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Crow tangled herself up in the skirt of her dress, trying to scramble away from the monster in front of her.

Jonathan tried to grab her shoulders to calm her down, but she let out a terrible scream as the thing tried to snatch her in its ragged burlap hands.

She scrambled into the corner, and groped at the white wall before collapsing at his feet, crying pathetically.

He tried to look at her, but she would whimper, and turn away, guarding her face with her outstretched hands

Her once-beautiful make-up was running all down her face; giving her the appearance of a woman crying black liquid; and her skirt was torn from where she had run it across the floor, trying to escape.

Her cries mixed with the patient's screams blended together so that they formed a sick melody, and Crow cupped her ears in her hands to block it out.

Jonathan took the mask off, and said softly, "Crow, Crow, it's me, Jonathan, come on Crow, it's me."

But she was still under the effects of the gas, and she just cried, "Stay away from me, please... don't hurt me..."

He frowned, and set the mask back into the briefcase that was still sitting on the desk.

He grabbed her shoulders, and shook hard, saying a little firmer, "Crow, listen to me, I won't hurt you, I'm Jonathan, it's me!"

She just cried louder, her eyes clenched shut and yelling through the tears building up in her throat, "DON'T HURT ME, PLEASE!"

Her shoulders shook heavily as she sobbed, hiding her face in her hands and whimpering through tears, "Don't hurt me..."

Jonathan just stood up, and grabbed a small vial from his briefcase, inserting a small amount into a syringe inside the briefcase.

Once he had the desired amount inside the syringe, he jammed the needle into her neck.

She let out a petrified scream, thinking she had been stabbed, then went slack in Jonathan's arms as the antidote came into effect.

Crow slowly came into consciousness, the sudden blare of light causing her to squint her eyes.

She looked around once her eyes had adjusted, and saw Jonathan sitting next to the bed she was lying in.

She jolted to life, and yelled with a fury she had never experienced before, "What are you doing here?!"

He frowned, obviously a little hurt, and said, "Crow, I'm so sorry you had to see that-"

Her eyes widened, and she screamed with the same fury, "Sorry?! Sorry can never forgive what I saw! I was petrified!"

Jonathan shed a small tear, and said, "Crow, Crowlin, please, I didn't mean for you to see-"

Crow said with the fury fading from her voice to be replaced with sadness, "See what? You were masquerading around in front of a patient as a terrifying scarecrow right before our date, and you didn't want me to see that?"

Her anger disappeared, and she choked back a horrible sob as she held her face in her hands.

Jonathan felt like sobbing along with her, but he just gathered up all of his strength, and said with as much venom as he could muster, "You couldn't stand a little fear? Weak. That's all you are."

Her eyes widened, and she buried her face in her arms as she let out a loud wail, her shoulders heaving.

He wanted apologize, but he decided this was best.

He pressed on, "If you can't stand just a hint of terror in an insane asylum, then you need to leave, Dr. Mortis."

Her dark eyes shimmered with tears as she looked up at him, almost finding the strength to retort; but it dissolved before she could say anything, leaving her to hold her head in her hands and wail.

Jonathan smirked, and left the room before he could weaken.

Crow woke up in her apartment, still dressed in her tattered evening gown, and looked around to see that Cathy was sitting on the edge of her bed.

The frazzled red-head looked at her with wide eyes, and said in a strangely haunting tone, "Who was that?"

Crow frowned drowsily, and said in a tired voice, "Who was who?"

Cathy said, visibly quivering, "The man who brought you home."

Crow thought for a bit, then shrugged, saying, "No clue. I fell asleep at the asylum."

Cathy shook her head, and said, "How did you fall asleep at the asylum? You went there to meet your date! How did you fall asleep?"

She thought for a bit, then said, "What, did he drug you or something?"

Crow touched her temple, then said, "I don't remember."

But she looked up, and said slowly, "But I do remember he dumped me."

Cathy frowned, and suddenly she was her old self again. She said, "Aww, poor thing. You got so dressed up too..."

Crow just frowned, and said, "No, he wasn't that great. I guess I was just a little shell-shocked that someone actually asked me out."

Cathy just nodded, and said, "You want to go to a movie? I heard that Dr. Strange is out!"

Crow smiled, and nodded, pulling her ruined dress off and tossing it in the trash to replace it with a sweater and a comfortable pair of slacks.

The cab the two roommates were riding in arrived at the theater, shuttering to a stop.

Cathy clamoured out first, wearing a baggy green skirt with a pair of tight orange pants and large hoop earrings dangling from her earlobes.

Crow stepped out carefully in a tight white sweater and light blue jeans, following her bubbly friend up to the ticket window.

Cathy smiled cheekily at the clerk behind the dusty glass, and said, "Two tickets for the 5:00 showing of Dr. Strange."

The young man accepted her folded bills and slid their tickets underneath the glass to them after he counted the cash.

He also noticed the redhead had slipped him a piece of paper with her number scrawled on it in with the bills, and pocketed the worn paper with a small wink to her.

Cathy smiled another toothy smile and waggled three of her fingers in his direction as she walked inside the theater, tailed by Crow who was trying not to seem too awkward.

They bought a large bucket of popcorn, which Crow offered to carry, and headed inside the designated theater.

Cathy picked seats in the middle of the room and sat down just as the movie began to play.

Crow watched the majority of the movie without any trouble.

But she was watching the intense final scene when she let out a blood-curtling scream.

Cathy looked over to her with a start, and hissed, "What are you doing?" as the people around them started telling her to shut the hell up.

But Crow looked up at the screen again, and screamed, this time longer and higher.

One of the ushers, in his trim uniform and carrying his lit flashlight, walked over to them, and told Cathy, "I'm sorry ma'am, you have to take her out of the theater."

Cathy glared at Crow, and dragged her out of the theater.

The flustered red-head called down a cab, and threw her roomie inside.

Once they had started moving, Cathy yelled, "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!"

Crow frowned, and said, "What? What did I do?"


Crow felt tears well up in her eyes, but she said in spite of her tears, "I don't know what's going on, ever since I came home from that date, I've been terrified of everything, and I couldn't help it! I'm sorry Cathy, I can't help it!"

Cathy just glared at her blubbering roommate, and turned to look out the cab window, glaring at the lights flashing past them.

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