In response to a question, yes, this is after the Thousand-Year Blood War.

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Uryu sat against the wall of their apartment, turning the small communications device over in his hands. Said device had been sitting on the middle of the apartment's floor when he had come home from his shift at the library. When he touched it, it's safe to say he was mildly surprised when it started playing what he presumed to be a recorded message.

And this message wasn't from just anyone.

No, this message had been sent by the Justice League themselves. It claimed that the League was seeking to expand it's ranks, by inviting in other heroes scattered around the world. Apparently, someone had decided that Dark and Divine were worthy enough to join the big leagues. Needless to say, Uryu was looking forward to the look on Ichigo's face.

Even before they somehow arrived in this world, Ichigo never really cared what people thought about him. This attitude continued in his career of a hero. He didn't care about the recognition, only that he was saving lives. The whole world could call him a monster, and he would just continue like they didn't exist. So unlike Uryu, he wasn't particularly aware of just now well-known they had become in New far as he was concerned, the major heroes of the world had no idea that they existed. Uryu was looking forward to seeing Ichigo realize how wrong he was.

The doorknob clicked and turned, drawing the Quincy out of his thoughts, focusing on the here and now, as Ichigo walked through the door, looking exhausted and sporting several new scratch marks on his neck and arms.

"What happened to you?" Uryu muttered, watching as Ichigo pushed a mattress to the floor and promptly collapsed, face-first. "You look beat."

"Oh, is that all?" Ichigo's muffled, sarcastic voice rose from the mattress. He rolled into his back, limbs spread out, snow-angel style. "Remind me to never agree to help an old lady find and catch all twenty-eight of her cats in two hours ever again."

Uryu snorted. "Noted."

Ichigo sighed. It had been a really long day, and he was fairly convinced that the little old lady was insane and the cats had the right idea in running away. None of them had seemed particularly eager to go back. His zanpakuto hadn't helped much, either. Ichigo had spent a great deal of concentration trying to block out Hollow Zangetsu's crazed laughter, as he had apparently gotten a great kick out of watching Ichigo struggle. He couldn't help thinking that it was a wonder that he was still sane.

Sighing again, he looked over and caught sight of the device in Uryu's hand. "What's that?"

"An invitation." Uryu said, that infuriating smirk on his face again, the one that said I know something you don't.

So Ichigo did one of the things he did best. His face fell into a blank look of confusion. "Huh?"

"The people who sent it are pretty big. You might have heard of some of them." Uryu said casually, purposely drawing things out.

Ichigo's brow furrowed. "Stop being so cryptic and cut to the chase already!"

Uryu tossed the device into his other hand. "What would you think about working in a group with several other superheroes from around the world?"

Ichigo just stared. "Uh, what?"

Uryu smiled. "You heard the part where I said it was an invitation, right?" Ichigo nodded. "Apparently, the Justice League has decided to expand it's ranks. And they seem to have decided that we qualify." Ichigo still looked confused. Uryu chuckled. "Don't think about it too much, your head might explode."

Ichigo was slack-jawed for a second as he worked out what that meant. It took a few seconds, but it eventually clicked. Uryu silently declared victory in his head as the hybrid covered his face with his hands and groaned.

"So the only question now is if we accept it, or continue doing our own thing." Uryu said. He was somewhat partial to accepting the offer. It would give him a better chance to learn about this world and see if there was a way back to their world. Having heard about some of the equipment they were known to use, he had no doubt the League's technology was far more advanced than what the average civilian owned. On the downside, however, they might lose some of their freedom, and that wouldn't sit well with Kurosaki.

Ichigo wasn't sure what to think. Even though he had fought on the behalf of the Soul Society several times, there was always the small group of certain people that he fought beside. Since he wasn't completely under their jurisdiction, he was never assigned specific people to work with. It was always just their band of misfits. If he accepted, he would probably have to get used to working with people he had never even seen before. At least his friends knew him well enough to leave him to his fights and to get out of the way when he really had to cut loose. He could put other people at risk without even meaning it.

But even so, stopping thieves and beating up thugs was getting a bit boring, and Ichigo had heard of some of the monsters the Justice League had to fight. Chances were that the missions from the League would be much more interesting and challenging than simply patrolling New York. It was doubtful that he would ever have to go full-out anyways.

He already knew what Uryu wanted to do. He'd known him for too long. The Quincy's pride would never allow him to turn the offer down.

Ichigo pushed himself up into a sitting position, locking eyes with Uryu, and they both smirked. Despite the constant rivalry and bickering, if you spent enough time with someone, you inevitably picked up on how that person thought. They looked at each other, and they both knew their answers. Now all that was left was to tell the League.

Uryu pressed a button on the device and held it to his mouth. "Dark and Divine to Justice League. We accept your offer."

Oliver Queen, better known by his alias Green Arrow, had just finished his tour of the Watchtower, following his accidental mission against a nuclear monster in Asia. The place was bigger than he thought, and there were even more heroes here than he knew existed. By now, most League members were putting the finishing touches in their quarters, on a mission, or back to living their "ordinary" lives on the surface. Headquarters was emptier than before, with a few heroes still wandering the halls.

He was standing on the observation deck, watching the world turn beneath him and trying to decide if he wanted to stay a little longer or head back to his city, when he noticed J'onn working the teleporter, Batman standing by. This wouldn't have been so odd, except for the fact that the tower has people whose sole job was to operate the thing. So the fact that two of the leading members were working it meant that someone important was coming up (that would also explain why J'onn wasn't on monitoring duty as usual). A few seconds later, the telltale whiz of particles appeared on two of the platforms, quickly materializing into two human forms.

Upon catching right of the taller one, he had to do a double take. What kind of person, besides a villain, wore a mask like that? It was more likely to strike fear than to inspire hope, like so many heroes went for. But then again, given what Arrow knew about the bat... Dragging his attention away from the devilish mask and gold-on-black eyes (which were even more unnatural), he saw the being was wearing what looked like a traditional Japanese outfit of some sort, black with a white cloak tied around his waist. Two white shoulder plates joined in an X held his two unconventional-looking swords. Strange collar-like armor circled his neck, and there were wide X marks on his wrists and what was visible of his chest.

The other being had black hair that hung over the right side of his face, keeping it hidden from Arrow. He was wearing a white outfit that almost looked like an old-fashioned European military uniform, covered by a cloak with a five-pointed symbol in the back. He didn't look like he was carrying any weapons, but Arrow had learned the hard way to never judge based on appearances. Though this was rather hard to do when the white figure turned just enough for Arrow to see his face. He was just a boy, barely looking out of his teens! Even though the glasses and dead serious expression he was sporting made him seem older, the marks of adolescence could still clearly be seen.

While he was gawking at the newcomers, Batman was exchanging words with the White (that was what Arrow found himself defaulting to in lack of a name), and a second later handed them each what was clearly a League identification card.

"New heroes, huh?"

Arrow jumped when he heard the voice of Green Lantern behind him. The man could be stealthy when he wanted to.

Arrow shrugged. "I guess. Though I'm a bit hesitant." At Lantern's quirked eyebrow, he explained. "One looks like he should still be in school and the other seems to be more of the menacing type. Who are they, anyway?"

Lantern stepped over to one of the many consoles and tapped a few keys. "Dark and Divine. Their base of operations is New York. They're well known to be partners, hardly ever seen separate. Personally, I find that kind of strange, given that they look nothing alike." He scrolled down a bit on the screen. "You might be interested in this. The white guy, Divine, is well known to use a bow. Not a standard one like yours, but it can't really be compared to anything else. Looks like we have two archers in the League now."

Partners, huh? Arrow thought, watching Bats and the Martian leading the pair off the platform, presumably to show them around and get them acquainted. And the kid's an archer. But the other guy is definitely a swordsman of sorts. Definitely an odd couple.

Yo, King. We're being watched.

At the sound of Hollow Zangetsu's voice, Ichigo swiveled his eyes to the right and up, at the platform overlooking the area they were in now. On the deck stood a guy in green, with a bow and quiver slung across his back, watching them with barely hidden suspicion.

Someone you think we need to be worried about?

He's just looking for an excuse to pick a fight. Pay our observer no mind.

No I'm not! Despite trying to sound serious, the hollow's act was ruined by barely contained sniggering.

How about you just shut up and let me concentrate on everything else right now?

Yer no fun, King.

He snapped out of his semi-daze just as Batman and Uryu finished their discussion and their ID cards were passed to them. "This is how you'll gain access to your quarters and how we'll locate you in emergencies. Keep them handy."

Ichigo couldn't help thinking just how similar the dark knight was to Byakuya. They were emotionless, dark, and powerful (in their own ways). At this point, he wouldn't be amazed if Batman turned out to be rich and at the head of a family himself.

The Martian Manhunter hadn't spoken a word since they arrived at wherever they were, but he seemed to be watching them, waiting for something, even as they walked into one of the halls.

King. You might want to take a look out the window.

Ichigo turned his head to the side, and nearly jumped out of his skin. Since Uryu would never let him live it down if he freaked out, he settled for staring as his eyes took in the sight of endless stars and the Earth rotating beneath them.

What he didn't realize is that he stopped moving entirely.

"Hey, are you going to stand there all day or-" Uryu's sentence abruptly cut off as he caught sight of what had Ichigo so enthralled.

"Beautiful sight, isn't it?"

They both jumped, spinning around to see Batman standing there next to J'onn, the barest hints of a smile on both of their faces.

So that's what tall, green, and scary was waiting for.

What do ya wanna bet that they purposely left that bit of information out just to see the reactions?

I'd take that bet.

Batman turned back the way they were originally heading, but Ichigo could swear he saw the man actually smile at the edge of his vision.

"Welcome to the Justice League."