It was all tactical. Larissa knew what she had to do and she already had an idea on how to do it. But it was all tactical.

If she made one wrong move, one wrong slip up, the guards could shoot her on sight and she couldn't risk that. She was too close to getting out for her life to be cut in half like that. She was good at what she did, almost too good sometimes. But that didn't stop her from being able to make some silly, difficult and possible life threatening mistakes in many of the moves she made. Usually, it was The Joker that got her out of sticky situations.

But he wasn't here anymore. She was on her own.

Larissa couldn't even sleep that night, but she didn't want to. She really couldn't bring herself to close her eyes for longer than a few seconds at a time. So she sat there on the beam, preparing for the breakout of a lifetime. All she had to do was wait. Wait for the man that she knew would be there eventually.

And he came.

"DIAS," came his booming voice as soon as the sun rose. Larissa cracked an eye open and lay across the beam with her leg dangling down as usual. She put on the character, she put on her act. She needed this to be as professional as possible – this was her curtain call.

One shot, that's all she had.

"Hola soldado," she called down to him. West looked up at her and gave a small smile.

"Back on the beam again I take it?" he chuckled quietly, watching Larissa slide down the walls and onto the floor once again.

"Yes. Of course I am," Larissa sang. Her heart was pounding and she felt the nerves begin to crawl through her veins. She carefully rose to her feet and stood directly opposite him with the upmost amount of confidence. West felt himself get lost in her orbs once again and cleared his throat. He wasn't going to let this happen, not today. "Baby, baby…you look so scared," Larissa cooed, reaching a delicate hand and cupping his stubbly face in the slowest, most deliberate manner.

"Are you surprised? I'm kinda standing right across one of the world's largest assassins," West joked, even though he felt like all the moisture had gone from his throat, if not his entire body.

"Is THAT what they call me?" Larissa gasped innocently, clutching her chest with the hand that wasn't resting on his face. She slowly brought his face closer to hers, no sudden movements.


She had to count the seconds in her head. It was all planned out.


4 months earlier

"Sweetie, I'm gonna teach you something real important and I need you to listen up," The Joker growled one evening as he and Larissa sat in the crowded member's bar of a drinking lounge of some sort. Everyone was half naked, there was a lot of alcohol and classical music playing. Larissa didn't feel right, if anything she felt extremely nauseous and dizzy, without knowing why. But she still focussed her attention on The Joker and what he was saying to her. "Are ya listening?"

"I'm listening," Larissa drawled, crawling over the red sofas and landing her head in his lap. The Joker grabbed her cheeks with his hands and pulled her face towards him.

"We're gonna blow this place up," he hummed through gritted teeth, barely opening his mouth. Larissa blinked at him lazily and stuck her tongue out, mocking his idea already.

"Now whyyyy would we do that?" she yawned.

"No, the question is, why not?" The Joker corrected her quickly. "Now listen up. Downstairs, we have people already setting up."

"When did you plan this?" Larissa suddenly asked, attempting to lift her head a little higher. It felt like her skull had become a heavy weight and found it difficult to keep it straight or to hold it up for more than a few seconds at a time.

"Less questions baby, more thinking. Now. You have the most important job in the entire world. Your job is to drop the match," The Joker whispered. Larissa chewed on her bottom lip and shrugged demurely.

"Okay. How do I do it? What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to count. Every single movement you do, you count," The Joker hummed. Larissa frowned and lazily stood up so that she could collapse in his lap with her arms hooked around his neck.

"Count? What do you mean?"

"Seconds. I mean everything is done is seconds. If you don't count correctly you can possibly get left behind. And I know you don't wanna get left behind," The Joker shook his head pitifully, leading Larissa to subconsciously copy him and shake her head too.

"And…and if I do get left behind?"

"You go kaput," The Joker stated simply, grinning down at her. "Alongside the rest of this place. I can't protect you forever. You gotta learn for yourself."


"West," Larissa breathed out, snapping out of the flashback she had just experienced. "I know you don't think I'm that scary." West scoffed and opened his mouth to say otherwise – but Larissa interrupted him with a sudden gentle kiss. West pulled himself away a second later. His eyes were darting from her own eyes to her lips, complete confusion drowning his pupils.

"No contact! DAMNIT Dias, you know there's strictly no contact!" he shouted, shoving her to the floor. Larissa hissed as her back collided with the ground, but continued to measure her breathing and to count the seconds she had thought of.

1, 2, 3. Keep cool, keep cool.

Larissa stood up straight, not giving up. She wasn't done, but West looked shaken up and above all, confused. "Why would you do something as stupid as that? It's like you WANT me to hurt you!" he spluttered, taking several steps back as Larissa continued to take some steps forward.

"West, come on," she whispered enticingly, grabbing his hand before he could reach for a weapon. "Nobody would know. Not a soul." West gulped and felt himself go limp, unsure of what he was feeling.

"Dias…please…don't." Larissa smirked and reached for his other hand, but gasped sharply as she felt the needle sink in the side of her neck. Her eyes begin to cloud over and she staggered backwards, feeling her pulse speed up and then slow down at various points.

8, 9…10?


Same day as before, just a little later on.

"Okay, you're up princess," The Joker's chuckle fed through her earpiece. Larissa cleared her throat as she propped herself up at the bar a little straighter, looking directly ahead of her as she plonked the small device into the tall glass of dark coloured alcohol next to her. The silk dress she was wearing, although it was clinging to all the right parts of her body, was making her feel hot and uncomfortable all of a sudden. Larissa smiled at a man who was approaching her, no doubt to try and seduce her.

"Hey there," Larissa smiled, flicking her hair behind her shoulder.

"Hi hottie. Lookin for a good time?" the man asked cheekily. Larissa shrugged, letting a smile crawl onto her face.

"Oh yeah, but I just ordered one too many drinks," she explained loudly over the music. The guy's eyes flicked from the glass back to her a little apprehensively, unsure on whether she was being serious. "You don't have to take it, I'll find someone else to give it to, it's no problem," she assured him, giving him a short smile and turning around again. The man left a few dubious seconds before snatching the glass and gulping it down in one go, slamming it back onto the bar.

"WOWWWW!" he whistled, slamming his chest repeatedly as the drink took its course. "That sh*t is FIERY!" This gave Larissa the opportunity to speak back to her boss.

"We have lift off," she mumbled as quietly as possible before standing to her feet again and turning back to the poor guy. "I know, that's why I drink it," she faked a smile and grabbed her purse.

"Time to count baby," came The Joker's drawl into her ear. Larissa did as she was told and counted to 4 before saying her next line, just like he told her to. Timing was everything. Especially now the guy had just swallowed an explosive, she only had a short amount of time to work with.

"Well I'm so sorry, but I have to get to the bathroom. I'll be back – in fact I'll meet you on the dancefloor," she gave him a graceful curtsey and threw him a wink as she turned around and started to walk out, counting again.

"No, wait!" the guy called out. Larissa stopped counting and started to panic as he grabbed her hand and spun her around. "Can I come with you? If you know what I mea-"

"Baby you're behind schedule," The Joker warned her lowly, leading Larissa to panic already. She snatched her hand out of his own and blundered blindly down the steps, knowing that now she was in trouble when she could hear him run after her.

"I said, STOP!" the man snapped, making Larissa freeze at sound of a click of a gun. She didn't even want to turn around, and The Joker wasn't speaking in her earpiece anymore.

Now she had no idea how much time she had left. And that's exactly what he told her not to lose track of.



Larissa knew that the next few seconds were important. West had already backed out of the room in a hurried panic, but stupidly – he didn't close the door behind him, assuming that she would be too weak from the serum to even try and get out.

But he had underestimated her once again.

Larissa suddenly stood up straight, fixing her hair and clearing her throat. Weakened? Never. That fluid in her skin was like water in her veins – didn't do much. Larissa had the gift of acting, she liked to play along where people assumed she was weak. What the guards failed to realise, was that each and every time they injected that syringe into her, it did absolutely nothing physically apart from blur her vision and make her dizzy and slightly more compliant.

She would know – The Joker used the same serum on her all the time to get her to do what he wanted.

Larissa knew this was her time and she couldn't wait any longer. Seconds counted, she knew that much. She ran straight out of the cell and practically flew down the hallway, skidding across the stone floor and lightly skimming her way past the cells. She ignored the catcalls and the 'HEY, TAKE ME!'s that she heard from various prisoners, and she especially ignored the sound of sirens and the 'LOCKDOWN' alert blaring through the speakers, she had one goal and she was so, so close to finishing it. And then – a problem.

"STAND DOWN, COPPERHEAD!" the voice of David Stone suddenly rang from above her, just as it did when she was first there. "COPPERHEAD. STAND. DOWN." The lights in the entire entrance hall went off and the bright white glare of various torches shone down on top of her. Larissa squinted at the harshness and looked up, face to face with one of her biggest enemies.

"You don't have to this Stone!" Larissa yelled back, as if it really made a difference. "Let me walk free and no men die." The guards all looked from the heaving Larissa and back to Stone, who stood there with his arms crossed.

"I don't think you're in the position to be making deals," Stone chuckled sadly, giving the soldiers the signal. Larissa took a deep breath and started counting again, rolling up her sleeves.

"WAIT! Sir, HOLD FIRE!" came a voice that Larissa recognised immediately. Stone clicked his fingers and the soldiers relaxed, now a little confused.

"Damn," she hissed as West came forward, fear and plea plastered all over his face. He approached her cautiously with slow steady steps. "Stop," Larissa murmured.

"West?" Stone called down, his tone reaching warning levels.

"Sir, I got this," West assured him. The soldiers all glanced at each other with dubious looks on their faces as their eyes were glued to the fiasco unfolding in front of them. Larissa was frozen in apprehension as West placed his hand on the small of her back, trying to calm her down. He was reaching in his pocket for something, and Larissa knew what it was. "Be good, Dias," he mumbled before stabbing the syringe into her neck once again, waiting for her to fall limp. Waiting.


They were all waiting.

But to their horror, it never came.

"I'm sorry soldado," Larissa muttered blandly. Suddenly in the space of a second, she grabbed the syringe and yanked it out of her own neck and into the left of West's chest instead, leaving the surprise in his eyes as he staggered backwards, blindly reaching for the needle to try and take it out as the pain set in and his heart began to slow down at an alarming pace. But it was in too deep for that.

"Sometimes you kill to get what you want, sometimes you kill to get what you want, sometimes you kill to get what you want," Larissa whispered to herself, repeating the words the The Joker once told her as every single one of the soldiers started to fire at her from the balconies and she witnessed the life and light slowly flicker out of West's eyes.

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