No way out. There was no way out. The dust was building, Evelyn's heart was pounding, her lungs felt like they were about to collapse completely. There was no, way, out. It was starting to get extremely hot in the kitchen, as destroyed as it was. A whistling sound pierced through the air – something was about to explode. Rubble was surrounding her, it was beginning to get too small in there – the claustrophobia was settling in. It was her time to die and there was no way out.

The hospital room was silent as Evelyn picked her clothes out. She was finally going home. It was almost essential that she left, since there was no space for her anymore. The hospital was filling up quickly – the incident in Metropolis had caused more causalities than they had expected and so the numbers were doubling and tripling by the minute. Her mother Katherine, who was also a nurse, walked into the room with her release forms. "Evelyn, I need you to sign this," she muttered, walking in with the papers. Evelyn glanced up from where she was packing the rest of her belongings. She didn't look bothered.

"Okay, leave them on the side," she mumbled back. "I'll sign them when I can." Katherine did as she was told before looking up to the small television in the corner of the room. The news was on – it was about Superman again. He had caused yet more destruction and more casualties than ever before.

"This idiot," Katherine shook her head in irritation. Evelyn looked up briefly and looked straight back down again, uninterested. Katherine frowned at her reaction. "You know he's the reason you could've died? He's-" Evelyn zipped up her bag as forcefully as she could and turned to face her mother.

"Please. I don't care. I just want to go home and sleep. I'm sorry, I'll call you tomorrow," she yawned in a hurry. Before Katherine could say anything else, Evelyn had signed off the documents, tied her hair up in a messy ponytail and left the room with her things.

"So that's two black coffees and three muffins, that will be $6.40 please," Evelyn smiled, handing over the order and waiting for the money to be passed from the stressed out middle aged woman across the counter.

"Terrible tragedy isn't it?" she was muttering to herself as she rummaged through her purse to find her money.

"I'm sorry?" Evelyn blinked, not understanding a word of what she was talking about.

"The incident last week – it was a terrible tragedy," the woman repeated, handing the money over and nodding to the television screen that were once again displaying the awful events.

"Oh, oh yeah. I actually had to leave my previous job because-" Evelyn trailed off, shaking her head. "It doesn't matter. Thanks." The woman just smiled and left the café without another word. Martha then came out from the kitchen with another order. She noticed Evelyn's face was darker than usual.

"Evelyn, is everything okay?" she hummed. Evelyn jumped at her sudden words and attempted to gain composure by changing the receipts in the machine.

"S-sorry, everything's fine." Martha opened her mouth as if to say something more when the bell over the front door rang, meaning someone was walking in. Both the women looked over to see Clark Kent walk through, pushing his glasses higher up on his face. Evelyn had no idea who he was, but she did know that he was extremely striking. Coughing slightly, he walked over to the counter, straight to Evelyn.

"Morning," he nodded awkwardly. Evelyn gave a polite nod back. "Could I please order…um…twelve coffees? All black, no sugar." Evelyn raised a perfectly sculpted eyebrow and went to it. As soon as Evelyn turned around, Martha started speaking to him. She tried not to eavesdrop but she had to.

"Try not to let it get you down, Clark," Martha was whispering. Evelyn just prepared the coffees and then turned back around. Clark found himself staring at her in awe, unbeknownst to himself. Martha glanced between the two of them before she put two and two together. "Oh, Clark this is Evelyn. Evelyn, this is my son," she suddenly introduced them both with a kind smile. Clark immediately held out his hand and Evelyn shook it slowly. He had an extremely firm handshake.

"Nice to meet you," she smiled. "I'm new here. I had to move out of my previous job."

"How comes?" Clark asked curiously, taking the coffees from her.

"The incident last week…my old café was completely destroyed," she shrugged, trying not to look bothered. Clark's face went hard and Martha's face fell. Evelyn frowned at them both anxiously, assuming she had said something wrong. "S-s-sorry, did I say something wrong?" Martha smiled and shook her head quickly.

"No…Clark, how are you planning to take all these drinks back to the office by yourself? Evelyn, why don't you go and help Clark take them back?" she suggested swiftly, turning around and giving her the other full cup holder. Evelyn took it and nodded obediently. It was a weird request but she had just gotten this job, she didn't want to mess it up already so naturally she did as she was told. Clark shuffled to the side awkwardly so that Evelyn could come out from behind the bar, before taking up the two other holders and beginning to walk out the door.

"How far are we going?" Evelyn asked curiously, trying to keep up with him. Clark remembered that he was meant to be walking with her, and not in front of her, so quickly slowed down.

"Just down the block, not far," he told her once they had caught up to each other. There was an uncomfortable silence, only broken by the wind howling through the air. They walked past the destroyed part of town, their footsteps crunching over the dusty rubble as hard working builders attempted to rebuild what appeared to be the foundation of a building. "Did anyone you know…die in the accident?"

"No," Evelyn mumbled back. "Luckily. What about you? You guys went really quiet when I brought it up beforehand. I know it's none of my business but…" Clark avoided her eye contact and just shook his head as they approached the huge building.

"No. I didn't," he coughed. He squinted up at the building and let out a relieved sigh. "Well this is it. Thank you for all of your help."

"Don't you want me to help you carry them up to your floor?" Evelyn pointed out with a little amused smile on her face. Clark raised an eyebrow. He couldn't argue – it only made sense. They went up the lift in silence, an incredibly awkward silence. Then they got on the floor they needed to – and was welcomed by Perry White's booming voice.

"Clark! How long does it take to get coffee?" He then noticed who he was with. "Is this why? You took time off to get a date first?" Evelyn flushed a bright red and winced as Clark clenched his beautiful jaw and stared at the floor uncomfortably.

"She's not my…uh…" he trailed off. "She just helped me carry the coffee here." Evelyn nodded on the side as if what she said would make a difference. Clark put his cup holder down, turned to her and took what she was holding. "Thanks for coming," he whispered.

"Anytime Clark," Evelyn smirked slightly, nodding to him and White before leaving in a flash.

A/N: New story! It's a world where Lois and Clark are no more…and it's going to get big. It runs in order with Batman v Superman! Tell me what you think so far, it's just an intro.