quick author's note: this story will feature Harley Quinn eventually, but it's not circulated mainly around her and The Joker. Larissa comes before The Joker's relationship with Harley Quinn. So if you're looking for The Joker x Harley, this isn't the one! enjoy..


The rain was pounding on Larissa's body, leaving her dark brown locks to stick to her face in coils. It was dark outside and the sky was pretty much black, but she didn't care. She was with the man that she loved, and he had promised to keep her safe as they prepared for the most dangerous mission they had done so far.

He promised.

She believed him.

"So when we get onto the roof and we get the signal, what do we do again? Remind me," Larissa smiled as she crawled over to where The Joker sat. They were sitting in the police helicopter that his henchman had previously hijacked. The Joker looked down into her slightly golden orbs and reached out to her with longing eyes, placing his hand underneath her chin and gently squeezing her cheeks.

"We run baby, we run," he muttered with his jaw firmly clenched down. Larissa bit her bottom lip and let out a little giggle.

"As long as you run with me I'll be okay," she whispered, taking her hand in both of hers and slowly moving it from her face to press light kisses on his chunky rings. "You will run with me, won't you?" The Joker simply smiled down at her and slapped his hands upon lap, giving Larissa the opportunity to hop up onto her feet and settle herself there instead.

"Baby…when have I ever…lied to you?" he drawled, still looking deep into her eyes. Larissa gave an innocent shrug and ran her fingers through her hair, making sure her chest was protruding through her tight dark orange leotard.

"Hmmmm. Never," she murmured down to him with a smile.

"Exactly," The Joker sighed as the helicopter began to sway to the left slightly. It was time. "Are ya ready honey?" he growled, pressing a hungry kiss to her soft lips.

"I'm ready baby," Larissa sang as she peppered kisses all over his face. "Let's go cause some destruction." She hopped off of his lap, grabbing the hairband from around her wrist and swiftly tying her hair up in a ponytail so that it would be easier for her to move. The Joker sat there and watched her in silence, running his tongue over his bottom lip as he watched her prepare herself for whatever was ahead.

Little did she know.

The helicopter was now dipping lower and lower, aiming to land on the roof of the bank under the murky night sky. Larissa slowly approached the open helicopter door, letting the wind blow over her. The Joker stood up, walking up to stand behind Larissa with his arms wrapped tightly around her waist. She sighed once she felt his touch, totally in bliss whilst in his embrace. She felt so safe when she was with him, it was almost impossible to explain.

"Let's do it," he muttered, gently nipping her earlobe. "On three." Larissa nodded, more than ready for this.


"One, two!" Before Larissa knew it, The Joker had shoved her out of the helicopter door, leaving her to free fall onto the roof which was further away than it looked. Obviously, Larissa was trained enough to deal with what to do. She was a well-known snake-like assassin with experienced years of flipping, crawling and generally being insanely flexible and light on her feet. That's why she was almost impossible to catch.

As soon as she saw the roof get closer, Larissa outstretched out her hands so that it collided with the concrete that paved the roof. As soon as her hands made contact, she bounced off and did a forward flip and a cartwheel whilst her body propelled forward before safely landing on her feet, upright. She spun around with a hugely beating heart, prepared to not see The Joker or any of his henchmen there – but she was pleasantly relieved as she watched The Joker swiftly jump from the rope that was swinging from somewhere inside of the helicopter and land on his feet as well.

"Why so serious?" he cackled once he had seen the relief on her face. He held his hand out to her and Larissa leapt over to him so that she could take it.

"I thought you left me," she panted. The Joker let out another small chuckle.

"No no," he tutted. "That bit comes…later…" Larissa opened her mouth to ask what he meant but suddenly – there was a loud honk of a horn from the road below them.

"That's the signal," she breathed.

"Scale the building and get down there, I'll be there waiting for you on the ground next to the truck," The Joker hissed, running his hands down her back and over her curves. Larissa bit her lip, unsure, but pulled herself together and turned around. She ran across the roof and pelted herself off the side, scaling the building as if it was an everyday event. She didn't even need climbing equipment, she moved like a reptile with such ease. It was dark and she couldn't see a thing, her body was twisting and turning regardless and she knew that she was closer to the ground. She was that much closer to running away with the man she loved.

Suddenly, something pierced into her ribcage. Larissa hissed out in pain, unsure of what had stopped her like that. The shock of it sent her flying off the brick wall of the bank, leaving her to fall straight onto the pavement below with a prominent crack of her bones. She still landed on her feet – but the pain was shooting through her with such intensity that she could do nothing less than writher around on the floor.

"J-JOKER!" she managed to scream as loudly as she could, blindly running her hands around her body to try and find what had hit her. Her fingers suddenly ran over something sharp that was sticking out in her side. "Mierda," she swore in Spanish, taking a deep breath before swiftly yanking it out. She gasped as she laid eyes on it and immediately knew what it was – a giant Batarang, covered on one side with her dark blood.

"Copperhead," came a deep growl from somewhere above her. Larissa looked up with murky eyesight as she began to lose consciousness, to see a large black figure looming over her. She didn't need to see him properly to know who it was.

"Great," she mumbled, feeling her mouth quickly fill up with blood. "It's you." Batman yanked her up by her shoulders and roughly pinned her to the wall. Larissa spat the blood out so that it sprayed all over Batman's face, giggling afterwards.

"Where's the rest of you?" he asked roughly. "I know you didn't do a bank heist alone. That's too much even for you." Larissa let out a sarcastic chuckle and turned her head to where she knew the truck was waiting – but was completely dazed to see her love, her beautiful Joker throw the last bag of money into the truck's open doors as two of his henchmen got in the front of the car.

"BABY!" Larissa screamed at the top of her lungs as Batman spun her around and held her against the wall face first instead.

The Joker looked back at her and raised his eyebrows. He suddenly jumped in the back of the truck with the rest of the cash, eyesight still locked with her. Larissa felt everything slow down completely. She could hear the blood rush in her ears and she felt her pulse increase. Surely this could not be happening. "No," she whimpered, feeling her eyes well up with tears. Her eyes silently begged The Joker not to leave her.

The Joker simply gave her a salute before bursting out into peals of manic laughter and slamming the door shut again, giving the drivers the signal to speed off into the distance, tyres screeching on the road.

Larissa felt her heart smash into pieces as she fell limp and allowed Batman to cuff her and waited for the police to arrive. She was bait. For the past four months, she was always going to be bait. Was anything he said real? Did any of his kisses mean anything at all? She didn't know and God knows she didn't care. Her broken heart had already hardened. She would go to prison, she would play along. But she wanted revenge, she wanted answers. She lusted for it, she thirsted for it.

She wanted blood.

A/N: I am already obsessed with this story. If you guys aren't sure, Copperhead is a villain from the DC universe. If you look up 'Copperhead Trailer Batman' on YouTube, you'll get an idea of just how flexible she is. She's so badass, so I hope this story will do her justice! (You can envision either Joker for this, Heath Ledger's or Jared Leto, it doesn't matter!) Tell me what you think! - J