Chapter 13

Gotham Academy

11:27 AM

November 15th 2010

Dick Grayson was apparently bored out of his mind in his Math Class. Not even bothering to take notes like he always does so it feels like he's paying attention but he wasn't up to it today.

He had more important things to think about.

"Can't think straight, knowing Slade is out there free with no way to find him is making me go crazy!" Dick deeply thought then he decided to answer the equation on the board which of course, he got right.

He retreated back to his stressed state of mind for a while. Over thinking every possible scenario of confronting the inter-dimensional dictator to the point that he didn't notice the bell to move on to his next class.

"Hey Dick"

He was snapped out of his trance by a smooth voice belonging to his red haired best friend and daughter of Gotham's Police Commissioner. Barbara Gordon.

"Yeah Babs?" Dick replied after collecting his thoughts and now thinking of clever excuses to pardon his behaviour.

"Come on, the bell rung, it's time for out next class" Barbara explained with a no nonsense tone and then proceeded to advance towards the door with Dick following suit while putting his books into his bag.

They both walked to class together in silence until Barbara broke it with words of concern.

"Are you doing OK?"

Dick took a moment to process the question and thinking if Barbara would drop the conversation if he lied but instead he decided to talk for real.

"Barbara, did you ever face something you couldn't handle and have no idea of how to deal with it?"

Dick honestly told his female best friend who wears a smile.

"What? Does the mighty Dick Grayson face a problem, that his superior intellect couldn't solve?" Barbara dramatically acts with the back of her left hand on her forehead which made Dick smile.

"I don't know why I talk to you?" Dick scoffs at her which made her giggle.

"Because I'm the only one in this school that can stand you" Barbara answers and they both stop at their class door "Seriously you're a smart guy, the smartest person I know... besides me of course. There is nothing you can't handle"

"I know" Dick responded, with his spirit being lifted.

"Come on, class is about to start"

Barbara disappeared into the classroom leaving Dick alone in the hallway with nothing but his own thoughts.

"Mr Grayson, would you mind coming in?"

Dick was brought back by hearing his English teacher calling out to him through the open door.

"Yes sir"

Dick went inside the classroom hurriedly and was almost about to sit down but before he could, the class suffered a slight tremor…

Central City

11:10 AM

November 15th 2010

Kid Flash had just woken up on his inter-dimensional Uncle Barry and Aunt Iris' couch in a tired haze. He cocks his head back and yawns while he stretches his tired limbs as far as they can go, jumping off the couch as soon as he was done.

"Alright time for breakfast!" the young inter-dimensional speedster exclaims as he for once walks normally to get food instead of run.

He grabs a box of cereal and eats a handful, savouring the sweet taste with a smile on his face. Kid Flash then proceeds to chug the whole thing into his mouth while he crashes onto his sleeping arrangement, mere moments after leaving it.

"So I guess, I'm the only one here?" he thought aloud as he scans the room and stops when he finds a note on the table.

He blitzes his way over to it and gives it a read.

'Dear Other Wally

Me and Iris have to go into work and Wally had to go into school. Help yourself to whatever's in the kitchen, just try not to mess it up. (We may be fast but Iris can still catch us :( ) Also try to take a shower, cause you reek and Iris (and I) try to keep a clean house.

Yours truly, Other Uncle Barry'

Kid Flash smiles after reading the note but goes quizzical when he reads about his stench. He puts up his right arm and smells his armpit before physically gagging at his own stink, he earned from training the night before.

"Maybe it won't be such a bad to hit the showers"

With that the Honorary Titan marched towards the shower and for the first time since he got to this parallel reality, took off his costume.

He looked very much like the Wally of this world but somehow looked young, based on his face alone and has pristine blue eyes than green ones.

The shower starts and he hops in letting the warm droplets of water hit his face as he lets his mind wander to the night before.

Specifically about how he choked when his reality's parents were mentioned.

"How am I supposed to explain that?"

Wally thinks internally, going through less than favourable memories concerning his parents.

More specifically, his father!

Wally snaps himself out of it and turns of the shower, grabbing a towel to wrap around himself as he makes headway to the couch.

"Let's see if this universe gots some toons?" Wally says aloud, pushing the bad thoughts down then proceeds to turn on the T.V. going through tons of channels until the apartment starts to tremor…

"What the..?!"

Roy Harper's Apartment

11:23 AM

November 15th 2010

In the lone apartment of the former partner to Green Arrow, was him keeping count on his inter-dimensional twin's weight lifting reps.

"98…99…100. Time!" Roy exclaimed as Speedy put the heavy weights to rest as he gets up with sweat glistening off his face.

"Told…ya I could…do it!" Speedy breathes out then catches the towel that his other threw him.

"I expect no less from…you know? Me!" Roy answers back proudly as he sips his water bottle then proceeds to toss it at his panting twin.

"What now?" Speedy says in a more relaxed voice.

"I'm normally at work around this time down at the gym. But I figured I need to rest up if this Slade guy is really dangerous" Roy replies while watching his other stand up and throw the water bottle back.

"You work at a gym?"

"Yeah, need a job to pay the bills and need something to do during the day. We can't all just take it easy, sitting in a tower"

"Hey we don't just sit!" Speedy lashed out "We also play video games and eat pizza"

Speedy leans back easily while having his arms crossed while Roy rolls his eyes, not believing how laidback his other is.


Roy grabs a pair of dumbbells, resulting in Speedy looking befuddled?

"Is your life one constant work out?" Speedy asks. Being seriously surprised by how serious his counterpart is about staying in shape.

"We're in the hero business, we need to be in top form. All the time" Roy answers back sternly. Never losing focus on his weight training.

"Never knew I could be so serious?" Speedy muttered under his breath which was caught Roy's attention but before he could respond he felt his apartment shake?


11:20 AM

November 15th 2010

Aqualad couldn't remember the last time he had this much fun in the ocean!

After resting for a couple hours in Shayeris with Kaldur and his parents, which he was surprised to see Kaldur having a human father? They ventured out to Poseidonis after a few pleasantries were exchanged between himself and Kaldur'ahm's parents.

The long haired Atlantean summoned dolphins to take them to the capital and they waited for the two love birds to show up…and when they did, Aqualad's heart nearly stopped.

He saw her. In all of her other worldly beauty.'s been this long huh?

Well I would like to apologize to everyone, old and new for not updating. There is no real excuse except for motivation and poor planning. I had no real outline for this story and did it by the seat of my pants. Which was fine at the beginning before I had my Laptop taken away that month and that knocked me off the rails for updating.

I had no precise focus or end for the story it was just the interaction between the teams and to write character drama. I am not a writer. I want to be able to write good stories since I want to have my own show but compared to others, I fall short. I'm more of a storyteller than a good writer so I guess that's why so many people followed this story and for that I am touched that you guys have enjoyed this story...

...Which is why I'm rebooting it!

I've read this over and over so I get the incentive to keep writing and I was not pleased with the grammar and the overall structure of the story. I want this to be on the level of some of the fanfic stories I've read with proper planning and research. I've already planned out the Titan's origins which really bit me last time because if I'm going to create drama, I need to find a reason for it. I hyped up the tension between the Titans and their inter-dimensional mentors without really knowing why (especially for Aqualad) so I wrote out origins that I hope fit their comic book characters.

Updating will always be erratic depending on how much time I have but since I'm adding and correcting my old files, it won't take forever. I'm giving myself by the end of 2021, which is when I finish University.

So before I post the reboot I wanted to give you guys the last thing I wrote for this story which is chapter 13 and as you can see it's not finished. The plan for this and the rest was for it to continue to chapter 16 and it was going to be a battle against Slade who was using Seismic Generators and planned on controlling Robin but then YJ Robin got in the way and was going to mind controlled. Then I think I wanted YJ Robin to enter the TT universe? Yeah, let's say I didn't have a concrete plan for the rest of the story. Really wrote myself in the back of a corner with bringing in Slade.

The first chapter to 'When There's Trouble..' will be up later today.