Disclaimer: I own nothing relevant, I just like to rhyme.

They have beaten me and bound me
Now their hired goons surround me
There's no way that I could flee
They are watching me with glee

There's a safe - the safe; I choke
Please let all this be a joke
No such luck; they let me view it
Then they drag me - yelling - to it

When it closes, all sounds soften
In my pitch black metal coffin
Everything is amplified
This is how my father died

I am trapped - I scream and shout
Begging them to let me out
My pulse roaring in my ears
Facing all my greatest fears

I feel movement, then a fall
I can't seem to think at all
Jostled when I hit the water
I'm the lamb; this is the slaughter

Blood and bruises on my skin
Darkness; water trickling in
While I struggle, kick and swear
I run out of time and air

Suddenly; the watch she gave me
- father's watch - is what can save me
There's no time, though; I must hurry
Everything is cold and blurry

I am burning, can't draw breath
Giving in, I breathe in Death
Lingering; my dying thought:
They are safe when I am not