Author's Note: Okay, so this is my first JOE story. This is renegades verse after their names are cleared and the team is put together. Basically they've been getting new recruits and Ripcord's been giving fitting nicknames.

Disclaimer: don't own it, wish I did but I don't. Oh well, I'll live. I do own Joy and the plot.

Rating: T+

The New Recruit

"So, we don't know anything else about him?" Flit asked.

"No, and we also don't know if they're a he." Duke replied.

"Seriously, let's see they have: Navy Seal, Black Ops, Military, Army, Navy, Special Forces, and Ninja training. Are ya sure they're not a he?"

"Okay, I admit it would be hard for a she to get through that."

"I've never heard of a she getting through that before in my life."

Duke sighed as they exited the building, Flint had a point. He also had never heard of a woman passing all those tests and trainings before. They only had to wait a few minutes before the chopper carrying their new recruit could be seen. As it landed General Abernathy stepped out, followed by a young woman. She had scars on her face and down the part of her chest that they could see. They looked like knife cuts and burns.

"General Abernathy, sir!" Both men said.

"At ease, I have brought your newest recruit, now, I have more pressing problems to deal with. Have fun, she's a fireball who hits like a man." Abernathy said and then abruptly left, leaving three very confused Joes.

"So, you're the new recruit?" Flint asked. He was a bit sour at being proven wrong, as well as shocked.

"Yep, gotta problem with that?"

Duke, thankfully, stepped in then. "No, we were just surprised that you are, well, a female."

"Ah, so they didn't tell you anything else?" The recruit asked.

"No, but I'm glad to have another girl around. Oh, I'm Scarlet, by the way." Scarlet, who had just arrived, said.

"Oh, well I'm glad I'm not alone, Scarlet." The recruit said half-jokingly.

"So, what's your name?" Flint said before Scarlet could respond.

"Ms. Scott, but everyone calls me Joy." Joy responded quietly.

"Okay, so, how'd a ninja get the name Joy?" Flint asked haughtily.

"Simple, by being a joyful person while suffering." Joy replied equally as haughtily.

"Okay you two, let's at least try to get along." Duke said.

"Come on, I'll show you to your room." Scarlet said kindly to Joy.

Joy was shown to her room, which was rather bland. She had been told that the following day she'd be able to pick her own style of bed, dresser, vanity (if she wanted one), curtains, etc. She, almost laughed at the idea of picking these things by herself, for she was hiding a huge secret from the Joes: she was blind. Picking a dresser and bed would be alright, but bed spreads and curtains would be a nightmare, unless she could get another Joe to help her. A vanity would be useless, and she really didn't care about paint or floor color and/or design. This would be difficult. Just as she was thinking on this, someone knocked on the door.

"Yes." She asked as she opened the door.

"Hay, we just came to say hi and introduce ourselves." Stated a man with a deep, Southern accented voice said.

"Oh, okay. Who are you?" joy asked.

"I'm Roadblock, this here," he said slapping the man at his right's back," is Heavy Duty. And this," he said smacking the man on his left's back," is Snake-eyes. Well Snakes is your neighbor on the right, I'm on the left and Heavy is next to me. What's your name?"

"I'm Joy, glad to meet you…"

"Hey, I'm right next to Snakes, and T-rat is next to me." Another voice cut Joy off.

"Oh, okay, and you are?"

"I'm Ripcord. So, your name is joy?"

"Yes, that's what people have started calling me."

"Oh, so Joy's your nickname?!"

"I guess so." Joy replied.

"And think of that, another person you didn't name. First Snakes now Joy!" Tunnel Rat said.

After a while all the Joes but Snake-eyes left. He proceeded to move past Joy and into her room. He then sat on her bed and patted it so she could join him. She closed the door and then sat on his lap. He then nuzzled her cheek, and she pulled his mask up and kissed him soundly on the lips. He returned the kiss vigorously. Joy pulled back after a while and whispered, "It's so good to be close again, honey."

He then started tapping his arm, doing Morse code, 'good to see you honey, I've missed you, want to have some fun?'

"Oh, yes, of course. Just let me lock the door." She replied. She then got up and locked the door. When she turned around he grabbed her about the waist and placed her on the bed. She looked at him with wide, unseeing eyes, then smiled almost devilishly. He stripped himself, then her, climbed into bed, and made love to his wife.