RWBY SLVR Origin Prologue: Affinity Fortune

Chapter 1: Unexpected Encounter

The setting take place during the Vytal Festival.

In the Forever Falls, a young man with slightly shoulder length blond hair and amber eyes fighting against several Grimms to face along journey with his team. His team graduated early from Altas Academy only in their mid-semester and ever since then they always stay together as a team. Their latest mission given by the Headmaster Ironwood was to escort a special guest to Vale as possible before the the festival ended. He also heard rumors about their special quest is a seer that can see any possible futures event that will occur, but he doesn't believe as he thinking it just a fairy tale or a make believe story.

He then processing of defeating Grimms to make a path way for their special guest. The young man aim at a far distance Grimm in 800 cm and fire at it in a clean shot. He shoot like fifteen Grimms with only one shot each without missing his targets. He switch his ranged weapon form to melee form to slice n' dice the Creeps and Beowolfs. The young man switch to his weapon to gun form and process shooting for far Grimms.

After he defeating the Grimm, he put his main weapon back of his holster and grab his scroll from his front pocket to watch the Vytal Festival Tournment to pass the time to wait for his team to finished their job of defeating some Grimms in different arena. Unknowingly to him, he forgot to kill one more Grimm which is a Ursa. As it was about to kill the young man from behind, one of his teammates come and quickly kill it with weapon's razor class to finished the blow. The Ursa fell to the down and disappear into the shadows.

"I knew you will come, Silver." he smirked.

"Vincent, you should be more careful! As your childhood friend and best friend I suppose to protect you. But promise me this won't happen to you again I mean it! This is your tenth time you almost get killed." Van worried.

"Fine, I promise to double check the area before taking a break."

"Good." He feels relieved. "So what are you watching?"

"Just the Vytal Festival Tourment."

"Yeah.. It's a shame we didn't participate this year.. It would have been fun to face off with team FNKI and one of the newest team in Beacon, Team RWBY." He sadly smiled.

"RWBY? Don't you mean, Rudy like a gem?" Vincent confused.

"No Van, RWBY replacing the U with a W. It's confusing, but you understand." He slightly annoyed. "So what team are watching and who are you cheering for?"

"This is the match between team RWBY and team ABRN. And I'm cheering for one of the member of team RWBY."

"Which is?"

"One of the strongest member, Yang Xiao Long!" He exclaimed in admiration. "And you?"

"I'm cheering for Ruby Rose." He shyly admitted.

"Oh so we rooting on the same team, that's cool." He smiled. "I'm surprised she grows up very nice and mature. I wish I can actually watch her match with her team."

"Oh that's remind me, How do you know Yang?"

"She's my childhood friend."

"WHAT?! Really?! When?" He shocked.

"About ten years ago in Patch. Wait of minute, how do you know her? Is she your childhood friend too?" He grinned.

"Well I'm not actually her friend, but I know her sister, Ruby, she is like my true childhood friend, I was like her precious family." He faintly smiled.

Vincent is touched.

"Will you tell me a story about how you met Yang? I'm just a bit curious and all." He asked.

"Alright, but do you want me to ask Leo and Fallen Angel? listen too?"

"I don't think they would be interesting listening to someone else's past and besides, they would rather to protect our special guest even she can be a slightly moody and serious." he explained.

"Alright. I guess allow this once since I usually start a story without my team and closely friends around. This is the story on how I met her in ten years ago."

Ten years ago..

It's all started in a nice summer day where he lives in Patch and raised by a happy married Faunus couples and they love him very much. His father, Terra Ursus, who's a fisherman to collect fishes and selling them from nearby Ports, he often take Vincent fishing when he has a day off from work, and his mother, Cora Ursus, who work's as a nurse at a hospital yo take care of children and adult regardless the ages, she also is the best cook and good fashion taste. During his childhood, he felt very different from the other humans he attend school at even though he get along with many faunus kids of his age and older from a different school. He believed to be faunus, who hasn't got his animal trait and wonder if would grow soon, which was stated by his parents.

After he got back from school, Vincent overheard something in the living room. 'I wonder what was going on there?' he say in his thoughts, curious.

As he goes to the living room, he behinds the wall and to listen carefully. "Honey, there is something I need to tell you."

'Is that Mom? I hope nothing bad is happening to her.'

"What is it, dear?" Terra worried.

"I'm pregnant." She sadly replied.

Vincent secretly happily about his mother's announcement. 'I hope it's a girl.'

"Cora, that's great! I'm happy for you, but why are you still sad? Is that more to it?" He asked.

"Yes, it's about our son, Vincent."

"What about him?"

She continues.. "How long are we going to keep this secret from him? And I'm worried that our unborn child would be confused and suspicious about our entire family history."

Vincent confused.

"What are you saying?"

"That Vincent wasn't really our child, and sooner or later he will learned the truth about that he's actually adopted and he's a human."

Van is horrify by the shocking truth. 'I was never born a Faunus and I was adopted. This can't not be happening. And now there thinking of replacing me with their actual child.'

He angry rush to his room and started packing his things he wants to bring, his clothes, toothpaste and toothbrush, pajamas, flashlight, first aid kit, his wallet, and a sleeping bag. He quietly grab some snacks and fruit in the kitchen where his adopted parents are still having a conversation. The last thing he wants to get was his hat given by his father and a family photo, however he notices a old photo underneath the picture frame and slowly removing it. He unfold the photo to look at his real parents, but for some reason, the image of his mother's face and hair has been partly burned a while the image with the only clue she wore was red and white hood cloak and his father if he's alright judging by the old photo, he look like in his late 20's with dirty blond hair and golden eyes. 'This is the only clue I got. I need to find them!' He says in his thoughts, determined.

As he quiet sneaking out of the house, he accidentally stepping on a plastic water bottle.

His adopted parents stopped and look at their son carrying a lot things in his backpack.

"Son, what are you doing?" he asked.

"Don't call me son! You lie to me about everything!" he glared at them.

"Lie to you? What are you taking abo- You heard our conversation? Please understand Vincent this isn't what it looks like!" she tried explain to him, calmly.

"I wasn't born a faunus aren't I? So that's mean that I was actually a human after all!"

"Yes. But the reason is that we don't want to tell you the truth until you turn 16 on your birthday. We just don't want you to feel different from the other kids. Well we are still coping of about our first child.." he explained.

"What first child?! You mean you're actual real child?! Tell me what happen to your son or daughter?!" Vincent angry.

"Terra!" she yelled.

"Our first son, died in an accident during the Grimm invasion at Mountain Glenn. We weren't able save him in time. we were about to commit suicide and decided to get eaten by the Grimm until we heard a baby's crying and we found you were hidden inside a someone else cowboy hat. We were given another hope to keep living and that we don't want you to end up in the same fate as our decreased son. Which why we took you in and raised you like our own, you like a son to us and we love you. Please understand, Vincent." He says in sincere.

"So I was like your replacement for your decreased son and since you are going to another one like your kind, you won't need me then." Vincent frowned.

'That's not truth! We won't never-" as Coraline tried to explained to him, but she was cut off.

"Fine! I will find my real parents myself! And you enjoyed life with your second child!" he exclaimed.

"Vincent wait!' she yelled in worry.

He ran off to the house as he hiding his emotions revealing that he feels hurt, upset, and was crying deep inside being lie to for the past ten years of his life.

"Vincent.. I didn't know. I'm sorry." Silver sadden.

"Well that the long version, what I told you since we were kids was the short version since I was too painful to remember."

"Before I can process to my story, I going to have a quick look at the Vytal Tourment. I want to see if Yang and her team won." He said in happiness.

He turn on his scroll only to found out that miss portion of this match much to his shocked only to see that Yang deliver the final blow on three remaining of team ABRN and blast them to the lava area thus bring team RWBY to victory.

"No! I miss some parts the match?! I really want to see Yang's match!" he cried in disappointment.

"Don't worry, Vincent, there's always a replay rerun from the match or you can watch it on my scroll a while you were explaining your past, I secretly record the match for you." He give him a calm smiled.

"Really?! Thanks buddy! I love ya so much that I can kiss you, but I can't since I'm strongly into all type of girls. But instead I can give you this!" He give his best friend a bear hug.

"That's wonderful, but too tight! Please let me go!" He feel uncomfortable how strong his hug be.

"I'm sorry. I got carry away. Now to explain the rest of my story!" He let go of him and to continue with his story.

At night somewhere in deep windy forest where alone, Vincent take shelter in a big hollow tree. He had ever thing prepare since he learned his surviving skill thanks to his adopted dad and that he's a bear type faunus. He takes out the photo he found at home and become to worried whether or not his parents abandoned then when he was an accident or that they left them because they were actually protecting him from the Grimms. 'I wonder if my real parents are still alive or not. I really want to see them with my own eyes. I'm even curious if Vincent is really my name given by them or his adopted parents. Who am I really..' Suddenly he heard a loud noise, and he takes out a big broken branches and prepare to fight as he thought it might be a Beowolf or a Ursa. However coming inside of the hollow tree wasn't a Grimm, but a human in a black cloak carrying around a long sword. The strangler appear to be a woman, but he can't see her face since it's shrouding in a hood.

Although he is not afraid, and still retain his fighting stance at the mysterious strangler.

"Who are you?! Are you going to kill me?! Did my parents sent you to bring me back?!" He panic.

"No.. Not really. Just passing by until the sunset and then process to my next mission." she calmly replied.

"Oh I see.. Are you a Huntress?" He asked.

"You can say that." She smiled. "So what's your name, young man?"

"I'm Vincent. And yours?" He asked.

"That's classified. But you can say I'm a bird born from shadows and always appear in a grimmer seasons." She give him a hint of her name.

Vincent thinks what would her name might be judging by the color of her hair and clothes. Then it hit him and come up a best name to think up. "Is it Raven?"

Raven was a but surprised as nobody she meets would ever guess her real name on the first try. "Wow. I'm impressed. You got on the first try, but I'm not planning tell you my last name."

"I wasn't planning to." He says in a depressed tone.

"So Vincent, why are you here all alone in the forest?" She asked.

"I'm here to search for my real parents whether if they are still alive or not, I don't care. I just want to know they are alright." Vincent determined.

"Do you have photo of your parents?"

"Yeah, but I already know what my real father looks like, but my mother, I don't know. The photo I just found recently and was already burn off." He handle the photo to Raven and she takes the closer look. After a few moment of silent, she gave him a proper answer about his real parents. "I don't know them, but may find information about your parents at a local pub from the far east of Signal if you know what it is."

"I know what that is..It's for beginner for people who wanted to be become Huntsmen and Huntress." He stated.

"Smart boy." Raven impressed. "Well I got to go I have to hurry before my main target get away."

"Huh? But you say-"

"There been some inference along the way and I needed to be off now. It was a nice chat with you. I hope you can find what your looking for." She unsheathed her weapon revealing to be a long extended red blade, she swing it and then a mixer of red and black portal-like transportation appears. She hood fell out revealing to be a beautiful women with long black hair and red eyes. Vincent was awed in admiration and shocked.

'She's beautiful..' He said in his thoughts.

Raven goes through the portal and disappear completely.

The next morning after a relaxing sleep with no signs of Grimms. He pack his things and started to head out to go to town to look for a local pub. As he was about to leave, Vincent unexpectedly encounter a young girl with blond hair collapse to the ground.

"Oh my god. Are you alright, blonde?" he asked. He slowly approaching her to check if she still alive or maybe.. He doesn't want to think about the second option. He tried awaking her up only to be clap on the face, hard. A big OW screaming in pain after being clap so hard, but he quickly cover his mouth. He stop covering his mouth after the pain gone away, he looked at the face only that she was actually a sleep. 'That's good. She's alive. I wonder how she managed without attracting any Grimm around.'

The young girl wake up from her slumber and turn to see unfamiliar person standing in front of her. "Um.. Who are you? Are you some kind pervert?" she asked, half sleep.

"No. I'm not. I don't even know what that word is yet. I just found you like this. I wasn't sure if you are alive." he tried explaining to her, but her answer was punching him on left side of his face. "OOWW! What was that for!?"

"That was a rude asked. I am very much alive. Now apologize nicely to me." she demanded.

"I'm sorry what I said. Please forgive me." he apologized, nicely just how the young girl requested.

"I forgive you. My name is Yang Xiao Long. And what's your name?"

"I'm Vincent. What are doing here in the middle forest. You should be returning home. You're parent must have worry sick about you." He show concerned towards Yang.

"Not yet. My Dad well he's still recovery from his lost love one, and my Mom, who is actually my step-mother, passed away." she sadly explained.

"I'm so sorry. You must have feel alone then" He takes pity on her.

"But I'm not alone, I do have my younger sister, but she's staying with my Uncle until Dad recovers."

"I understand, but that doesn't explain why are you here in the forest."

"I just come to kill some time until my Uncle along with my sister comes back from special training experience trip. And another reason for this, it that I thought I was saw someone I want to meet for so long."

"Who?" he wonders.

"My Mom." she replied.

"But you said your mother passed away?" Vincent confused.

"She was my stepmother, the one I'm looking for is my real Mom." Yang sadden.