Evelyn rushed into the hospital and Clark was right behind her, very close to her in case she needed any kind of support. She didn't seem to want to stop, or talk. She was walking at speed, like every second counted, which it did. Her mother Katherine met her just outside of the ward that her little sister Alana was in. Katherine's hair was tied up in a messy bun and she looked drawn out, stressed. When she saw Evelyn, her eyes widened as if she wasn't expecting her to be there. "Don't look at me like that," Evelyn mumbled, giving her a huge hug. "I wasn't going to not visit."

"I know. I'm sorry, we all had our doubts. Who's this?" Katherine asked as she shot Clark an unsure smile.

"This is my…boyfriend. Clark," Evelyn introduced them both quickly, deliberately not looking anywhere near Clark's face to see his reaction to her calling him her boyfriend already. Clark didn't react and simply shook Katherine's hand firmly.

"Oh. Hello Clark, I'm Katherine, Evelyn's mother."

"Pleasure to meet you," Clark said politely as he let go and wrapped an arm around Evelyn again. "I'm terribly sorry about your daughter."

"Thank you. We're all just praying that she'll be able to hang on in there," Katherine smiled sadly, leading them both into the actual hospital room where Alana lay, looking worse than ever. Her eyes had practically sunken into her skull and she couldn't possibly get any paler. She still recognised her older sister though, despite all of the damage done to her brain and body.

"Hey 'lana," Evelyn whispered, going to sit next to her and grabbing her small hand. Alana smiled weakly.

"Hi," she managed to wave. "Hi Evelyn's boyfriend."

"Hi, I'm Clark…pleasure to meet you," Clark smiled, standing behind Evelyn's chair. "How do you feel?"

"Fine," Alana lied, studying Clark as if he was a piece of art. "You look…magical." Clark raised an eyebrow and Evelyn smiled down at her, admiring how she still managed to stay her cheeky self.

"He is magical," she joked, biting back her tears and glancing up at Clark who simply looked amused at the entire situation.

"Do you think I could be magical? Like a magician?" he had to ask, crossing his arms.

"No. Like…you can run really fast…or like you can fly. You look so cool. I can't explain it," Alana blinked. She appeared unable to even put her thoughts on Clark into words right now, which both Evelyn and Clark could completely understand but for two totally different reasons.

"Anyway, Alana I think it's time for your medication, Clark and I will just pop to the cafeteria for a sandwich or something okay?" Evelyn suddenly cut off the conversation, standing up and letting go of Alana's weak hand before grabbing Clark's sturdy one instead. Clark furrowed his eyebrows at her sudden change of tone but followed her out anyway, just as the nurse wheeled in the table of medication.

"Why the eagerness to get out?" he asked as he sped up behind her as they both walked down the polished hallway to the awaiting lift.

"Because it was time for her medication," Evelyn answered shortly without even turning back round. Clark sighed and got into the lift with her, waiting until the doors were shut until he spun her by the shoulders and made her look at him properly.

"Why the eagerness to get out?" he asked her again, just a little firmer. Evelyn nibbled on her bottom lip and tore her eyes away from his.

"I don't know if you've noticed but I'm not the biggest fan of flying people," she mumbled awkwardly. It took Clark a split second to realise what she was talking about and he let his hands drop to his side.

"Oh, right. Does…does your entire family think like that?" he asked softly. Evelyn gave a small shrug and jabbed the correct button so that the lift could actually get moving.

"No. Well yeah. My mother does – that's why Alana's in hospital and that's why I'm so…kinda against him. Superman, I mean," she admitted, scratching her shoulder and giving another shrug. Clark bit down on his jaw before asking

"Sorry, did you say that's why Alana's there? The…situation caused her to go to hospital?" he recalled, trying his best to stay calm when really he was anything but. Evelyn gave a short nod.

"She was one of the more unlucky kids in her class. There were worst ones, some of them didn't even…" she shuddered and stopped talking as the lift doors opened and they were greeted by the buzz of the cafeteria. Clark felt completely sick, biting back the urge inside of him to just come out with who he was. But he took one look at Evelyn's face and saw that she didn't need it right now, or ever if that. Instead he grabbed her in a warm hug and kissed the top of her head.

"It will get better," he lied as he felt Evelyn fall comfortably limp in his arms.

"You promise?" she mumbled into his top. Clark took the deepest breath of his life before answering the woman he was convinced that he was falling in love with.


It had been 18 months. Evelyn and Clark were the best they had ever been. He had officially moved into her apartment and was now living there officially with her and Bruce, who was still a lazy careless cat. Evelyn still worked for Martha and it was all going perfectly fine, the shop was constantly busy and the locals had learnt to love her. Alana was still in hospital – every time it looked like she was going to better, she didn't. She just ended up getting that much worse. But every time Evelyn started to panic about it, Clark managed to calm her down. Her panic attacks had slowed down, since she successfully avoided any Superman news for the longest amount of time. But it seemed like the further away from the incident she got, the more often it was constantly brought up.

And Evelyn still didn't know the truth – and Clark had no intention of telling her.

On this particular day, Evelyn was working in the café. It was raining outside and the café was rather full, steam fogging up the windows, but Clark was still sitting in there at the bar as he did on many of his days off. Evelyn didn't mind. He was amazing company in between customers. "Ev," Clark began.


"What are you doing tonight?" Clark asked curiously, leaning on his hand as he watched her shape the croissants in awe. Her fingers were so swift yet delicate over the uncooked pastry mix and it seriously fascinated him. Evelyn looked up at him and frowned.

"Nothing, why?" she questioned.

"I got a convention that I need to go to in Gotham and I need a partner," Clark told her quietly.

"Oh, sounds like fun. Who's hosting it?"

"Lex Luthor."

"Oh?" Evelyn raised an eyebrow, clearly impressed as she continued to mould the pastries. "Fair enough."

"So did you want to come with me?" Clark offered up with a smile.

"Sure, two questions though," Evelyn began carefully.

"Go on," Clark encouraged her a little apprehensively, unsure of what she was going to ask.

"Firstly, under what name? Secondly – do I get the wear the ring?" Evelyn cheekily smiled up at him.

"Under your name and yes you can wear the ring," Clark chuckled, crossing his arms so that his muscles bulged out again. Evelyn let a surprised laugh and dusted her flour coated hands off under on the counter.

"Under my name?" she repeated. "So we're turning up as…?"

"Clark Kent and his girlfriend Evelyn Romero?" Clark guessed quietly. Evelyn blushed – it was the first time Clark had called her his girlfriend out in public. Even though they were now moved in together and more comfortable with each other, it took them a while to actually confirm their relationship. They hadn't said it out loud because they never had to. They were both private people because there was no need to be anything else. They didn't really have any close friends because they were their own friends. Clark's colleagues didn't even know about Evelyn, and Evelyn's family didn't know too much about Clark. So Clark calling Evelyn his girlfriend so confidently in the midst of other people meant a lot to her. She placed two hands on either side of his chiselled face and brought his face to hers, kissing him gently over the counter.

"Sounds good to me," she murmured against his lips when they broke apart.

"Lovebirds! I got people that need serving," Martha called from the bustle inside the kitchen. Clark rolled his eyes and sat back again as Evelyn picked up her notepad.

"I'm on it Martha," she shouted back. Clark gave her a little wink and continued to watch her serve people and make pastries for the rest of the morning, totally in awe of her presence.

"You look amazing," Clark whispered into Evelyn's ear with his hand resting on her lower back as they entered the huge hall. There was the beautiful sound of violins playing peaceful music as the guests milled about, chatting with one another and sipping champagne out of clinking glasses.

"Thanks, so do you," Evelyn smiled just as quietly, trying not the blush too furiously. Clark had somehow convinced her to wear her hair in a tight low side bun, which was way out of her comfort zone as her face ended up being the main focus of her demeanour. She was wearing a strapless cream dress this time, with a low heart neckline. "Oh my god, it's beautiful in here."

"It is," Clark agreed. They stood there in silence, just soaking up the atmosphere around them. Evelyn was about to make a flippant remark about the venue in terms of a wedding when suddenly, Clark noticed a large black car pull up outside of the venue, and the paparazzi went mad, flashes coming from every angle. "Who's that?" he muttered to himself, but Evelyn heard anyway and looked over to where he was.

"That? That's probably just somebody from – oh my GOD it's Bruce Wayne" she hissed, hitting Clark's strong arm excitedly. "The one and only…in the flesh. I LOVE him!"

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