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Sometimes, the simplest things can be the greatest wonder. To Castiel, it was the bees. Outside, in the garden, his head resting in the soft, pale green grass, his gaze fell upon a honey bee. The folds of his familiar khaki trenchcoat shifted as Castiel moved to sit up, his nails collecting dirt as his fingers grazed against the ground. The angel's cerulean blue eyes followed the honey bee's path while the insect continued to perform its task. It moved with purpose, with a sense of urgency as it floated from flower to flower, following an unwritten and unspoken mission. The bee landed on a white daisy, moving to the middle of the petals for a moment before taking flight to the next flower, a pink tulip. The angel felt at peace, watching one of his father's many creations preform its mundane job, as it did all day, every day. It simply did as it was supposed to, as it was meant to and it was beautiful for it. Its plan was so simple, the path so clear, unobstructed by corruption and lies. Castiel couldn't afford the same kind of simplicity, not anymore, not with what was happening in heaven.

The creature's wings buzzed, snapping the angel from his trance. He blinked. How long had it been since he had a clear mission, since he had had a purpose as the bee in the garden did. He used to serve heaven, as an angel, it was his job, his mission, but after everything that had happened, Castiel wasn't so sure anymore. He had been so dutiful and faithful until he met the Winchesters. That was the moment he had begun the fall, the moment when the sliver of doubt pierced the certainty in his mind and he lost faith in his orders. He wasn't a true angel anymore. He had been tainted by humanity. He was defective and imperfect, a mistake in the system. Castiel frowned slightly, the corners of his mouth quirking downwards. He had chosen free will over heaven, over his brothers and sisters. Castiel had fallen and he didn't know how to find a path to redemption. The fallen angel abruptly stood, forcing himself out of his thoughts and turned his attention back to the small yellow and black bee. Maybe, he hoped, by living vicariously through the bee for a moment, he could feel certain again, even if it wouldn't last. Maybe he could harness a little of the honey bee's seemingly limitless stability and faith. A few minutes past, and for those few minutes, it was simple again. The bee would fly from flower to flower and the fallen angel would watch. Castiel closed his eyes, breathing in the heavily floral scented air. Suddenly, he felt an almost miniscule weight land on his hand. He opened his eyes looking confused and raised his hand. Perched on the back of his hand, with legs covered in pollen, was the small yellow honey bee. That was unexpected, a rift in the seamless ritual. The creature in Castiel's hand had broken routine. The angel tilted his head, looking intently at the bug. Wasn't he the only mistake? Surely the heavenly father wasn't so careless as to make two creatures with wandering priorities. Perhaps it wasn't a mistake at all, Castiel realized, perhaps he wasn't a mistake but rather the first of his kind to embrace the unknown. Maybe God meant for everything to choose for them self. If something as small and insignificant as a honey bee could defy orders given to it, then an angel certainly could too. Though it might take some explaining and getting used to, maybe other angels would understand and follow in his footsteps. Maybe he wasn't as far fallen as he thought. The bee twitched and buzzed on his hand before taking off. Castiel smiled, watching it fly.