Chapter 1: Shells


This is my first fan fiction of one-shots. They are about Dory's childhood days. This chapter has some spoilers in it, so if you haven't watched the movie then go watch it before reading this. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Finding Nemo/Dory.

It was another busy day at the Marine Life Institute. It was morning. People were looking at all of the fish and the sea animals. The most busiest place was the open ocean exhibit. It had thousands of fish in there. People were taking pictures of fish and kids were at the touch pool touching their tiny hands on the sea creatures. In the middle of the Marine Life institute was a big tank with thousands of fish. A tiny fish was sleeping in her tube. She mumbled in her sleep. Sometimes she does that when she's dreaming. Meanwhile, Dory's parents are in their home, thinking how they should show Dory where they live.

"Charlie, how are we going to show Dory where we live? We tried pointing to where our house is, but she keeps forgetting," Jenny explained.

Charlie sighed. "I know, Jenny. We'll think of something, I just know it."

Jenny smiled, hoping they would come up with something to help Dory remember.

Dory suddenly shot her pink eyes open. She looked around. "Oh, it's only a dream," she sighed with relief.

She then got out of her tube and swam towards her parents' house.

"Morning, Mommy! Morning, Daddy!" She said with a smile on her face.

"Morning, Kelpcake!" Her father said with his usual big smile on his face, giving his daughter a bump on her nose with his fin.

"Morning, Sweetie," her mother said warmly. "Did you sleep well?" She questioned, looking at her daughter with her magenta eyes.

"Yes," Dory nodded, "but I had a weird dream though."

Jenny chuckled. "What was your dream about?" She questioned.

"Umm," Dory said, looking at her mom. "I forgot."

"It's okay, Sweetie." Jenny said quietly. "I'm sure your dream must've been pretty fun though."

Dory smiled, looking at her mother with huge pink eyes.

Dory then looked around and saw a white shell lying on the sand. Dory swam towards it. "Hey, look, a shell!" Dory exclaimed, her magenta eyes sparkling.

"Yes, it is a shell," Charlie said, looking at the white shell.

"It's so pretty!" Dory said, still staring at the shell.

"Yes, it's very pretty," Jenny said. Then she suddenly got an idea.

"Charlie, can I talk to you for a second?" Jenny asked, looking at her husband.

"Sure, honey," Charlie smiled.

Jenny grabbed Charlie by the fin and took him to the house.

"Maybe we should lay shells and make a path leading to our house, that way Dory would remember," Jenny explained to her husband carefully.

"Honey that's a great idea!" Charlie said happily.

Jenny smiled. The two then left their house and swam towards Dory. "Dory, we have to tell you something, "Jenny said, swimming towards her daughter.

"Okay, what is it?" Dory asked curiously, wanting to know what her parents want to tell her.

"We've been thinking of laying shells leading towards our home. That way you can remember where we live," Charlie explained.

"Okay cool! Can we do it now?" Dory asked eagerly.

"Of course we can, honey," Jenny said smiling to her excited daughter.

"Yay!" Dory said excitedly.

Her parents giggled and they started collecting shells.

Later, they finished the shell path. They let Dory follow the shells to their home. When Dory finally reached their home, they cheered.

"You did it, Kelpcake!" Charlie said proudly while her mother cheered for their daughter.

Dory giggled. "Did what?"

"Sweetie, you followed the shells all the way back home," Jenny said proudly.

Dory looked at the shell path and noticed she followed the shells. "Oh my gosh, I did?" Dory said smiling. "All by myself?" Her parents nodded.

"Do you know what this means, honey?" Charlie asked.

Dory shook her head.

"It means you can do whatever you put your mind to, Dory," her mother explained.

"Really?" Dory asked. Her parents nodded. Just then, she saw a group of young blue tangs playing together. "Mommy, can I go play with them?" She asked as she swam towards them.

"Yes," her mother said happily.

"Absolutely!" Her father said with happiness in his voice. "Go get 'em, Kelpcake!"

Dory giggled as she swam closer to the blue tangs, excited to go play with them.