"Hey!" You winced, glaring at our boyfriend as pain bloomed in your forehead from a swift flick. "What the hell Takaya?!"

You could see his nostrils flare from where he stood in front of you with fists clenched at his sides. "Stop doing that."

You furrowed your eyebrows, glancing up at him. "Stop doing what?"

"Stop hanging around Mihashi all the time." You could just see the anger building up inside of him. His breath became harsh and shallow as his hands clenched tighter, itching to swing and knock the star pitcher out. "The last I checked you were my girl, not his!"

Your eyes sparkled and your pursed lips parted a little before widening into a grin you failed to suppress. "Oh my, someone sounds jealous."

"I'm not jealous." He denied, looking away.

"Yes, you are." You said as you rubbed your hand across his chest before wrapping your arms around his waist and pressing your lips against his ear. "Who would have thought you'd be jealous of little ole' Mihashi."

"[Name]," Abe's breath fanned against your ear as his fingers trailed along the side of your face before rising up to flick your forehead once again. "I'm not jealous, you idiot!"

"Ow! Stop doing that!"

"Then stop hanging out with other guys!"