Totally Spies: Rescue The Girls!

Clover's cousin Norman, Jason Hightower from Zooney World, and Theodore from Soul Collector, must save Clover, Sam, and Alex from some of there past rivals, who have some how captured the spies in some hidden dungeon under the bottom of the ocean, Will they saved them in Time? you must read and find out?

There was terrible news at the (WOOPH) Jerry's favorite and three of his best female spies have been captured by some of there past villians they have faced before, Jerry Lewis who was in his office talking to some of the goverment agents that worked at (WOOPH) for the past years, they were all wondering how to rescue the girls from the criminals who have kidnaped them.

On the large computer system Mr. Lewis says to his top goverment leaders on there mission to rescue Sam, Clover and Alex.

"Ladies and gentlemen, as you know we have a crises in our hands, our top secret agents Samantha, Clover, Alexandra have been taking hostage by some of our former criminal master minds, and we have no other special agents to take on this mission because there on different assignments, so we'll have to bring new members on this mission...But Who?"

Meanwhile...Three preteen boys from diffrent schools were all going to their lockers to get some of their thing out, when Norman, Jason, Theodore had just open their lockers up, something pulled them deep inside and all three of the boys were falling right down to Jerry's office at the ( WOOPH) as the boys felled on there butts had all seen one another and were really confused? Norman the first one to speak said while he was rubbing his hair.

"Hey! where am I? this isn't the Principals office!"

Theodore said while looking around.

"This place looks better then my math class that's for sure."

Jason told him.

"You think that's bad, you should see my Grandma's house."

Norman as he was now walking over to Jason's direction said with a friendly tone to him.

"Hi! My name is Norman, what's your name dude?"

Jason said while he was shaking Norman's hand.

"Jason...Jason Hightower, my father is a millionaire and I once took over the world."

While Theodore went over to there direction and said while touching their backs.

"And my name's Theodore! and I'm a cool Guy!"

Jason then speaks and tells the other two.

"Glad to meet you guys, but I still want to know what are we doing here?"

Suddenly, Jerry who was sitting in his chair all along when the boys had arrived to his office, had turned his leather black chair around and said to them while standing up, with a tiny smile on his face.

"Good morning gentlemen, I am Jerry Lewis and this is the World Organization Human Of Protection also know as (WHOOPH) I am the founder of this Organization and you were all sent here by me because I chosed you three to help rescue our company's top three female spies."

After Jerry said those words, Jason, Norman, and Theodore still coulden't believe what he told them just now, Jason said.

"Old man, what are you talking about?"

Theodore just rolled his eyes.

Norman went.


Meanwhile...Right under a small tunnel under the deep blue ocean was a hidden passage where Clover, Sam, and Alex were being held captured by some of there former rivals, they were...Granny! her old partner Papa! The Ringmaster aka Octopus Boy! Tim Scam! Tuesday Tate! The Ice Cream Man! Coffee Guy! FanGirl! Senor Starchy! and The Inventor! the ten former bad guys had been planning this for many months...Tim Scam who was the leader says to his comrades.

"Looks like we've have finally captured our three cute home wreckers, this time our plan Worked!"

Tuesday Tate said.

"Yes, those annoying girls our finally in our Hands!"

FanGirl said.

"My collection of them is complete."

As they were all trapped tied up together in chairs and gaged so none of them could cry for Help.

The Inventor then tells the other bad guys.

"Now let's see if Mr. Lewis can send us some of there top recruits to come and save the chicks."

Back inside of Jerry's office room, he told the boys about (WHOOP) what the girls do, and Norman was very surprised to learned what his cousin
Clover truly does for a living! he then yells after hearing the truth about her.


He then said with excitment.

"Oh, just wait until Aunt Stella hears about This!"

Suddenly, Jerry interrupted him and said.

"Now hold on, we don't want nobody else to know our true nature of what we do...please master Norman for the life of your cousin's and
you're's please, keep this...A Hush, Hush!"

Norman now with his arms crossed and was really desperate to tell his Aunt Stella about what her daughter really does for a living, told Jerry.

"Okay, I won't rat on Clover and I'll keep this a secret...But she owns me for this."

Jerry now tells the kids just right before pressing the red button under his desk.

"Now I'm counting on you small boys to do this mission and bring back the girls safe and sound."

Then he pushed the red button that make you down from under the floor and takes you to the training room, Jerry on the speakers says to the boys in the training room.

"Listen we don't have a lot of time for some training methods we better just give you some of our top weapons and some special gear that you'll be wearing on the trip."

To Be Continued.