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Update 10-14-16 Hi! This fic goes along with the short version of the Mr. Clean jingle. The only word that is different is "[c]lean", which has been replaced by "[g]rape". I changed this fic ti be more compliant with the site rules.

Gohan and Chichi are doing the dishes and sing until the word "minute".

Trunks and Goten are doing windows and sing until the word "house"

Trunks stops what he's doing and sighs while Goten sings until the word "it" alone.

Trunks says, "This is stupid. Let's go play, Goten."

Goten replies, "Yay!"

They both drop everything and go play.

Chichi pushes a sponge mop to the rhythm of the music and sings until the word "halls".

Yamcha and Tien are training in the desert and sing until the word "all".

Vegeta crosses his arms and says, "I refuse to take part in this juvenile display."

The Sons and the Briefs (except Vegeta) sing the last line together:

Mr. Graaape.

Bulma says, "And he smells great, too!" Vegeta responds, "Shut up, woman! You have no business smelling that big, bald oaf! You're my woman, not his! Hn…I should've killed him when I had the chance!" Bulma rolls her eyes and says, "Oh Vegeta, you know you're the only one of me. Besides I was just trying to sell the product." Vegeta looks away and says, "Hn."

Hi guys! I had Mr. Clean on the brain all day yesterday and the day before. I was watching the commercial and realized I could TOTALLY see Chichi pushing a mop to the rhythm of the music! This fic is the result! Can you guess who it's about and why I call him 'Mr. Grape'? I'd REALLY like to get your opinions on it, so don't forget to leave a review! Sailor Dragonball 87 says! ;D