RWBY SLVR Origin Prologue: Affinity Fortune

Chapter 4: Unknown Aftermath

In the early evening, where Vincent wake up in the unknown room. He looks at the window that it's almost dark and he also look at his reflection that he has a white bandage on his nose where the Grimm scratch him. Vincent was a bit surprised about it until he recalls that he was attack by a Ursa and he was trying to protect Yang. He was confused and he can't remember what happen after he passed out. He then turns around and his adopted parents were by his side all this time when he was unconscious. They were asleep by his bedside. 'They were by my side all this time.'

"Mom.. Dad?" he said.

His adopted parent wakes up and they were surprised that him is alright and well.

"Vincent!" say Terra and Coraline, shocked.

Suddenly both of them embraced him, warmly. They were crying in relieved and worry toward their adopted son.

"I'm so glad... you're okay!" she sobbing weakly.

"Son, Don't ever do that again! You had us worry there. We don't know what will happen if we lose you too!" Terra sounds worried.

"But I thought, you wouldn't care about me anymore after you own child would born." Vincent started to cry as well.

"Vincent! Don't stupid! We will never abandon you! You're our own son, even if we're not the same blood, but we always love you." He smiled at him.

"Dad." Vincent touched.

"Vincent.. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be here. You gave us a new reason for living and hope again. You're the light that creates a new path from the bitter darkness of hopeless. You mean the world to us, deeply." She teary smiled.

"Mom.." He too begin to cry as well. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to run away I was hurt and I promised this won't happen again!"

"We forgive you, we're sorry too for not telling you the entire truth. We fear that you didn't accept us and that you maybe begin to hate Faunus."

"I will never hate you guys or your race. I will always accepted you guys flow who you are no matter what." Vincent says honestly.


Vincent hug his adopted parents back. He feel relieved and happy at the time. 'Yang was right. They did love me whether or not I'm not biological related to them.'

After a few minutes, they stopped hugging each other.

"That reminds me. Where are we? This isn't our home. What's going on?" He asked.

"Well you're-" before his father can explain, Qrow interrupted him.

"You're in my best friend's guest room. I bring you and Yang safe and sound. Although I did take Yang to a hospital to get her leg check." He explains.

"That's right! How is she?" Vincent worried.

"She okay, but she will have to wear cast until she starts school. She would be very mad that she won't have time to training or going some fun activity." He chucked.

"That's a relieved."

"Although, I'm pretty mad at you for endanger my niece like that. Should give you a the ultimate punishment of whipping or a nice sparring match against my weapon." He exaggerated.

" Mr. Brawen!" He looked shocked.

Vincent looks terribly at Qrow as he can't tell if he's joking or not.

"Uncle Qrow stopping joking around. I say I was alright. Give me some slack of have him and his parent stay for dinner and one night until they leave in the morning." say Yang's voice.

Vincent was surprised to see Yang up already although she has to carry around a crotch to support to her broken leg.

"Alright. I go check if dinner is ready. You lovely dovely Faunus you come too. Let's give them some space to talk to them more quietly." He smiled. "Have fun talking to your boyfriend!"

"Hey! He's not my boyfriend! I'm too young to date!" Yang yelled at him.

"Yeah. Yeah. I was joking." He said.

Qrow and the Usus left the room.

"Yang, I'm so sorry I-" Yang punched him on the arm. "Ow! I guess I kind of deserve that."

"No that not what I punch you for. I punch you for being too soft and that's for costing my rest of my summer vacation." She pouted.

"Oh.. You forgive me?" He asked.

"Oh course I forgive you. I want to hang out with you all the time. You're really fun to be with. You make me smiled at times, and I want to get to know you better." She replied.

"Me too!" He agreed with her.

"Maybe if we decide to go to Beacon academy, we maybe we should become partners and be in the same team. If not, I want to be partner with a cat Faunus since they are cool and slide." Yang determined.

"Not I'm sure if I'm going to the same school as you, but I want a partner to be a Faunus that can fly in the sky like a bird and they have a interesting vibe."

Both of them laughing each other statement, but having fun talking like this as if nothing bad ever happens.

To the present.

"And that's how I met Yang." He says proudly.

"Wow! I can wait to tell Silver! That was the most inspiring story I ever listen to. I'm glad you settle your different with your adopted parents." He relieved.

"Yeah, and besides, who will also take care of my sweet dear adopted little sister, Caraline." Vincent admiration and extremely loving emotions as he thinks about his sister.

"I wish you don't do this in public all the time. People might think your into much younger girls." He sounds disgusted.

"I'm not."

"Well since we has few minutes left before Silver and Renji arrive with directions to the tournament. That reminds me, how did you and Sliver become friends during childhood." He wonders.

"Funny story... I-"

Suddenly they heard a painful screaming coming from the shopping store.

"No way... It could be?" Leonardo serious.

"It's them alright just like General Ironwood told us. We have save her. If we don't, our mission fail and the faith of the world in chaos."

"Hey! Stop joking! We got to hurry now! There's no time telling them. It's up to us!" He determined.

"Right." He agreed.

Both of them prepared their weapons and head to the shopping store. As they arrive, the store is cover in blood of the customers and the employee. Standing in front of them was a petite young woman with multiple different color hair and eyes of pink, brown, and white. She holding the women with sky blue long hair and green eyes with bronze circlet hairpiece, and wore a white long dress, a bronze bracer on her left arm.

"What took you.. So long?" said the Seer.

"Seer Sapphire!" Leonardo shouted.

"Hey! You let her go! If you don't, I will gladly make you suffer, greatly. You Neopollitan!" Vincent threatens multicolored enemy.

"Neopollitan?" He seems confused.

"Well she has strange hair color, eyes, but stylish clothes. That why she looks like a my sister's favorite ice cream." He tried to explain the details to him.

"Well that, but what are you talking about? There no multicolored woman, but a young petite with long wavy hair in pigtails and green eyes."

"Wait if you don't see her true appearance. Then that means..." He continued think until he realized what Leonardo's seeing was the illusion disguised.

The multicolored enemy looked shocked, and yet impressed by Vincent's perspective presumably semblance.

"You can see though the enemy disguise?! But your semblance has a ability to you know either no misses."

"I do have that, but this is the first time I'm seeing. I don't know why."

From Leonardo's perspective, the girl she blink and her eyes color to her real color, her right eye pink and her left eye brown. She also grin at him.

"What?!" he looked confused.

She changing her true self by a wave of light washing away her false disguise from bottom to top. She appear her weapon, that appears to be a umbrella.

"This will be something. Leon, you go save the princess, I will try to hold her off as I can as you escape with her and get Silver and Renji here right always. Do you think you can do it?" Vincent asked.

"Yeah. Be safe." He replied. Leonardo go to the Seer Sapphire's side a while Vincent can have a little "fun" with his opponent.

The enemy toss over to the ground in the far distance until she was catch by Leonardo. Vincent makes his first move on the enemy by shooting her in far range, however she use her umbrella as a shield to cancel his attack.

"What?! How it that impossible!" He looked shocked.

Meanwhile in the sidelines.

"Seer Sapphire? Are you okay?"

"Barely, I didn't not see this coming. I thought I would be safe here until that commoner comes out of nowhere like thin air and started to massacre all the customers right before my eyes. This isn't what suppose to happen." Her sounds scared.

"It's alright, we'll protect you." He tried comforting her.

"I don't know if I'm going to live any longer by the time "that" fateful day will come in two days." Sapphire worried.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know, but I'm seeing my own future will end soon. There is something I need you to pass on a message to General Ironwood, please it's important."

"Alright." he said.

Back to the battle, Vincent tried so many times to shoot her, but her weapon prevent his attack to her. He thinks maybe if she begins to use her semblance then there a slight chance to get a hit. However he has to figure out the right moment to use it. Vincent switch his gun mode to his Dagger mode to strike at her. Luckily, he manage to cut her of her arm. The petite girl looked surprised as she thinks it just a lucky shot. She kicking him on the stomach a while he slash her leg with average cut bleeding though it. She grew furious and attempt to use her illusion semblance for a sneak attack. She creates a copy of herself in front of him and then her presence swiftly. Her pull out her sword that was hidden in her umbrella and prepare to strike. Unknowingly to her, he pretend not to notice as he knew she would do that and he quickly switch his weapon to his main again. As she started her attack from behind, but he turn around and takes the shot on her by pulling the trigger to shoot her on the chest thus ending the battle. She fell to ground and her Aura has been depleted.

"...!" she looked annoyed.

"Well it's over. Look, I won't end your life because I'm not like you murders. I want to ask you some question before I hand you over to Altas Mitty to arrest you. Who send you to kill the Seer? Who are you? Why are you going this?"

"..." She remains silent.

"You're not much of the talker aren't you?. Fine I just call you Neopollitan." He said. "You may looked like a cute and sweet doll that I want to flirt with you, but I can smell the cold blood of the victims you killed and you heart is pure as ice. If you tried to attempt to kill me, I will happily to end you." He threaten her.

Neopollitan's eyes change to white as she looked scared. She quickly get up, open her umbrella, and disappear in the light.

"Huh? Where did she go? How come I can see through her illusion, but not that!" He complains.

"Vincent!" say the familiar voice.

"Sliver?! How do you know? Did Leon tell you?" He asked.

"No. We just a heard a large crash in the same direction as you are. But you can explain about this later after we get out of here before the polices come and escort to the General." He explained.

"Oh alright."

A day later after Yang and Weiss match against Team FNKI. The entire team of SLVR are in the front seats to watch their favorite person at their match at the Vytal Festival Tournment.

"Woohoo! That's my Yang!" He cheered for Yang.

"I feel kind of bad for Weiss. She sacrifice herself in order to save her team. " He sadden.

"Come on Leon, don't be sad. At else her team make it to the semi-finals." He comforted his partner was a generous smile.

"Yeah. I guessed that counts." He faintly smiled. "So want to do think of Yang, Renji?"

"She's okay. I accept her as Blake's lover and worthy partner." He blankly stated.

Vincent looked at him, annoyed.

"What? But either way I accept her dating a guy or woman."

Vincent seems disappointed at his partner statement or claims. However for some reason, Vincent feels like something is very off. The random selection seems to be too perfect that it should be something that be challenging, and to try their hardest by the opponent's strength. He recalls from the first match for the double match between Team CFVY and the other team that seems too hard for Team CFVY it's like the machine knows their weakness. Penny's Team match-up was too easy against CRDL, and Team RWBY match-up was too personal he feels like someone has hack the team random selection.

"You guys go on ahead, I will catch with you guys later."

"Alright, but are you sure? Are you still worried about Seer Sapphire?" Leonardo playfully asked.

"No. Why?" Vincent confused.

"Well the strangest is that, she asked me to message to General Ironwood rather her tell him personally which I did just like she requested." He explains the detail he remembers.

"What it is?"

Leonardo continues... "That "tomorrow at night, a young blond teenager with lilac eyes will be manipulated by an unknown enemy by punching her defeat opponent's leg. After that, she will be frame and hated by the people of all kingdoms and would attract more Grimms to the city." The second one she says is also serious like "The following day on the same night, one of Beacon's student will manipulated of killing Altas opponent and she not a human. This is lead chaos and fear of all kingdoms and the destruction of Vale and Beacon."

"That's horrible." He frowned.

"The last thing she said to tell me on the same say of chaos and destruction fatefully day that the CCT for Beacon will be destroyed leaving no communication to the outside world and person she knows deeply will be killed too by a woman with a burning fall power."

"Did you tell Silver?"

"Yes after escorting Seer Sapphire to Altas military protection. He looked scare as if he knows what's going to happen. I never seen him this terrify before." He sounds worried.

"Is that all?"


Vincent leave his team to go investigation in the exit tunnels and enters a yellow maintenance sign door where he is inside of the Colosseum. As he continues, he unexpectedly encounter Seer Sapphire, heavily injured. She was barely stands, with her arms cover in bruises and cuts, her legs exposed with part of her dress torn to her knees, and her head bleeding through her left side.

"Princess! What happen?! I thought you-!" Vincent looked shocked.

"You thought wrong! After you escort me, those people kidnapped me who were disguise as Altas soldiers and they torture me information about the future events that will come, but I refused to. I managed to escape a while they left" She explained.

"Wait of minute.. Is that Neopollitan girl again?"

"The same girl who is working for them. I don't have much to time left explain before my faith is about to come truth."

"What if?"

"Please don't let my beloved cousin to be killed on the top of destroyed tower of Beacon tomorrow night and this is where I died." she sounds scared.

Suddenly she gets stab from behind through the chest and she died in low painful death. She collapse to the ground. Vincent eyes widen in deep shocked as he face in front of him is a mysterious White Fang member appear to be male and wearing a white exorcist Japanese high collar top with light blue trimmed on the collar sleeves, and white boots, black pants. He appear to wear a Grimm mask with dark navy unusual design and on the front. His faunus trait is something he does not seen everyday, it's a big white angel wings on his back. He somehow feel like he look familiar to someone he knows all the time except he has lighter long blond hair tied in a ponytail.

"Who are you? What's a member of the White Fang doing here?" he glared at him.

"There's no need to for introduction or information. You will died by my hands, human." He says in the serious tone.

"That won't happen!" he yelled at him. Vincent takes out his weapon and shoot at him, but he use wings to block it leaving no scratch or damaged almost like being protected by indestructible shield.

"What?! Impossible!" Vincent looked surprised until he gets stab him in the stomach with his sword in unbelievable speed.

"That's checkmate." he smirked.

He forcefully pull out his weapon and let his fallen opponent drop the ground. Vincent was bleeding badly as he tried to hang on to dear life.

"What.. are you..?" he asked.

"I am the White Fang's satisfaction." he say coldly. He places his hand to his head and then suddenly horrible has happening to him. Something suck him out of it, like his life forcing is slowly taken away.

Until Vincent's partner comes in the nick of time and save him in time before what the mysterious White Fang member did that can possible end him permanently. He carried Vincent in his arms and place him by the corner for him to rest. He quickly use his spare sash to wrap around his injuries before he can face mysterious White Fang member.

"You'll will pay for this!" he flied into rage toward him. They slash lance and sword in the furious match in one in other until Renji unintentionally broken his mask revealing he has the same face as him except his eyes are blue. Renji was horrified and shocked at him. "No.. It can't be. Hikari?"

Hikari turn around, not to look at his face.

"It is you. Why, of all people. You join the White Fang." He looked disappointed.

"That was unexpected to see you, Rei."

"I looked for you, I looked everywhere for you! I was so worry that I thought you were dead!" Renji yelled at him.

"No more questions. We will meet again for a proper reunion, but not today." He pull out a smoke ball and throw it to the ground thus creating smokescreen surrounding the tunnels. After the smoke clear, he disappeared.

Renji then go to Vincent's side and carry him in his arms as he desperately to take him to nearby infirmary. He meet up with his team, who are greatly shocked at Vincent's current condition. His partner told him about the Seer's death and who caused Vincent's injuries. Silver calls General Ironwood about their enemy has already making their move and asked him to send a infirmary to save Vincent's life as possible. Leonardo use his Healing Dust to restore Vincent's body as possible to stop the bleeding.

Vincent's conscious started to fade away slowly he can't barely see his friends. 'What is happening to.. me?'

"Vincent.. Stay with me. You're going to be alright. General Ironwood is sending a infirmary to pick you up." Renji comforted him.

His eyes are slowly closing as if he is pulling away into a deep shadowy abyss. No matter tried to stay away, he closely become cold. The last thing he sees is his friends were crying by his side and they looked very sad. After that, he lost unconscious by the time to the infirmary arrive.

Vincent finds himself in a dream where's in a white room where is there was nothing around. He heard a similar voices coming from the outside.

"Please, Doctor how is he?" He sounds worried.

'Is that Silver?'

"We tried everything, we were able to save his life in no time. However he's in a coma. I'm sorry." The doctor's voice sounds of deep depression.

'What?! I'm in a coma?!'

"No.. This can't be, Vincent." say Leonardo's voiced, sadden.

"If only I realized soon, I could have save both the Seer and Vincent. This is my fault!" He blamed himself.

"It's not you fault, Renji. We weren't expected this to happen. This is the second Seer to be killed by our enemy. The first Seer of Vale has already been killed about a month before Vytal Festival. What are they really after beside the Maidens powers."

'Huh? General Ironwood too?'

"I know guys are the only team I let you guys know the Maidens and my reason graduated your team earlier, but you have put your feelings aside for your friend because you can't let this distract you from your current mission to keep Vale in check."

General, since you will transporting Vincent's body back to Atlas where you going to keep him safe. It is alright to accompany him to Altas." He request him.

"You have my permission, Silver. In the meantime I will send of my men to send the Seer's back to her home Kingdom. This is the second Seer to be killed by our enemies. The first Seer was killed a month before the Vytal Festival. What is really their true objection... the Maidens or the Seers."

"What?" Renji sounds confused.

"It's nothing. Process with your mission. We already know what Seer's final future property will foretold for tonight and tomorrow."

'Does that mean that... oh no, Yang.' as he continues to listen to their conversation, he mind and conscious is started to fade to the point where he can't hear their voices any more.

Vincent woke up that seems to be a bad dream. He finds himself inside of the forest that seems to be taking place in the summer. "Where am I? Last think I remember I was in Vale and.." As he tried to think what happen after he lost conscious. He looked into town in the far distance revealing that he's back in Patch. He felt overwhelming with excrement as he hasn't visit his home town since his parents moved to Altas since his Mom got a promotion from her work, and around the same time, he graduated Signal. He and Yang exchanged gift before their departure to remember them by. He remembers he give Yang a pair of finger-less black gloves that may help when fighting Grimm when she graduated Signal and look cool by the people she meets. Yang also gave him her leather wristband she wore when she first met him.

Vincent comes back to reality that since he's back in Patch, he want to ask Yang's father about what been happening in Vale and Yang even though he has no idea how got back. As he arrive at Yang's home, he notice her father, Taiyang, who appear to be depressed about something.

"Mr. Xiao Long, it's been a long time since I last talk to you. What happen to Vale? Is your daughter, Yang alright?" he greet him.

However for some reason, he didn't listen to him or a response.

"Mr. Xiao Long? Are you alright? Did you listen to what I say?"

He tried to get close to him, and attempt to touch his shoulder, but his hand phrase though him.

"What the.. What's going on?" he panicked. "I am.. dead?"

"You're not dead." say unknown's woman voice.

"Huh? Who are you? What to you mean I'm not dead? Wait. You can see me?" Vincent confused.

He turn around to see a women in a white hood with her concealed.

"My name is no importance. I transport your soul to Patch so that you may help a broken soul who has lost everything in her life. Don't worry you're alive, but in a comatose state in Altas." she explains to him.

"After I help her, then will I return back to my real body?"

Suddenly the white hooded women disappear right before his eyes.

"She disappear? I wonder what was that about. If I can return to my body, then I have to find her." Vincent search around the house inside and out until he find Yang in guest room for some reason.

"Yang.." he feels glad to see his old friend. As he approach her, Vincent was in horror as he see Yang's has lost her right arm and how much damaged she is. He notices her eyes has no light in them and has already lost her cheerful personality.

"No.. What has been to happen to her after I went into a coma?!" say Vincent still in shocked.

Yang turn around notices something was in her room and that feel like someone was watching her. "Huh? Who's there?'

Vincent show himself to Yang although he wasn't sure if she can see him.

"No way. Is it really you.. Vincent?" Yang eyes widen in shocked.

To be continued...