Okay, so I got off my butt and decided that I am going insane from not being able to write, so now is the time, my friends. Here it is, the Prologue for the sequel to "Gardevoir and Her Love"; "Gardevoir's Retribution." If you have not read "Gardevoir and Her Love," please do so before continuing on with this story. It is important, for you will not get most of the stuff that is happening.

So here it is. New followers and old ones alike, I present to you, "Gardevoir's Retribution." Happy Reading, and tell me what you think of it, please.

P.S. Sorry if the Prologue is a bit short. I have some homework for Algebra 2 and I need to go finish it. But I'm going insane without writing, so this will satisfy for now.



Most people who says that they have experienced loss haven't experienced it like I have. The love of my life died to save the world. His name was Ian, he was 5'11", had short, brown hair with the brown eyes to match. I miss him more than anything… I'm kept up at night because all I can see when I close my eyes is Zekrom completely obliterating Ian…

Most would say that I've gotten my revenge. I killed Zekrom instantly after it killed Ian. I murdered N, who was the person who awoke Zekrom, and had some crazy goal of ruling the world. It wasn't even that well thought out…

But who am I? What am I doing? Where am I going? Well… My name is Katelyn. I am a Gardevoir, and I was in love with my trainer. My story isn't like all the stories on the internet with famous people and Pokémon having sex and affairs and whatnot. They only do it for the sex and money. My love for Ian goes deeper than anyone else's feelings for anyone. He is my soul, my life, and it's hard to live without him.

Why am I writing this in a notebook… I have no idea. It help, I guess. But right now, I'm in a room on a cruise ship sailing towards the Kalos region to find Jirachi. After Ian died and the Unova League was declared over, a Shiny Rayquaza brought me to Arcues, the creator himself. Arceus told me that there was a way to bring Ian back; Jirachi, the wish Pokémon. Arceus told me that Jirachi is in Fairy Cave in Kalos, but the only thing I don't get is why couldn't Arceus summon Jirachi to us? Probably some shit about "Fulfilling destiny."

But I feel as if Arceus wants me to go to Fairy Cave, even if Jirachi isn't there…

While Ian was still alive, we had a child. His name is Ninja, and he is a Shiny Ralts with brown eyes that remind me of Ian's. Somehow, Ian's human DNA in his… sperm… *Laughs* combined in a strange way with my Pokémon DNA. So when the egg was created, it took less time to hatch and Ninja was created. Right now he is sleeping on one of the two beds behind me; I'm sitting at the desk, writing this is a notebook so I can try to keep my sanity. I can't hold the pencil very well, so I'm using Psychic to move the pencil around on paper.

There are more things I want to write on here, but I feel embarrassed to be writing in a notebook. Don't expect any more writing, notebook. Sorry to be that way, but I can't have people knowing what I feel… The only person who can is Ian. And I'm going to bring him back so he can know how I feel.


Okay, so the Prologue basically is a recap of the past story. I think. But anyways, Katelyn is writing this in a notebook, with this being the only entry.

If there are people who are annoyed that the prologue is written like this, don't worry; the rest of the story will still be formatted like "Gardevoir and Her Love." The only thing that's different is the plot and the fact that every two chapters won't be switching between Katelyn and Ian.

So that's the Prologue. It sets the story up, and I have plans for the story. It feels good to be writing again, and I hope that old followers and new followers will follow the story. (Why must I write weird.) So take care, and, as always, Don't Die.


(For new followers, No I am not a shiny Ralts with brown eyes. I mean, it would be cool, but I'm not.)