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Jane and Kurt were standing at their respective lockers, getting their things together after a long, hard day. They'd finally solved a case that had dragged on through the past ten days and had culminated in a gunfight, along with far too many close calls for each member of the team. They were all exhausted. Kurt had given them the next few days off to recuperate. Really, the next day was Friday and they weren't technically supposed to be working that weekend, though it wasn't as though there weren't plenty of other days where they weren't supposed to be working when they ended up there, saving the world anyway. So really, he was only granting them one extra day off.

In any case, he'd told Reade, Zapata, Patterson and Jane that none of them needed to be in the office again until Monday. He hadn't decided whether he'd be able to take Friday off himself, as well. Being the boss was rough sometimes.

As they stood there, making small talk but really just sighing in exhaustion and glancing at each other tiredly, Kurt's phone dinged. He picked it up and saw that he had a text from Sarah.

Has Jane ever been to the beach?

That's a strange question, he thought. He looked up at Jane, who noticed the puzzled look on his face. He didn't think she'd ever been to the beach… who would she have gone with, and when? She'd been found in Times Square in the fall, and she'd spent last summer… well, let's just say she hadn't been at the beach. Just thinking about the previous summer, which Jane had spent… well, basically being tortured… he was understandably uncomfortable thinking about it. He knew that by now Jane was watching him, and he looked up at her, trying to keep his face from betraying his emotions.

"Text from Sarah. She wants to know, 'Has Jane ever been to the beach?'" Jane looked back at him, just as confused as Kurt had been when he'd read it. She closed her locker and walked over to stand beside him, peering down at the screen of this phone, as if looking at the text that Weller had read to her would somehow help her understand why Sarah was asking something so seemingly random.

She shook her head, looking at him in confusion. "No, I've never been to the beach…" That I remember, she added in her head, but didn't say it out loud. That much was a given. "I've seen the water, but not the ocean, and not the beach."

Kurt shook his head, only now realizing that Jane had been with them for nearly two years and was saying that she'd never been to the beach. It wasn't exactly far away from New York City… You didn't have to go farther than Long Island. But then again, when was the last time you were at the beach? he asked himself. He couldn't remember, but it had definitely been a long time.

Jane asked the obvious question. "Why's Sarah asking if I've ever been to the beach, anyway?" Kurt shrugged, looking back at her.

"No idea. Let's find out." He typed out his reply: Nope. Why?

She replied almost immediately. Jessica has a beach house in Virginia Beach. Her renters for this weekend cancelled, and she offered it to me. Sawyer has already packed his bag. Do you and Jane want to come along?

Jane was reading over his shoulder. "Jessica's her friend from college," Kurt said by way of explanation. He ran through the possibility in his mind. Could he afford to take tomorrow off? He'd given the team the weekend… Yes, he could probably manage it. He looked back down at Jane.

"What do you think? You want to go to the beach for the weekend? We'd probably have to leave tonight, it's about a six hour drive…" He watched her for a reaction.

Jane considered the option. She'd never really thought about the beach. It was somewhere people who had free time went, and she never seemed to have any free time… but the way most people talked about the beach, they made it sound like fun. And what else did she have to do this weekend? She and Kurt hadn't talked about whether or not they were going to do anything… Honestly, after the case they'd just wrapped up, she could have easily slept through half the weekend with no complaints. She was sore and tired and…

She looked back up at Kurt, who was watching her intently. Well? Do you want to spend the weekend with Kurt, Sarah and Sawyer? It had taken a while for them all to get past the events of last summer, to find an equilibrium just between herself and Kurt, and even longer to be comfortable with Sarah. Kurt's sister had had a hard enough time adjusting to the fact that Jane wasn't Taylor, after all, and then with everything else that had happened… but Sarah was a genuinely nice person, like her brother, and eventually everything had settled down, and they found a way to start over, putting all the drama of the past behind them.

"It sounds like fun," Jane told him honestly. After all, if she was going to spend the weekend with anyone, Kurt was number one on her list. To this day, amazingly enough, she wasn't sure where exactly they stood with each other, but they seemed to have worked their way back to the good part of the early days… when they'd trusted each other, before they'd started keeping secrets from each other… in short, things were good between them, if still undefined. They spent so much time together at work, it helped keep them at enough of a distance from each other to make everything nice and confusing. But at times when they were alone, like now, looking at each other… well, neither of them were good with words, so they just sort of figured it out as they went along, which was working for them so far. Mostly.

Though he knew that it was somewhat ridiculous and childish, Kurt couldn't help but feel relieved that Jane hadn't been to the beach with Oscar – at least that she could remember, which was really all that counted. Oscar had been gone for a year now, and yet still… there were times when each of them were haunted by him, and the events of that first year.

Kurt smiled at her, happy to have an excuse to spend the next three days with Jane. That had actually been his first thought when he'd told the team that they didn't need to be back in the office until Monday – what excuse would he come up with to see Jane? They often got together on weekends, but it was never assumed.

Kurt was typing a message back to Sarah. We're in. Leaving… when?

Again, Sarah replied quickly. She must have been waiting for his response.

Tonight. Can you guys be ready in two hours?

Jane was watching the exchange from beside him once again. She frowned slightly, thinking of one major problem with being ready in two hours. He looked at her questioningly.

"What do you think? Can you be ready in two hours?" he asked her.

She bit her lip, thinking of the best solution to her problem. "I think so…" she said slowly. "Though I may need you to pick up some clothes from my place for me… I'm missing one important thing for this trip, and I'm not exactly sure how long it's going to take to find it… but I know who to call."

He looked at her, interested in her cryptic response. "Hmmm," he mused out loud, "let's see… you've never been to the beach, there's something important that you need before you go…" He pretended to think about it, smiling at her. "Bathing suit emergency?" Jane nodded. It wasn't as though it needed to be a secret or anything. Kurt chuckled, smiling at her.

"I can handle a pick up, if you don't get a chance to get home. Just let me know," he replied.

"Thanks," she replied sincerely and smiled at him, leaning her head against his shoulder for a few seconds before standing back up digging in her pocket for her phone. "OK, if I'm going to do this, I need to call Patterson immediately," she said, finally out pulling her phone. "If anyone can make this happen, it's her." Kurt laughed, closing his locker, and they walked out together as Jane typed in her emergency request for help. The rest of the team hadn't left very long ago, but she hoped that Patterson didn't have plans in the next two hours.

By the time they were at the elevator, Jane and Patterson had already made a plan. They were meeting a few blocks away, and from there, the blonde was taking over. She had guaranteed Jane that she could solve this problem in less than two hours.

Jane relayed the plan to Kurt, who just smiled and shook his head. Patterson clearly had other skills that were not being utilized by the FBI. He looked at the location she'd told Jane to meet her, an intersection near their office. "Come with me, I'll drop you off," he told her.

"Thanks," she replied gratefully. She'd had a feeling that that was exactly what he'd say. When they pulled up to the corner, she saw Patterson immediately, already there. "Damn, she's fast," Jane commented, looking over at him. "Thanks for the ride," she joked. She'd been in the car for about four minutes.

"Status report in one hour?" he asked. That would be just before six o'clock.

"Absolutely," she replied, pushing the door open. Before climbing all the way out, she stopped turned back, smiling at him across the car. He was glad to see that she seemed excited about this mission of hers, and not daunted about finding a bathing suit in under two hours. Based on his experience with Sarah and the few other women he knew, he could only assume that most women were generally stressed about finding a bathing suit at all, much less in that amount of time. But maybe Jane just didn't know what she was in for…

He smiled back at her, just like he usually did. Zapata was famous for her eye rolling when they looked at each other like this, but it had been going on for about as long as they had known each other, just not quite as often at work – at least when other people were around.

The noise of the traffic around them jarred her back to reality, and Jane realized that time was ticking away. She had something important to accomplish, and no time whatsoever. Giving Kurt a quick wave, she ducked out of the car and closed the door. Kurt was on his way home to pack, and possibly to go to Jane's place, depending on how things went for her. It was definitely going to be an exciting weekend.

An hour later, Jane texted him, as promised. Mission Accomplished. Where do we meet? Kurt was at home, looking for his bathing suit – he knew there was one here somewhere. He hadn't worn it in… how many years had it been? He wasn't sure. He had a passing thought about what would happen if it didn't actually still fit him, but then, he was the same size he'd been a few years back, so it shouldn't be an issue. When his phone dinged with Jane's text, he could momentarily take a break from racking his brain about the location of his bathing suit – the apartment wasn't that big, it had to be there somewhere – and walked back out into the living room to see how things were going with Sarah and Sawyer.

Sarah looked rather frazzled, running in and out of her bedroom back to the living room, back to her bedroom as if she was chasing something that kept moving from one to the other… Kurt watched her for a minute before asking about her behavior. "Sarah… what are you doing?" She stopped and looked at him, grimacing, as if she realized how crazy she was acting.

"Oh, you know, just trying to pack for myself and Sawyer at the last second, and I keep thinking whatever I'm looking for is one place, but it's not, so I look somewhere else and get distracted by looking for something else…" She laughed at herself, knowing how she sounded. "How's it going? And where's Jane? She's coming, right?"

"She just texted me, actually. She had to run out and find a bathing suit, so she enlisted the help of a friend. She's done, and was asking where we were meeting. I think she needs to get her things from her house still… or she'll need me to do it. One way or the other."

Sarah looked at him for a second as if she was trying to figure something out. Finally she came to the point, slowly verbalizing her question. "So, you… you have a key to her house?"

Kurt rolled his eyes. Of course she would focus on that. "Yes, I do. I had a key to her safe houses, the first one and the second one, because I was the lead agent on her case. It was weird at first, since we were strangers… but by the time…" Just skip right past the unpleasantness, and the fact that the FBI no longer provides her housing, he told himself. "By the time she moved into her own, non-FBI owned, place," Good save, he told himself, "we'd gotten close. And she said it made her feel better if she didn't have the only key to her place because if she locked herself out of something, she had someone to call."

Sarah nodded, but didn't say a word. It made sense, of course, but it seemed like there was more to it. "Well, we can pick her up at her place, so she has a chance to get her things. 7:00?" Kurt nodded.

"That was what I needed to know," he replied. "I'll go finish getting packed." With that, he walked back into this room, already typing away at his response to Jane. It was just after 6:00 now, and time was going fast… especially since he still had to figure out where in the world he'd stashed that bathing suit.

Forty-five minutes later, Kurt had his bag packed, including the illusive bathing suit, and was watching Sarah continue to run in circles, trying to find the last of Sawyer's things – or so she said. As she ran through the living room, Kurt called, "Hey, Sarah! You want me to pack any food? Breakfast or something?" After all, that was one of the many advantages of a beach house over a hotel room – a kitchen.

"What?" Sarah called distractedly, before she realized what Kurt was asking. "Oh, yeah, sure… whatever." Kurt just chuckled and shook his head. His sister prided herself on being organized, so being spontaneous was very hard for her, as she was currently proving.

After packing what food he could – the things that would survive the trip into grocery bags – and while Sarah ran in circles a few more times, Kurt recruited Sawyer, who had been sitting and watching a cartoons, to help him load the bags that were ready into his car. By the time they were finished with that, Sarah declared herself ready and they took the final bag with them as they trooped down to where Kurt's car was parked.

When they arrived at Jane's house – only about fifteen minutes after their planned 7:00 arrival time – Sarah and Sawyer stayed in the car and Kurt hopped out, jogging to her door. This house had a similar look and feel to her second safe house. As a matter of fact, it wasn't all that far from it. After everything that had happened last year… when she was finally free to live wherever she wanted, no longer being offered FBI protection, despite Kurt's protests, she had chosen a place that was in the same neighborhood she'd lived in before. There was a bakery there that she liked, and it just felt like home… it was the little things.

Kurt knocked on the door and waited, and a minute later, Jane was at the door and breathless, apparently having run from upstairs carrying her backpack, which was over her shoulder. "I'm ready," she said, her eyes shining excitedly. "Let's go."

Back at the car, Sarah had moved to the back seat, where she now sat with Sawyer, leaving the front for Jane and Kurt. Jane climbed in, smiling at the two Wellers in the back seat.

"Jane!" Sawyer said loudly, excited to see her. It had taken Sawyer a while to understand exactly who she was, as much as any of them did, and to figure out that even though they'd introduced her as Taylor, now they were calling her Jane. Adults are so weird, he told himself, and left it at that. Jane had insisted that he call her just "Jane," and not "Miss Jane," as Sarah had attempted to insist on.

"Hey, Jane," Sarah called.

"Hi, you guys," Jane greeted them over her shoulder as Kurt got into the driver's seat.

"Jane!" Sawyer said excitedly, "Have you really never been to the beach?" His eyes were wide with surprise.

Jane smiled at him, though Sarah looked slightly mortified. "Well, if I have, it was so long ago that I don't remember it," he told him honestly.

"I'm glad you could come, Jane," Sarah told her sincerely.

"Thanks for inviting me," Jane replied. "I'm excited."

"So," Kurt said, stealing Jane's attention from the backseat. "You got what you were looking for?"

She nodded at him. "I did," she replied mysteriously. "You'll just have to wait and be surprised."

"What's the surprise?" Sawyer asked, suddenly very interested.

"I had to find a bathing suit on very short notice," Jane told him, turning around in her seat again. Sawyer looked disappointed, clearly not of the opinion that this was any kind of surprise worth talking about. Ten year olds and adults have very different ideas of interesting surprises, after all. Besides, how was that a surprise if Jane had just come out and told everyone that she bought a bathing suit? Girls don't make any sense, he thought to himself.

Sarah, on the other hand, was fascinated. "Oh my gosh," she gushed, "that sounds so stressful. I hate bathing suit shopping. It always takes me hours. Seriously, I think buying a bathing suit is one of the worst kinds of torture ever invented." Jane blinked at her for a second, nodding numbly, and reminding herself that Sarah didn't know any of the details of what she'd been through in the past few years as she turned around in her seat. It was all classified, of course, and Kurt was, as usual, a vault when it came to secrets. He wouldn't have told his sister anything she was not allowed to know, not even if she had begged and pleaded. This made Jane feel better, and made it easier to brush off Sarah's comment, but it still stung.

Of course, bathing suit shopping with Patterson at the last second on a Friday had been… how would she describe it? Rushed. Exciting, though maybe a little stressful. But torture? As someone who had been subjected to actual torture, more than once that she could remember, Jane cringed to hear that word used to describe shopping. She knew that Sarah was only being dramatic, and using it to emphasize how much she dislike bathing suit shopping.

Still, Jane had smiled over her shoulder, or tried, anyway, and politely replied, "Well, it's over, and I survived." Then Jane had turned around in her seat, facing forward and looking distractedly out the window. Kurt had watched her, his heart hurting for her because he knew exactly what was going on in her head and he couldn't do a thing about it in front of Sarah. He would have done anything in the world to go back and stop Sarah from saying what she had said…

He knew that Jane wasn't mad, that she understood. He also knew that Jane was bothered by it, and he longed to be able to do something about it. Sawyer covered the sudden hole in the adults' conversation without even realizing it, as he chatted animatedly for over two hours, until around 9:30, when he finally tired out. Somewhere a little while south of Philadelphia, after they'd passed out of New Jersey, just over the Delaware Memorial Bridge into Delaware, the kid finally fell asleep. Sarah fell asleep shortly after that as well, both of them appearing fast asleep as far as Kurt could see.

Jane hadn't said a word since Sarah's comment, and he didn't think she'd looked anywhere but stared out the front window distractedly, either. What a way to start the weekend, he thought sadly. Kurt checked the rearview mirror one more time, seeing that both Sarah and Sawyer were definitely asleep, before glancing at Jane, who was staring into space, biting her lip what appeared to be pretty hard.

"She didn't mean anything by it, you know," he said softly, not sure if Jane would even hear him over the noise of the car as it hummed along the highway.

Jane glanced at him then, and nodded quickly. Her voice came a few seconds later, as if she had to coax it out. "Yeah, I know." She turned in her seat, her left shoulder leaning against the chair, pulling her left leg under her and pressing her left cheek against the seat tiredly, so that she was now facing him as much as she could. She looked tired, of course, which, considering the lateness of the hour and the intensity of the day they'd just had, was no surprise, but there was more than that in her eyes. Despite her lack of anger with Sarah's comment, she looked haunted by it.

Reaching across the center of the car, he found her hand and squeezed it. Since he was driving, that was the best he could do, but when he glanced at her again, her eyes looked a tiny bit less burdened and there was the slightest hint of a smile on her face. Her eyes met his for a second, and, as usual, they held an entire conversation without actually speaking. He wished that he wasn't driving so that he could look at her for more than half a second at a time, but they were still about four hours away from their destination, which meant that the earliest they would be there was 1:30 am.

Seeing Kurt glance at the clock for what felt like the millionth time, Jane understood his slight frustration. They'd had a long day. A long week. Hell, a few weeks. It seemed unfair that he'd somehow become the only driver on what was almost an overnight drive to the beach.

"Did Sarah invite us just so you'd drive the whole way?" Jane asked curiously, still holding his hand.

Kurt chuckled, smiling and glancing at Jane's serious face. "Well, that may have been part of it…" he said good-naturedly. "Growing up, when we would go on road trips with my family, I was the kid who never fell asleep in the car. Sarah would be out almost immediately, and I was always the one who ended up keeping the driver awake when it got late. So I guess I earned that reputation." Jane nodded, still frowning. It didn't seem fair to her. "These days," Kurt continued, "I could probably sleep in the car, given the chance… but then I don't know. I don't get a lot of opportunities. Since usually when we're in the car, it's work related." It didn't escape her attention that he's switched pronouns from "I" to "we" at the end of his explanation, and she knew that she was part of the "we." She liked the feeling that gave her.

He smiled again, thinking about all the time they spent in the car beside each other, usually with Reade and Zapata in tow, when sleeping was not an option. Not as much as he had before he'd been promoted, of course, since in theory, he wasn't supposed to go on all the missions his team went on. But waiting for people to go out and do the dirty work and then report back to him was not Kurt's style. He'd been unhappy about the promotion for exactly that reason, at first, but since he'd had no choice, he'd simply adjusted the expectations of the job. As the head of the NYO, Kurt simply took a more active role than Mayfair had before him, and he went with them as often as he could get away with it.

"You're going to let me drive, right?" Jane asked. After all, she'd driven with the skills of a professionally trained stunt driver even before she'd even had a license – that crash on her first attempt notwithstanding. After all, crashing during a car chase wasn't exactly her fault. Driving was just one of her many skills. "Six hours in the middle of the night is a lot for one person," she added.

"Yes, you can have a turn if you really want one," he assured her. "We should stop for coffee real quick in Salisbury, Maryland anyway. It's basically the last of civilization we'll see before we're practically there."

"How much farther is that?" she asked curiously. She'd been watching the GPS map with interest, since she had no memory of ever having been this far south. She wished she had a real, paper map that she could unfold and see the whole route at once.

"A little less than two hours, I believe," he replied with a yawn.

She looked at him skeptically. "Are you gonna make it that far?" She felt him squeeze her hand, and he smiled at her, glancing at her again for just a second.

"If I feel like I can't make it, we'll switch sooner, okay?" he asked. "And you'll just have to keep talking to me and keep me awake."

"Yeah, okay," she said, smiling at the idea of being the co-pilot, and the one to stay awake with him, but not sure that he'd actually stop and switch with her before Salisbury. Then, yawning herself, she added, "This is a long trip. Is the beach that good?"

He chuckled, having been on far longer road trips over the years. "Six hours isn't too bad. Long enough to keep you from doing it on a regular basis, most likely. Long enough to be kind of annoying, especially if you do it after a long week… But that beach? I think we were there once, when we were kids. I think it was Virginia Beach, anyway. Maybe Sarah remembers. It was either in Virginia or North Carolina…" He shook his head, not quite sure. "We'll ask her tomorrow," he said, glancing in the rear view mirror at his sleeping sister.

Jane nodded. She knew it was silly, but she couldn't help but hope that he hadn't been there before. It would be nice not to be the only one experiencing everything for the first time, for a change. But either way, she as looking forward to this weekend.

After spending the first two hours of the trip simply listening to Sawyer, the next four hours belonged to Jane and Kurt, while the two passengers in the back seat continued to sleep – even when they stopped briefly in Salisbury to pick up coffee to keep them going through the final two hours of their drive. Jane was surprised both when it was time to stop, as well as when Kurt announced that they were practically there. The time had seemed to fly by once she'd broken out of her own thoughts and simply talked and joked with Kurt.

Once they reached Virginia Beach, the GPS steered them to the end of the highway, where it became simply a wide road with numerous traffic lights, and a quickly dropping speed limit, as lanes peeled off into turn only lanes on each side as they approached the beach. The robotic mapping system then directed them onto a residential street just off of what appeared to be the main road that ran parallel to the beach – at least according to the map. It was too dark to see the beach, after all. They found the address easily, and Jane parked in front of the house. It was a small, cute, wooden house that looked very much like a beach house, with soft colors, matching the other houses on the block.

Jane didn't look too closely at the details, however, because it was 1:47 am and the only thing she could think of just then was falling into bed. Jane and Kurt opened the front doors of the car, which illuminated the whole interior and successfully woke up their sleeping passengers. They both grumbled about being awoken, but climbed out of the car without too much fuss, traipsing up the stairs to the front door. Sarah pulled out her phone to find the code to the lock box that contained the front door key that her friend had sent her that afternoon, letting Kurt actually input the code.

Fifteen minutes later they had the bags unloaded, and Sarah and Sawyer had disappeared into the first bedroom down the hall to get back to sleep. Not having quite thought about this part of the trip, Kurt hadn't asked Sarah about the issue of bedrooms, he now realized. While Jane was in the bathroom, he scoped out the rest of the place and discovered that there was exactly one remaining bedroom.

Hmmmm… he thought, almost too tired to analyze the situation.

Jane found Kurt in the small living room, sitting on the couch. She sat down beside him, now in her pajamas, which consisted of a loose white t-shirt and soft grey pants, leaning her head on his shoulder tiredly. "Time for bed, I think," she mumbled, her eyes closing.

He tried to think of how to broach the subject, but he was honestly too tired to do anything but just spit it out. Besides, it was Jane he was talking to, and they didn't do the beat around the bush thing. It wouldn't have worked if they'd tried, because they were so tuned in to each other anyway.

"Jane, this place only has two bedrooms," he said, leaning his head down against the top of hers. "And Sawyer and Sarah have one."

She paused, and he wondered exactly what was going on in her head. He didn't have to wonder for long, however. "Okay then, come on," she said, seeming completely unphased by the new information, attempting to push herself up to a standing position. He lifted his head off of hers but sat there, just looking at her in confusion. He had to admit that he was surprised at her complete lack of a reaction. She was standing up now, staring at him. A smirk crossed her face, and he knew he was about to be teased about something. "What's wrong, Weller, you want to sleep on the couch? Because I don't. I'm too tired to be shocked. Besides… so what?"

He stood up slowly, still watching her, and she took a step closer to him, raising her eyebrows at him seriously for a second, breaking into a smile almost immediately and laying her head tiredly against his chest. How they had stayed in this limbo they were in – obviously more than just friends, but not anything specific or defined – just two people who so obviously felt something for each other but never actually did anything about it, for so long was insane. It was mainly because of work, she knew, since that was where they spent most of their time, and their interactions there had certain unspoken rules…

But they weren't at work.

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders loosely and nodded – which she didn't see, since she was leaning against him – "You're right…" he agreed, just as tiredly, "I don't want to sleep on the couch either." She stood back up and they grabbed their respective bags, then started toward the remaining bedroom. As they entered the narrow hallway he let her go ahead of him, walking behind her, one hand now on her shoulder.

Too keep us both steady, he told himself.

Whatever you say, said the voice in his head.

They reached the door that Kurt had already looked into, and stopped as Jane pushed it open all the way. They walked inside, and found that it was a smallish room, simply decorated, with a queen sized bed that took up most of the space. There was a dresser and an average sized closet, a window on the far wall… nothing too exciting. The only thing that mattered at that moment was sleep, anyway.

Jane had already gotten ready for bed, so Kurt grabbed his toothbrush from his bag and walked back down the hall to the bathroom while Jane climbed into bed, curling up under the covers, facing the center of the bed, and thinking that she had never been so comfortable in all her life. She wondered if she'd even still be conscious by the time Kurt got back from the bathroom.

Kurt, for his part, came back into the room from brushing his teeth and saw Jane, already appearing to be asleep. As he flipped off the light, he couldn't help but smile. She just looked too darn cute snuggled into the covers. He took a pair of pajama pants out of his bag, glad that he'd thought to include them at the last minute, exchanging the pants that he'd had on that day for the soft cotton ones, and changed into a clean t-shirt before walking over to the bed, pulling back the covers on the empty side and attempting not to disturb Jane, in case she was already asleep.

Pulling the blankets over himself, he found himself laying on his side, facing Jane, without having consciously made the decision to do so. There were about two feet between them, which felt both very close and very far away at the same time. It was strange, because the situation that they now found themselves in was both rather awkward – if they actually thought about it – and yet completely comfortable. With anyone else, he would simply have slept on the couch no matter what. But Jane? Well, she had always been the exception, and it seemed that that was just never going to change.

"Sarah's going to have a field day with this, isn't she?" Jane's voice broke into his thoughts, and he focused on her in the dark. Her eyes were now open, and as his eyes adjusted to the dark he could slowly make out more and more of her face.

He sighed, chuckling slightly. "Yeah, she probably is…" Something suddenly occurred to him then. "Unless, of course, she knew that this place only had two bedrooms…"

"Wow," Jane said, considering the possibility. "That's…" But she was too tired to follow that line of thought any further. Maybe tomorrow…

"Yeah, but it doesn't matter," he said quietly. "Besides, I don't mind if you don't…" If she didn't know better, she'd say he sounded almost shy when he said that…

If there was one thing she didn't mind, it was spending time with Kurt. This was, of course, very different from the time they usually spent together, even when they were alone. And yet somehow, it was even better. Or maybe it was just that she was so exhausted just then, she was deliriously happy to be comfortably tucked into a bed. She was feeling slightly delusional from exhaustion, so it was hard to know for sure.

"I don't mind," she whispered, sliding her hand out of the covers. It stopped halfway between them. Even her current state of exhaustion didn't allow her to do something as bold as reaching for him while they were laying so close together.

He couldn't help but smile. He couldn't think of anything cuter than she was, and he smiled as he slid his own hand forward to cover hers. She felt herself blushing, and she wondered if he was as well, but it was impossible to tell in the dark.

Her eyelids were drifting closed again, almost, but not quite against her will. She would've liked to stay awake just so she could stay in this moment, looking at Kurt as he now held her hand. But she had to admit that this was a pretty good way to fall asleep, if she didn't have a choice but to be losing consciousness.

As he watched her eyes slide closed again, knowing that his own wouldn't be far behind, he couldn't help but notice how absolutely content she looked. His last thought before he fell asleep himself was that he had put that smile on her face, which was just about the best feeling he could think of.

It felt like only a few minutes later, but according to the clock on the bedside table it had been just over six hours when Jane slowly opened her eyes. She was facing the wall, away from Kurt, and the sun was streaming into the room. As the seconds went by, she became aware of her surroundings, and she realized with a surprise, looking over her shoulder to confirm it, and then smiling when she saw that indeed, Kurt was snuggled up behind her, his arm around her waist.

If someone had told her that was how they would have ended up waking up, or if she had even come up with the possibility herself, it might have made her anxious about their sleeping arrangement. Well, maybe not anxious… she wasn't sure exactly how to describe it. Not because she was unhappy about him now being so close to her, holding her around the middle. No, as much as she'd been perfectly fine with the idea of sharing a room with him – she was surprised to find that she actually liked the idea, now that they had been forced to do it – and she was even more okay with where she now found herself. She couldn't help the smile that had taken over her face, and she wondered if it was okay to like this as much as she did. Surely, it couldn't be a bad thing, if it made her this happy.

She shifted slightly, leaning back just a little so that she could watch him out of the corner of her eyes, but trying not to wake him up for fear that he would move. Unfortunately, when she shifted he began to stir, and it was only a few more seconds before his eyes began opening, blinking in confusion just as she had done a few minutes before. She looked up at him, her smile even wider now as she watched his confusion, thinking that it was completely adorable, that he was completely adorable. She saw the second when he realized where he was and connected the dots, and she was close enough to him to see him blushing slightly.

"Good morning," she said, her eyes dancing in amusement.

"I… uh… sorry…" he replied, completely and utterly flustered at waking up the way he had, having obviously snuggled up to her in his sleep. She felt him start to move, and she grabbed the hand that was around her waist before he could withdraw it, holding it where it was.

"Don't be," she said quietly. This time she was the one to hold his gaze securely, the way he usually did when she was unsure about something. The look on his face asked, Are you sure? and she simply smiled at him until his face relaxed and he smiled as well. When he stopped panicking and made his brain stop analyzing what was happening, he realized that he actually liked being right where he was… he liked it a lot. Somehow, it didn't even surprise him. After all, it was Jane, and he liked everything about her.

She kept glancing back at him over her shoulder every few minutes, but otherwise she stayed exactly where she was, still holding onto his hand on her waist. If anything, he was pretty sure that she'd somehow managed to move closer to him, even though he'd already been pressed against her back. He rested his forehead against the back of her head – because why not? – the scent of her hair surrounding him.

This is a dream, right? he wondered.

"We're going to have to get up soon, before they come in looking for us," he said from behind her. She responded by pulling his arm, the one that was around her waist, into a secure hug that wound around the top of her, so that his left hand now rested against her right shoulder, which was against the mattress.

"No," she said simply, shaking her head. He chuckled at her reaction, agreeing with her in principal but attempting to think practically. Because this was Sarah and Sawyer, and one of them – or both of them – would come in to find them, probably soon. That much was for certain.

"It's not as though I'm going anywhere," he reminded her. "It's us – with Sarah and Sawyer, of course, for the whole weekend."

She sighed heavily, turning far enough around to look at him squarely in the eyes for the first time that morning. Her face was a mixture of delight and stubbornness – so very Jane-like – and his smile only grew from looking at her as she pouted. "Come on," he whispered, leaning just a little closer to her, capitalizing on the fact that she seemed to be extremely focused on their proximity. "We're going to the beach. I want to see this bathing suit of yours." Now it was her turn to blush, and not just a little. She smiled against her will, hating that he had this effect on her, and that he suddenly seemed to know it… and yet very much not hating it at the same time.

"Fine," she whispered back, not taking her eyes off of him. What she would have given to know what was going through his head just then… for a second she wondered if he was going to kiss her… but then he was leaning back, slowly attempting to free himself from her hold, despite how much he didn't want to.

We're here all weekend, he reminded himself. We'll be back here later.

"Come on," he said soothingly, attempting to pull her up along with him. "Let's see if we have anything for breakfast, or if we need to go find something." He was moving slowly, attempting to get out of bed, despite her resistance. Leaning his head back toward her, he added, "And coffee, of course." She smiled, but narrowed her eyes at him.

"Don't use coffee against me," she growled playfully. He knew it was one of her weaknesses, and he smiled mischievously.

By now he'd managed to extract himself from the bed, though she hadn't made it to a sitting position yet. "Are you getting up, or what?" he asked, sitting on the side of the bed with his feet on the floor, looking back at her over his shoulder. She grumbled slightly, still pouting a little bit about having to leave what felt like a sanctuary. He found her very funny, despite her slight grumpiness, and he turned around, leaning back across the bed so that his face was close to hers again. "Come on," he said, this time in a more pleading tone, "don't make me deal with Sarah's questions all on my own." Again, she smiled at him against her will, imagining the looks they were going to get from his younger sister. She rolled her eyes.

"Seeing the look on Sarah's face is supposed to make me want to get up?" she asked. His face was still lying close enough to hers that she could easily forget about everything else but him.

He thought for a second. "So, you won't get up for the beach, or breakfast, or coffee, or to help me deal with Sarah…" He pretended that the realization was making him sad, and she had to work hard to keep a straight face.

Damn him, he's being cute and he knows it. He's almost certainly doing it on purpose.

He let out a long, dramatic sigh. "Well, I'm going out there… Are you sure you won't come with me? You'd rather just stay here… by yourself?"

Where did he suddenly get these puppy dog eyes he's giving me? she wondered. Exhaling dramatically, she shook her head slowly. "Alright, you have a point," she admitted.

"I do?" he asked, pretending to be surprised. "What was it?" He was obviously working hard at keeping a straight face.

She rolled her eyes. Of course he's not going to let that go. He's going to make me say it. Again narrowing her eyes playfully at him, she said quietly, "I'd rather be with you."

"What was that?" he asked, pretending he hadn't heard her.

"Shut up, Weller," she said, louder this time, reaching over to punch him playfully.

"Come on, Jane, up!" he said again, sitting back up to the edge of the bed. A second later, Jane crawled over and sat on the edge of the bed next to him, swinging her feet over the edge so that they rested on the floor. He smiled at her, then stood up, and she was only a step behind him as they went to the door, ready to face Sarah and Sawyer and a day of relaxation.

After all, it was true… she'd rather be with him than by herself. Or with anyone else for that matter. And now that she was up, she was excited to go to the beach. But first things first: awkward questions, breakfast and coffee.