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The first time she woke up, she had a split second of panic. Where am I? What's going on? Those two questions blared like alarm bells in her head and she almost had time to pull away from him before she realized that she knew where she was, what was going on, and most importantly, who she was in bed with. She was back at home, in her own bed, and she was with Kurt. She'd fallen asleep against him as her pillow – in fact, she realized that she could hear his heart beating directly below her ear.

Thuh-thump. Thuh-Thump, it said reassuringly.

She smiled to herself tiredly. The sound of his heartbeat was just another small piece of him that she now knew that no one else did, and the thought made her happier than she would have imagined that it could have. She wanted to look at him, but didn't dare lift her head off of his chest for fear that her stirring would wake him. They both needed their sleep. After all, it was the middle of the night, and they hadn't been asleep all that long. Turning her head slowly toward the alarm clock on the other side of the room, she saw that there wasn't a lot of night left – it was already 3:35am.

There was a small dot illuminated on the alarm clock screen that meant that the alarm was set to go off. She didn't know what time it was set for – she'd never set it herself, never needed to use it. To this day she didn't sleep all that well, and was almost always up before dawn on her own. Even now, when the nightmares that she'd once suffered nearly every night were almost exclusively a distant memory, she still rarely slept all the way through the night. No, Kurt had set her alarm, she realized, and she had no idea what time it would be going off. Deciding that that didn't matter, she returned her attention to the man whose heartbeat she could hear.

Her left arm had been draped across him, her hand resting on the sheets on his other side. Slowly, not wanting to wake him but finding it impossible to resist, she ran her hand along the side of his right arm, up to his shoulder, gently tracing the bare skin, moving slowly along the muscles at the top of his arm.

This is impossible, she thought in awe. She thought back to the night before, when she'd asked him to stay, and couldn't help but smile at her own awkwardness.

Why were you so nervous? she asked herself teasingly. What in the world did you expect? For him to say 'no?'

And yet, despite her nerves, she'd gotten out enough words that here he was… She remembered the devotion in his eyes, and the way he had looked at her when he'd held her face between his hands. Her eyes closed on their own, her heart so full just then that it seemed entirely possible that it might burst. Surely, it was impossible to feel any more loved than she had at that moment, or than she did just then, thinking about it.

Now that her eyes were closed again, she saw flashes of their weekend float before her eyes, and she felt herself getting drowsy again. Without opening her eyes, she skimmed her fingers over his shoulder, along his collarbone, then back again, marveling at the fact that all this was real. She focused once again on the sound of his heartbeat below her and his arms wrapped loosely around her, one of his hands resting on her lower back, the other having ended up on the spot higher up her back where she knew that his name was. Turning her face ever so slightly towards this chest, she gently kissed the spot where her head was resting, turning back to snuggle against him.

"I love you," she said, so quietly it barely counted as a whisper, more as an exhaling of words.

She knew that she must be imagining it, but as she let herself fall back to sleep, blissfully happy, she swore that she felt his arms tighten just a little bit around her.


He wasn't really awake, but also not quite asleep, either. Rather, he was somewhere in between – only just awake enough to be relatively sure that he wasn't dreaming, though he couldn't rule it out completely. Still, he was not awake enough to open his eyes. He also couldn't be sure of whether Jane was awake, or simply moving slightly as she stirred in her sleep. All he did know was that he felt her hand move slowly along his shoulder, then back again, and that the sensation sent chills down his spine.

The slight movement was enough to call attention to the feeling of her skin against his, not just of her arm on his chest, but of all of the places where her skin rested against his – and there were many just then. Nerve endings from so many parts of him reported the sensation of her skin against his, and even laying there with his eyes closed, he felt a little dizzy with elation. Even though he was living this moment, and he knew that it wasn't a dream, in a way he still didn't believe that it was happening. Something this good? It just didn't happen to him.

Her movements slowed to a stop, and it seemed that, if she had been awake, she was falling back to sleep again. Then, he felt her shift only slightly, placing a light kiss against his chest, and before he could even think about reacting, in a breath that he almost didn't hear because it was so faint, he heard three words that filled his heart yet again – it seemed that Jane had endless talent to do this.

Though he hadn't wanted to give away the fact of his semi-consciousness, not wanting to disturb her as she fell back to sleep – while at the same time, wanting very much to admit that he was partially awake and kiss her until they both ran out of air once again – he couldn't help it when the muscles in his arms contracted slightly around her, pulling her just a little closer as she grew still once more, falling back to sleep within a few seconds.

As he lay on his back, there in her bed, he couldn't help but catalogue everything about that moment. The sounds of the night that were particular to Jane's place – there were fewer sounds of traffic here than at his place, but more than there had been at the beach house. The light that spilled in from the streetlight outside, gave the room a faint glow. The pillow beneath his head, the soft sheets below him that were tucked around them haphazardly, pulled against his skin only in the places where Jane was not pressed against him… that was by far the best part of this moment, of course. Jane.

He'd been in love with her for so long, he now knew, starting so very long before he'd even realized it, that to lay here with her now… It was certainly a sign that the universe had forgiven him for whatever sin he was sure that his life had felt like a punishment for over so many years. He had always assumed that the unhappiness that had pursued him relentlessly was what he had deserved for losing Taylor, no matter how many times he was assured that it hadn't been his fault.

This moment, on the other hand, felt like forgiveness that he didn't deserve, but that he would certainly cling to with everything inside him. Deserved or not, he would treasure this feeling, this happiness, for as long as he was allowed to be here, so close to her.

Glancing at the clock, which now read 3:57am, he felt himself slipping back into unconsciousness as well. The alarm, he knew, would intrude upon this perfect stillness far too soon, and while he almost hated to let himself fall back to sleep, knowing that he would miss those minutes where he could consciously enjoy laying there with Jane, he understood why sleep was necessary. Well, at least in theory.

Instead, he consoled himself with the fact that this reality that he was living in was not one from which he could be awoken. Impossibly, this was real. He really did have Jane beside him – draped over him, to be more precise – and it didn't seem that either of them was going anywhere anytime soon.

Except work, he reminded himself, glancing at the clock once more and reminding himself that there was now – already six minutes after the last time he'd looked – less than an hour until he'd set the alarm to go off. Letting his eyes fall closed once more, he leaned his head down, resting his face against the top of her head and inhaling the scent of her shampoo. There was nothing in the world that could make him happier than he was at that moment, he thought. And just like that, a feeling of bliss overpowered him as he slipped back into unconsciousness.


Music filled the room, suddenly blaring from the small clock radio that sat on the dresser against the wall opposite the bed. Jane had set it there so that it was easy to see from any angle, having had no use for the alarm feature. While sleeping through most of the night, as she usually did, was a vast improvement from being jolted awake by the violent nightmares that had plagued her for so long, especially after her time with the CIA, she was only now, two years into her new timeline, considering the fact that she might eventually need to start using her alarm.

Then again, if Kurt was going to be around, maybe she'd start needing it sooner than later… the thought made her smile as she slowly became conscious.

Despite having woken up in the middle of the night, and despite the fact that they had not slept for what most people would consider long enough to wake up rested, she couldn't help but feel that she'd had the best night's sleep in her entire memory. The difference wasn't lost on her, of course, and she knew that the 'exhausted and yet well rested' sensation that she felt in every cell of her body could be attributed in every way to the man she was waking up with.

"Good morning," he said in a tired, gravely voice. She both heard and felt his words, since her head still rested on his chest. She felt the vibrations from his sleepy greeting spread all the way down to her toes and she smiled, her delight at hearing them from him while laying against his chest making her a little bit giddy. Of course, they'd woken up together three times already this weekend, but this time was… different. This time was – though she wouldn't have thought it possible – even better.

Raising her head slowly for the first time since she'd fallen asleep listening to his heartbeat the night before, she couldn't help but grin at him adoringly, shifting onto her right elbow so that she could scoot herself up, bringing their faces closer together.

She leaned towards him until their lips were just barely brushing against each other, then whispered, "Good morning," against his mouth before starting a slow, intense kiss that lasted until they were yet again both breathless.

"I could get used to that kind of 'good morning,'" he told her with a grin as they broke apart to look at each other. She glanced away for a split second, blushing slightly and then looking back at him happily, nodding in agreement.

"Me, too," she said simply. The sound of the DJ's voice on the radio called their attention to the fact that the alarm was still going off, but neither of them made a move to get out of bed. The man stopped talking, and the music that began playing became background to what was happening between them. After only a few more seconds of looking at each other, they moved closer once again.

At one point, Jane made a half-hearted attempt to point out that they needed to get ready for work, but Kurt replied, "I think the boss will understand," and so the idea of getting up was abandoned for the time being. He didn't exactly have to twist her arm, of course. Eventually, however, they reluctantly had to admit that they could not stall any longer, and against their wishes, they forced themselves out of bed.

"Later," he said, winking at her and then smiling sincerely, his tone implying that the word was a promise. She nodded, feeling the beginnings of trepidation in her stomach. Yes, they would have to manage to act professional around each other at work, and the thought of going so long without the now familiar contact between them wasn't something she enjoyed thinking about. Yes, it was only one day, a collection of hours, during which she would still see him, she knew… though to be fair, one day could be pretty intense in their line of work, and you never knew what could or would go wrong. They'd lived through enough days at the office to know that all too well.


Eventually, they made it to the kitchen, where Kurt tried to insist that she sit at the counter while he organized breakfast. When she pointed out that they were already late, and insisted that she could make coffee without jeopardizing their health, he reluctantly agreed, allowing her to start the coffee while he dealt with the actual food.

Jane's kitchen was pretty empty, and after a look at what supplies were on hand, he saw that their breakfast options were eggs or cereal. He would have to do something about the food situation, he told himself, and the thought made him smile. Any thoughts of a future with her made him smile, after all, even if it was just far enough in the future for them to go grocery shopping and bring back some food to fill up her kitchen. Hell, even if it was just far enough in the future to imagine the next time he would kiss her. He went about cracking eggs into a bowl with a smile on his face.

When the coffee was ready, she took hers and went to sit at the counter to watch him cook. When he looked back at her, he saw her staring at him in what appeared to be disbelief. When he asked her what was wrong, she just shook her head.

"I'm still not convinced that this is real," she replied, leaning her head against her left hand, her right hand wrapped around her coffee cup. He could certainly relate to that feeling.

Turning off the heat under the eggs and moving the pan to another burner, he turned and walked towards her, leaning forward over the counter as far as he could. As he had expected she leaned forward towards him as well, so that their faces her only inches apart. "Guess what?" he whispered.

"What?" she replied with a smile.

"It's real." With that, he leaned forward and kissed her. This will never, ever get old, he thought. Then, as if nothing unusual had happened, he walked back across the kitchen to get plates so that he could serve breakfast.

Jane had protested that she wasn't hungry, but that didn't stop him from setting a plate of eggs in front of her. Another plate of eggs appeared beside hers, and after stopping to fill a mug with coffee, he walked around the corner from the kitchen to sit beside her at the counter, setting his coffee down with his right hand and trailing his left hand across her back as he walked behind her.


She shivered slightly when his hand moved across her back, despite the fact that there was a layer of clothing between his fingers and her skin, looking up at him and smiling.

How does he do that? she wondered.

He pulled his chair closer to hers, resting his left hand on her right leg and left it there as they ate, which she certainly didn't mind. She wasn't hungry, but she did her best to eat despite her increasing nervousness about the day ahead.

Finally, with half of her eggs still left on her plate, Jane set her fork down. Turning her head to look down at Kurt's hand on her leg, she was unable to help but to smile at the sight. She turned her body slowly toward him, her eyes still down, suddenly feeling like he was very far away. Too far away. She felt him squeeze her leg reassuringly – he'd been watching her since she'd set down her fork, if not before that.

"Jane," he said quietly, but didn't say anything else. She knew that he was waiting for her to look at him, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. When her eyes remained down, he turned toward her, leaning forward and gently laying his right hand on her left knee to match the position of his left hand on her right knee. "Hey," he said quietly. She felt a sad smile spread across her face as she looked up at him.

He shook his head at her, leaning slightly forward, moving their faces into closer proximity. He smiled at her and in what she could tell was an attempt at humor, he said, "You have to at least give me a chance to screw things up before you get upset."

While she appreciated his joke, she bit her lip, shaking her head as her eyelids fell closed for a few seconds. When she looked back at him, she felt that she had to explain that it wasn't like that. It wasn't that she expected him to mess anythingup… After all, he'd been nothing but sweet to her for the entire long weekend – and really, for a lot longer than that, when she really thought about it… just maybe not quite as overtly.

But how to explain any of that? Where did she start? It's so much more complicated than that, she thought, suddenly feeling slightly desperate for him to understand.

"No, I don't… I mean… That's not what I…" She exhaled in frustration that the words wouldn't come out right, shaking her head and looking away again.

She felt his hands tighten where they sat, now just above her knees. "Jane," he said, quietly but insistently, "I know."

Of course he knows. The now familiar words echoed in her head once again. It shouldn't surprise me anymore.

"It's going to be okay," he assured her once more. She nodded quickly, clearly trying to convince herself more than him that she believed his words.


He knew very well that the words weren't going to be enough.

Unsatisfied with how close he could get to her while seated, he stood up and leaned forward. Since the chairs were at the height of the counter, the two of them were almost at the same level despite the fact that she was still seated. He put his arms around her shoulders tightly, pulling her into a tight hug. His left hand moved slowly up and down her back, while his right hand rested once again on the spot on her back where his name lay, albeit below her clothes.

"Let's finish up, and then we need to go. Okay?" he said soothingly, still rubbing her back. She nodded against him, inhaling slowly. He glanced at his watch and scoffed in amusement. "Wow… it's after 9:00 already," he said, shaking his head. He had a feeling that between the fact that it was two to three hours past when they both usually arrived – separately – the two of them arriving together, along with whatever Zapata and Patterson may have already said to the rest of the team, it was going to be an interesting morning for sure.

Kurt sat back down, taking a sip of his coffee and then picking up his fork for another bite of eggs. They sat in silence for a few more minutes as Jane nursed her coffee but didn't touch her food and Kurt finished eating. Before either of them said a word, he was surprised to see Jane stand up, leaning towards him so that she almost ended up perched on the edge of his chair.

She didn't say a word, but she didn't really need to. After all, if she wanted to be closer to him, that was reason enough for him. He reached his left arm out, pulling her against him as he finished eating. He knew that nothing he could say would make a significant difference just then, but at least she looked slightly less panicked than she had a moment before.

Baby steps, he thought.

Kurt kept trying to make eye contact with her as they cleared their dishes, but she avoided his gaze. She continued to avoid looking at him as they gathered their things, but he was not deterred. Minutes later, as he held his cell phone to his ear as he called a cab to pick them up for the drive to his apartment, where his car waited for them, he finally locked eyes with her. He smiled, reaching for her hand as he hung up the phone.


As if by magic, she suddenly felt the knot in her stomach loosen, and she felt like maybe she could do this after all. A small but genuine smile crept across her face, and she realized just how concerned he had been when she saw relief wash over him.

"Okay?" he asked, and she nodded as they walked outside and she locked the door behind them. By the time they were at the curb, waiting for the cab he'd called, she had relaxed enough to begin to remember the happy sensation that she'd spent the weekend feeling. This was much better than feeling stressed.

Inside the cab, they sat close together, and she immediately leaned against his shoulder.

Yes, this is definitely better, she thought. Of course, she couldn't sit close to him and lean against him at work. But the calm he was projecting just then was having an effect on her. She tried not to think any farther ahead than that moment, taking a deep breath.

"I wonder at what point Patterson and Zapata started losing their minds waiting for us to come in," Kurt said, laughing at the thought. "We're a lot later than usual."

Jane couldn't help but chuckle at the thought, nodding her head in agreement. "Probably around 7:00 this morning," she replied, very conscious of the fact that that had been nearly two and a half hours before.

They stopped at Kurt's building to pick up his car keys, giving them two additional rides in an otherwise empty elevator together. Their time alone together could now be counted down in minutes, so Jane was thankful for every extra one they could get. Kurt stepped in front of her as they rode up to his floor, quickly resting his hands on her waist as soon as the doors closed and leaning down to kiss her. It was only seconds before the loud ding signaled that they had arrived, and they broke apart before the doors could open, holding hands as they walked down the hall.

Inside his empty apartment, Jane stood by the door while Kurt found his keys, exactly where Sarah had promised to leave them. It felt strange to her to be there, not because she'd never been there before, since she had, but because the last time she'd been there, everything had been so different. In a few seconds, Kurt was by her side again, and they were out the door and back to the elevators.

On the short ride back down to the lobby, Kurt stood with his back to the elevator wall, and Jane leaned her forehead against his chest. Without even thinking about it, his right hand once again found the spot in the middle of her upper back where, beneath her shirt, dark ink between the layers of her skin formed those unseen words. Kurt Weller. Rubbing her back gently, he held her right hand with his left.

"How do you know where it is?" she asked, not even realizing that she gave no explanation of what she was talking about.

It didn't matter, however, because even without context he knew exactly what she was asking him. He kissed the top of her head, then whispered, "I just know."

What more proof do you need? she asked herself. It's going to be fine.

Willing herself not to think even a second farther ahead than the elevator ride, she smiled determinedly, looking up at him. Of course, they were at the ground floor once again in a matter of seconds, which was far too soon, and they were at Kurt's SUV in what seemed like no time at all. He opened the door for her, only then reluctantly letting go of her hand as she climbed in.


Closing the door after her and seeing the physical barrier – the door – between them, he stood at looked at her for a few extra seconds, reminding himself that it wasn't a metaphor for anything, it was simply a door. Despite how much time he'd spent convincing Jane that things between them would work out, he now realized that he felt a little bit of the same fear as well. It was only natural, he supposed, since what they had was so good, the thought of losing it was appropriately frightening.

Settling into the seat next to her a moment later, he started the car, shifting into Drive and then easing into traffic, which was only slightly heavier than when he usually went into the office in the early hours of the morning. They'd missed the bulk of rush hour simply because they were running so late.

As soon as they were on the road he reached for her hand, which she surrendered with a smile. He lamented the fact that there was now a console between them, and that getting to hold hands was the closest they could get while either of them was driving. He said another silent thank you to Sarah for driving them home the day before, which had allowed them so much time close together in the back seat.

Even holding her hand as he was, he couldn't help but feel like she was very far away from him, and he couldn't imagine having to ride in the car for twelve hours this way – even though they'd done it for six hours on the Thursday night. After all, things had been different then.


The car came to a stop inside the lines of the parking space, and Kurt let go of Jane's hand in order to shift the car into Park. He turned to look at her then, and their eyes lingered on each other's for a few seconds before either of them moved to get out. Taking his eyes off of her for only a split second, he turned the key and the engine stopped. Still they sat there, watching each other and knowing what came next. Jane smiled at him first, then slowly opened her door.

I can do this, she told herself, waiting for him outside the car.

She watched as he followed suit, knowing that going inside the building was inevitable, but still wishing that there was another option. Still, the sooner they went into work, the sooner they could come back out of work – at least in theory – though it wouldn't be nearly soon enough. Outside the car, he pressed the Lock button on the keyfab and the car chirped loudly, echoing in the stillness of the garage.

It felt strange to walk side by side from the garage into the building without touching. Surely the last time they'd been this close and yet this far apart had been ages ago. Thinking back, she realized that no, it had been Thursday afternoon, less than four days – or more specifically, about ninety hours – ago. That seemed impossible. She had to fight the urge to take his hand, which grew stronger with every step they took. When she glanced up at him and saw the look on his face, she was willing to bet that he was feeling a similar pull.

Inside the elevator they were granted a momentary reprieve, and as the doors closed it felt as though they were pulled together by a force at least as strong as magnetism. It had already been far too long, after all.

It had been approximately two minutes.

This did not bode well for the rest of the day, but such was their reality now. Instead of using these precious seconds to worry about what was to come, she focused on the man who was in front of her.

He lifted his hand to her cheek, stroking it slowly with his thumb and looking into her eyes and for a second, time stood still. All too soon, however, he removed his hand from her face again. They both knew that they were nearing their floor, and they used the last few seconds before the loud ding to lean towards each other for a short but sweet kiss.

In what felt like an instant the elevator was stopping, and they pushed themselves apart so that when the doors opened, they were standing slightly apart from each other. However, if anyone had been watching, they would have seen him hesitate slightly, letting Jane walk out of the elevator first, his hand automatically brushing behind the middle of her back unconsciously as he followed her out into the midst of the regular chaos of their department.


As they stepped out onto their floor, she took a few steps to the side and then stopped so that she was no longer directly in front of the elevator. He was forced to stop as well, or he would have immediately walked past her. He looked down at her without a word, watching her face carefully as she looked back up at him and smiled, though it seemed to be taking a concentrated effort. As far as he could tell, her face was a mixture of determination, uneasiness and yet… she still looked calmer than he imagined that she felt just then. She was faking it well, which was what today would be all about.

"I'll see you later," he said softly, not ready to break eye contact with her. She simply nodded, and before either of them had a chance to look away on their own, familiar voices broke through the stillness. Patterson and Zapata were advancing toward them, moving in quickly.

So close, he thought, feeling silly for having hoped that they'd be able to slip in unnoticed. Knowing those two, they'd probably been waiting for them all morning.

Jane and Kurt allowed themselves a split second to grin at each other, their eyes widening slightly at each other, knowing exactly what came next. Then they turned and looked up at the faces of the two women who now stood right in front of them. Both Zapata and Patterson were trying, and failing, to act casual, as if they hadn't been watching the elevator doors. In fact, if Kurt didn't know better, he'd say that the two of them looked… what was the look on their faces? He thought that gleeful might not be far off. They certainly looked excited, that was for sure.

"Hey you two, nice of you to join us," Zapata said loudly, looking knowingly from Jane to Kurt and back again. Other heads turned in their direction at the sound of Zapata's voice, and Jane couldn't help but blush.

Kurt got the feeling that the two agents in front of him knew more than he was entirely comfortable with, though he doubted that it was because of the few short texts that Jane had sent. This was the problem with working for the FBI – he had very sharp, intuitive coworkers, and it was hard to keep secrets from them. Combine that with the fact that these same coworkers had many different means of information gathering at their fingertips and apparently, some of them weren't afraid to use them against himself and Jane. All in all, it made that moment more than a little awkward for two of the four of them.

He nodded at Patterson and Zapata, trying to keep his face in his usual neutral expression, but he was finding it difficult. The excitement on their faces as they looked back and forth between them was more than a little bit unsettling. Despite the fact that he knew that their teasing, which would be starting any second, would be good natured, he still felt that he had to brace himself for it.

"We'd started to think maybe you two were taking a personal day," Patterson said with a grin.

"No… traffic was horrible coming back yesterday. It was supposed to be a six hour drive, and it took us about twelve hours. So we got in really late," he heard Jane say beside him. All of those things were true… Of course, none of those things were quite the reason they were so late for work, but never mind that. "So we just got a late start this morning," Jane was saying.

Patterson and Zapata both nodded knowingly in front of them, grinning as if they wanted to make a comment, but were holding back. Kurt was becoming increasingly uncomfortable as he stood there, but he felt slightly guilty at the thought of just walking away and leaving Jane with all of the attention focused on her – even though Zapata and Patterson were her friends.

"Of course you did," Zapata mumbled, and Patterson elbowed her in the side as both of them erupted in giggles. When they finally got themselves under control, Zapata changed tactics. "So… you drove in together?" she asked, once again doing a very poor job of masking the question she was actually asking. So, you guys came from the same place this morning?

"Carpooling is good for the environment," Kurt replied quickly in his best deadpan, his face betraying nothing. He felt satisfaction as he saw Zapata bite her lip, struggling to hold in both a burst of laughter and whatever it was that she really wanted to say. He wasn't sure how long he could keep going on like this.

Patterson kindly steered the conversation in a different direction, asking innocently, "So, did you guys have fun at the beach?" Still, she barely managed to say it with a straight face.

"We did," Kurt nodded. He swore that he could actually feel heat radiating off of Jane beside him from how deeply she was now blushing, even without touching her. He glanced at her, watching as she tried to nod nonchalantly, even though their audience wasn't buying it.

"Yeah," Jane replied, "it was great." He watched as she took a deep breath, her color only slowly returning to normal as she glanced at him and smiled. He was certain that Zapata and Patterson were, of course, loving every second of this just as much as he was hating it.

"Well, good," Zapata said in amusement. "And it looks like you guys got some sun, too. So I guess that means you actually went outside…?" That time ever Patterson turned to look at Zapata in surprise.

Kurt opened his mouth to say something, but he was so surprised that the words didn't come quickly enough. Before he could react, Zapata – perhaps sensing that she had gone over the line – added quickly, "I'm kidding, boss." Kurt closed his mouth, shaking his head at her.

"Seriously though, you're both a little pink," Patterson observed, "You used sunblock, right?"

The speed with which Kurt saw Jane's head snap up as her eyes flew to his once again had probably told Patterson and Zapata that there was something to tell about sunblock, and he expected them to comment on it immediately. Instead they just watched the interaction with obvious interest. He assumed that they were drawing their own conclusions, whatever those may be, and that that would be a topic of follow up questioning later.

This is the problem with working with extremely observant and well trained agents, he thought to himself. It's hard to get much past them. Not that we ever had much hope of doing that in the first place. After all, he'd already been told many times how clear his feelings for Jane had been to everyone else from the beginning, long before he had realized that they were there.

Kurt decided that he'd had all he could take of this welcome party. "Alright ladies, I have some work to do… Don't you have some work to do?" He pretended to give them a stern look, his eyes ending up on Jane. Looking at her, he couldn't help but smile, momentarily forgetting that the other two were even there.

Jane seemed to sense this, and perhaps in order to spare him embarrassment, he thought afterwards, she said "So, I'll see you later?" This broke him out of his reverie, and he nodded at her thankfully, his face turning serious as he nodded at Zapata and Patterson. Before he turned away, he looked back at Jane once more for just a split second, before forcing himself to break eye contact with her and head for his office.

He heard Zapata and Patterson add in their own teasing variations of goodbye as he walked away, and then, before he was even out of earshot, he heard Zapata whisper loudly to Jane, unable to suppress the amusement in her voice, "Jane, we need you in Patterson's lab. Right now." Kurt turned to see the other two women dragging Jane away, one of them on each side of her with their arms linked through hers. He felt sorry for her. After all, she was about to be interrogated mercilessly, albeit by her friends.