As always I own nothing but the plot.

Yoda's POV

It had been a long day for Master Yoda after losing his duel to the Emperor and splitting up the Skywalker twins and then informing Masters Kenobi and Yaddle that he was heading of to parts unknown.

A few hours after leaving Bail Organas ship Yoda's pod was pulled into a wormhole and after a period of time was pulled into orbit of a strange planet.

Realising this is where he was supposed to be he set the pod to land.

Pete's POV a few minutes earlier.

Little Pete had been having a great time out in the car with his parents reading a book when the car suddenly spun out of control, then then went barrelling sideways and ending up on the roof.

After a few minutes Pete managed to get out of the car and realising that his parents were likely dead wandered deep into the forest,and then he found himself surrounded by wolves. But before they could make a meal of him there was a sound coming from the sky and Pete saw a strange looking craft land near him scaring away the wolves.

When the pod opened what Pete saw next caused him to faint as a little green alien walked out.

Yoda's POV

After the pod had successfully landed Yoda opened the hatch and was greeted but a young human boy who had promptly fainted. He then proceeded to help the boy and then find some shelter.