Chapter 1

It was just another normal day in Jump City for the Teen Titans; as they do their regular activities inside their T-shaped tower. Beast Boy and Cyborg were playing video games in the main room, Raven was meditating to her meditation mix in her room, Starfire was with Silkie cooking one of her Tamaranean dishes. The only one that wasn't in the tower was their leader; Robin.

"Excuse me friends but where is Robin?" Starfire asked while still mixing the food in the pot

"Oh he said he was running an errand" Beast replied with his eyes fixated on the screen

"Yeah it was out of town so he won't be back for a couple of hours…." Cyborg stated as he button mashed his controller beating Beast Boy at the video game "BOOYAH!" he hollows as he gets up in Beast Boy's sullen face and chants as Raven hovers in and grabs a drink from the fridge

"Raven do you know where Robin is?" Starfire asked as she flew over to Raven

"I don't know Star, but he'll be back so just wait" Raven replied as she sipped he drink with Starfire clearly not satisfied with her answer

"Why do you care where Robin is anyway?" Beast Boy asked

"Isn't it obvious BB, she misses her boyfriend" teased Cyborg making Starfire blush furiously as red as her hair as she sunk behind the kitchen counter meaning she did miss Robin

We then cut to Robin riding his R-Cycle out the city he hasn't been to in a while; Gotham.

On what Robin called 'running an errand' but that was code for him doing a task that didn't involve the other Titans. In this case he was summoned against his will by the one person he really didn't want to talk to: Batman! He wasn't an idiot he knew exactly what his former partner in crime wanted him for and that was a briefing of the Tokyo incident. More specifically he just wanted to berate him for his supposed 'rash' and 'reckless' behaviour that led to him being framed for murder!

When Robin stopped to get off his bike, take off his helmet and yell out to the sky on an open field with nothing in sight; hoping this will let out all of his anger. It didn't but it needed to be done.

"What ticked you off?" this question made Robin turn around with a Birdarang in his hand only to put it down when it was revealed to be Kid Flash

"What are you doing here Kid Flash?" Robin asked as he walks towards him

"Well I was around and I saw you and thought 'hey we don't talk that much,' and here I am…" Kid Flash answered with Robin looking unconvinced "…and also I heard about you and Starfire becoming official" he winked at Robin as he blushed upon hearing that "I was always rooting for you guys" as he nudged Robin

"Thanks… I guess" Robin was now walking towards his R-Cycle as Kid Flash appeared in front of him

"Hey I was just wondering if you were OK, I'm sure the guys down at Atlantis heard that" KF joked which made Robin smirk

"Just letting out some frustration, nothing you should be concerned about" Robin was now putting on his helmet as he thought back to his encounter with Batman

It started off formal and tame with Bruce only asking basic questions like 'How are you?' and 'Are you eating properly?' and then the Dark Knight put up a news report of Robin 'murdering' Saico-Tek. Then an argument broke out with Robin pointing out he was framed and Batman pointing out that he should've been able to have some self control to not make it look like he was 'murdering' him as reports say he tackled him into a billboard and beat him senseless. Robin then made the argument that it wasn't alive and that it was ink and a ploy to get him framed and out of Daizo's way.

To Batman's credit said he knew Robin was framed and that he could never do it; this was more about him doing a mistake and needing to be a better hero and not making irresponsible decisions as that led Robin into Daizo's scheme. But that was what angered Robin so much as it was hypocritical of Batman telling him to be a better hero as he literally tried to take that away from him! This led to them fighting about other topics about the Brotherhood of Evil, Slade, and the tragic night that broke the Dynamic Duo apart; ending with Robin storming out.

"Yeah right, come on man you can tell me we're friends now, right?" KF asked but was more of a fact than an actual question. Kid Flash knew that Robin doesn't see him as his greatest friend s they know little about each other and only worked together in order to take on the Brotherhood of Evil. But with Kid Flash, no one could really distrust him; he was just an open book and was friendly to a fault. Which is why he got a certain someone to switch to the side of good and be his girlfriend.

Just before Robin could answer Kid Flash's communicator went off with Speedy being displayed.

"KF, we tracked Gizmo and his friends assembling in a abandoned warehouse in Steel City we could use your help" Speedy told the speedster "Sure got your back man" KF replied as he puts away his communicator and faces Robin

"Want to come with. Be a great opportunity to let off some steam" KF stated as Robin gets on his bike and waits a couple seconds before answering

"Sure why not…" Robin was instantly by the Titans East's tower before he could finish

"Sorry we would've been here faster but your bike was hard to manoeuvre" KF summed up as Speedy and Aqualad approach them

"Robin what are you doing here?" Aqualad asked

"He was with me when I got the call anyway what's Gizmo's plan?" KF answered and asked

"We don't know yet but we caught some serious signals emitting from the docks" Speedy stated

"Which can only mean trouble" Robin summed up taking off his helmet

"Well no time to waste" Kid Flash picked up each of them one by one to the abandoned warehouse as they ran to the top and quietly staked their enemies which consisted of the H.I.V.E Five and some select villains

"Is it just me or is it strange that most of these guys were aligned with the Brotherhood of Evil?" Speedy whispered to the others

"Yeah your right, what do you think there doing?" Aqualad answered with another question as they listened in on the myriad of criminals

"My fellow comrades of evil, I invited you all here to witness a piece of technology that will unite us once again and allow us to demolish those crud-munchers called the Teen Titans!" Gizmo announced which made his fellow criminals cheer which only made Speedy scoff. Gizmo reveals a remote with an antennae sticking out as he holds it up "With this we can reunite the Brotherhood, observe" he pulls of a blanket covering two tall technological poles and presses a button; opening a portal in between the two poles and See-More goes in and returns with Adonis without his armour amazing everyone; including the four Titans

"That could be trouble for us" Kid Flash stated

"That must be what was emitting those signals" Aqualad realized

"This will allow us to free our fallen comrades and get rid of the Teen Titans once and for all!" Gizmo yelled out with everyone except for the Titans with Robin activating his communicator to alert the others of his location

"I already alerted the other Titans. Where are Bumblebee and Mas y Menos?" Robin asked the two members of Titans East

"There both helping Titans North with their tower today, which is why Kid Flash was called to help" Aqualad told Robin

"What are we going to do?" Kid Flash spoke to the rest hoping for an answer

"I know, Aqualad and Speedy will distract them and Kid Flash will grab the remote and I'll disable the two poles, since they won't expect us to be here. Everybody ready?" everyone nodded and Robin says the iconic line "Titans Go!" and with that Aqualad and Speedy get ready

"Hey small fry!" Speedy shouted out as he readies his bow and arrow when everyone there looks at them "Isn't past your bed time?" he shoots his arrow near the feet of some of the villains and it explodes knocking them back a bit

"Don't worry it's only two Titans, we can handle them" Gizmo shouts out before a yellow blur comes past and takes the remote

"Make that three Titans" Kid Flash smugly says as Gizmo tries to get the remote back as we see Robin tinkering with some wires on one of the poles but is stopped when See-More and Kyd Wykkyd attack him but he evades them. Robin then throws a disc which freezes the two and then he throws a Birdarang and it explodes knocking the two out after they crash into the wall, Robin returns to disarming the machines.

Meanwhile Aqualad brought water from the pipes underground and used it to attack Billy Numerous' clones and creating a wave which defeated him and he goes on to fight the rest. Kid Flash was still toying with Gizmo but was struck by Mammoth into a crate and he drops the remote near Robin. Speedy sees this and tries to get closer but is tackled by Mammoth but Kid Flash intercepts him and they both crash into a wall near the two poles

"Kid Flash, Speedy!" Robin shouted out but is interrupted by Gizmo trying to blast him making him get away from the machine

"Stay away from my machine crud-brain!" Gizmo said as he kept blasting Robin as he keeps evading them until he gets an idea and he flips over to where the two poles and dodges one the blasts meant for him and it hits one of the machines making Gizmo distraught at what he's done

"NOOOOO!" Gizmo wailed until Robin kicked him resulting in him getting knocked out but he lands on top of the remote which makes the poles activate but with one of them damaged it starts to malfunction and with Gizmo still on the remote it makes the portal unstable and that makes the four heroes and everyone else nervous and most of them run with Mammoth carrying Billy, See-More, Kyd Wykkyd and Gizmo while the Titans still there to get the unconscious Speedy and Kid Flash until the portal finally explodes and causes a rift enveloping the four young heroes to God knows where…

Well that was the first chapter and just so you know I have not watched the Teen Titans in a while so I may not write them that true to the source material but I'll try my best. I decided to do these four Titans instead of the original five because it will make the story more intriguing as four heroes who haven't really worked with each other for long (say for Speedy and Aqualad) and that there will be more to write about the characters interacting and giving their alternate backstories and others reacting to those stories