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~*Joy's POV*~

*Five years before Joy joined the JOEs.*

"Shadow Wolf, there is a mission for you. It is in Paris. You leave tomorrow." Dragon Claw told me. Dragon Claw was the master of the Deadly Brotherhood clan. I was practicing my latest kata when he entered.

"Of course, Master. Thank you for this opportunity." I replied.

"Of course, get your gear ready. Then get rest, you leave first thing in the morning. Good luck." He said.

"Yes master." I said, then I bowed. He bowed his head in turn. He then turned and strode out of my room. 'Well, there goes my day of rest. Ah well, I do love me a mission.' I packed my bag, changed my clothes, and slept. The following day, I flew to Paris. I arrived at the meeting house, an old Victorian mansion.

"Thank goodness you came," the woman said, "I've heard that you are very picky about your jobs. I have someone that I need dead, and no one can know I was linked to their death. His name is Misère Léopold De' Changi. He has been a thorn in my side for eight years. He has also stolen a large amount of money from many people, including myself, to help form his empire. Will you help me, um, us even?"

"I will help you madam…?"

"Madam Midair Milhomor." She replied.

"Then, I shall help you Madam Milhomor." I said, and then slipped away.

+5 days later+

I was ready, my shuriken was poised and ready. I threw it, and it hit my target: the back of De' Changi's neck between the first and second vertebrae. There was a problem, though. He was dead, sure, but another had got him too!

I turned to see another ninja, a male, staring at me in shock.

"Who on Earth are you?!" I asked in outrage.

'Snake-eyes Arashakage, who are you?!' he signed angrily at me.

"I am Celina Scott of the Deadly Brotherhood." I said in a stern voice, but it then softened as I asked, "Who hired you?"

'Misère Milhomor, you?'

"Madam, or I guess, Mistress Milhomor." I sighed, "Guess they set us up, huh?"

'Yep, and now we'll only get half the promised price. Darn double crossing little…"

"Hey, there is a way to get the same amount. That is, if you work with me." I said with a slight smile.

I saw the thought ~I'm in trouble~ flash through his mind. 'Let's do it then.' he signed with a smirk.

I merely had to threaten a vendetta against the Milhomers to get them to give us our promised pay. After that, Snake and I started working together. Even after I went back to America, we kept in contact. He latter joined the JOEs, and then saved me. We got married after that, and the rest you know.