As The Spy Robot was getting closer and closer to them, Norman's walkie talkie, suddenly gave a special ring and as he answered it very quickly.
Jason and Theodore, Started to duck for cover and Jerry who was talking to Norman, said with concern.

"Master Norman, Did you made it out of the canoe, And did you find the secret tunnel door?"

He quickly replied.

"Yes! But there's another big problem, There's these two freaks who are in the room, One with four arms and the other looks like my Science Teacher!"

Suddenly, Theodore while getting up, replied.

"He sort of reminds me of Doc Brown from Back To The Future."

Back on the walkie talkie, Norman then said to Jerry.

"And the crazy science guy has a giant Robot coming down on us!"

Jerry from the other line, quickly told him.

"Yes, That is The Ringmaster aka Octopus Boy and The Inventor. who's well known for creating metal robot objects, I put a special stink bomb
in the bottom pocket near your belts, Tell the other lads to both reach and pull the small black balls from underneath there belts, And Hurry!"

Suddenly, Norman shouted out to Jason and Theodore.

"DUDES! Get The Small Black Balls Right Near Your Pocket Belts, DO IT NOW!"

As Theodore and Jason quickly found the tiny stink bomb shape balls, Suddenly...They begin to grew in enormous Size! And by themselves
quickly went off making The Ringmaster and The Inventor pass out on the ground, And It made The Spy Robot burst into flames. While
The boys had all covered their mouths to avoid the awful stink smoke, Jason then see's another doorway to another room and he points to it
with his finger, While Norman and Theodore had also saw The doorway path Too!

While The boys ran to go through it, Tim Scum who was watching them on the big screen computer, He yells out while smashing the Table!

"You got to be kidding Me! Those stupid kids are really ticking me Off!"

Meanwhile, Clover was trying to get a lazer like pen pointer from her thigh suit pocket, Even though she couldn't reach it from the ropes.
And Sam was trying to use her foot to move it out from Clover's pocket.

Suddenly, The boys had now closed the doors so The Ringmaster and The Inventor couldn't get in if they woked up, Jason who was out of breath said.

"Boy, That sure was some big Stink Bomb that Jerry gave us, I wonder if he would let me borrow them sometime?'

Theodore told him.

"But Why?"

Jason replied.

"So I can set them off in the school's Bathroom! That Would Be Awesome!"

Theodore replied.

"I would pay to see That!"

Suddenly, Norman told the other two.

"Guys! Focus!...Now where are we?"

Jason told him.

"It looks like were in a Coffee like warehouse."

Theodore said.

"I hate Coffee."

All of a sudden, Coffee Guy jumps out from one of the big cup like statues and landed his feet on the floor, And he says to the boys.

"Well, You must be the punks who are going to save the day right, WRONG! I'm about to unleash my almight cappuccino from my jetpack on your Butts!"

As he shout out some hot boiling cappuccino towards them, Norman, Jason and Theodore quickly jumped to diffent directions. And as The boiling Cappuccino
started to melt the floors with it, Norman had found a strange water gun near his belt buckle and he decides to shoot It! And it turned the hot boiling cappuccino
into liquid Ice! and he shoots Coffee Guy with it and he becomes Frozen Solid! Jason gave a cheer and said.

"COOL! That takes care of Mr. Coffee Man!"

Norman said.

"Awesome water pistol! I just hope we'll find the girls and get out of here soon."

But in the dark and creepy shadow, Senor Starchy then walked from near one of the Coffee statues and says to the kids.

"Hello Boys! Looks like you got some brown stains on you're spy suits, Let me clean that up for you."

To Be Continued.