Hey, been a while.

Letting you all know that I am done with fanfiction. I haven't written in like 4 years and I just don't enjoy it anymore. I've changed my email and name on fanfiction because I'm honestly embarrassed to have even written anything there, much less a pokemon story. I enjoyed it while it lasted but I'm done. It was too cringy for me to even look back at.

Shortly I'll make a download link in my profile and in the writer's discord for the story files and the unreleased story.

If you guys want to know who inspired me the most, it was probably Orthros and Murloc, and I think only one of those guys actually knows me. There's another but I don't remember his name.

Also the only reason I'm still leaving it up is because many new people are still favoriting the story and if people like it that much then they can enjoy it.

Ok, I'm done. Take care.

Don't die.