It was a normal summer day at Camp Half Blood. Things had calmed down, Leo returned, and everyone was going about their daily lives. Yet, for some strange reason, my mind kept drifting towards someone I'd only meet twice, Carter.

Everything had been settled yet I felt like something was wrong. Of course, being a demigod, that kinda comes with the territory. It also means I see dreams and they always mean something.

And that brings us to my dream. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was dragged into one… fun.

In my dream, I found myself in a large, windowless stone room. In front of me were steps leading to a dias, a throne in the middle. Strange, multicolored lights and symbols floated around the room, filling it with just enough light to see someone was sitting in the throne, though not enough to see what they looked like.

A voice from behind me spoke, "My Lord, I apologize for disturbing you so late at night." My body refused to move, which made the voice behind me unnerving. I could tell it was a woman, but other than that I hadn't a clue what they looked like.

"You needn't be so formal, Cleo. What have you found about California?" I know that voice… What is Carter doing sitting on a throne, and why did this Cleo chick call him 'My Lord'?

"The seventy fifth Nome is in disarray, scrying doesn't seem to be working, they've been getting strange readings. No one can make heads or tails of it."

Carter sighed, "I'll have to go there myself."

"Lord Amos won't allow you, there are still remnants of the rebellion scattered across the globe, he'll want you to stay here."

Carter stood, his voice hardening, "Why do I sit on this throne? Why do I wear the crown? Am I not the Pharaoh? Is it not tradition to only allow the strongest to call them self that? I can protect myself, I'll bring the crook and flail with me."

He walked down the steps and I could see him better. He was wearing an outfit like the ones all the Pharaoh statues wear, I've been dragged to enough museums to know. My first thought, however, was 'Bird man is wearing a skirt…'

Then he suddenly turned and looked in my direction. I got the feeling he wasn't looking at me, but he knew I was there. To confirm my suspicion, he spoke, "There's someone else here, almost like a Ba, but off."

Then the dream faded and I woke up to Annabeth shaking me awake. "Percy! Something is up, Sadie is here." Sadie? Right after that dream? Can't be a coincidence, I'm not that lucky.


Annabeth lead me to the Big House in silence, meaning it was probably serious. Sadie was sitting on one of the couches in the living room, her leg bouncing up and down anxiously as she twirled a strand of forest green hair.

"Sadie, what was it you need to talk to us about?" Annabeth sat down next to the girl and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Carter has gone missing. There's been some trouble in California lately, strange magic. It had gotten so bad that Carter went to check it out, he was there for a few hours when they lost contact with him. Our best scryers can't find the faintest trace of him." Sadie's voice steadily rose, panic seeping in.

"Carter… I had a dream about that last night. He was talking to a girl named Cleo, they were talking about issues in California."

Annabeth and Percy exchanged looks. Strange magic in California? Time to call Jason and the gang.

"Sadie, we have a few friends in California, we'll get in contact with them, see if they know anything." Sadie nodded her head, but remained quiet.

Annabeth and I left the room to talk. "Tell me about your dream."