taijutsu with the help of Gai. It's safe to say that Yakumo and Naruto were progressing really well.

Unfortunately when it came to missions, there was much to be desired since all that they were doing was D-Rank Missions, in other words glorified chores that civilians were too lazy to do on their own.

We currently find Team Eleven in the Hokage's office after completing another D-Rank mission. They haven't changed much appearance wise except for Naruto who is now wearing a black jacket with a burnt orange shirt under it, blue shinobi pants with bandages around the ankles, black shinobi sandals and a dark red shinobi pouch attached to his right leg, Rin was finally able to get Naruto to get rid of his old jumpsuit with Yakumo's help, though Naruto was adamant for the outfit to at least have some orange on it.

"Alright Team Eleven, there is enough time for another D-Rank Mission-," Hiruzen said before Rin cut him off.

"Actually Hokage-sama, I think that we're ready for a C-Rank mission," Rin told her superior.

Looking through Team Eleven's mission records, Hirzuen did indeed see that they have done the required amount of missions for a Low C-rank Mission.

"Very well then," Hiruzen said before he looked at the C-rank mission scrolls and found just the one for Team Eleven, "Here is one that I think will be just right for you and your team, Rin," Hiruzen told the Jounin as he handed her the mission scroll.

After reading the contents of the scroll, Rin turned to her team and told them to pack up with the supplies needed for an out of village mission before dismissing them.

A bit of a short and simple chapter, but I couldn't think of anything else and make it work without making this into a mess in my opinion.

As you can see Rin did train Naruto and Yakumo, and they've progressed pretty well though they didn't receive any elemental manipulation training, but I'll save that for either after the mission or during the break of the Chuunin Exam. We'll likely see the result of Naruto and Yakumo's training next chapter and the mission that they're on will soon be revealed.

Sorry that this chapter was a little underwhelming, I was having a difficult time figuring it out, heck I'm lucky that I was able to finish it as soon as I did.