The next day outside of the golem tower

Ambrose:Okay Aaron today we will begin your first wizard training so take these cards and try and cast the fire cat.

Aaron:Okay,I cast fire cat (a sign comes up that says fizzled) what happened.

Ambrose:O that happens sometimes try it again.

Aaron:I cast fire cat(Fire cat appears and rams into a wall) did I do that.

Ambrose: Yes you have done you first fire spell young wizard and there's plenty more out there.

Aaron:Cool i'll ask Dalia to teach them to me.

Ambrose:O my slow down my boy your not ready for power like that trust me you'll learn more when the time is right speaking of which i thinks time to give the right wizard attire,I have some novice robes in the tower be right back(walks inside the tower).

Aaron:You know i actually think i'm in other world,I thought i just watched to much anime but i can really fell here, is awesome i can't wait to tell my classmates when i get back.


Aaron:No way hold on i'm coming (runs up the tower)

Ambrose:Way have you returned here Malistarie?

Malistarie:I have unfinished business.

Aaron:Ok (inhales) i'm here

Malistarie:Is this your newest student,but he is nothing but a child?

Ambrose:He may be a child but he has amazing potential.

Malister:No matter,my henchmen will destroy your little warrior(The draconian go the dueling circle)

Ambrose:Ok wizard take these spells and confront that henchman.I will guide you through the fight.

Aaron:Right(goes the circle)what do i do now?

Ambrose:Cast a spell and point it at the enemy you want to attack.

Aaron:All right here goes i cast troll (does 120 damage)cool.(Draconian cast frost bettle and does 50 damage)that didn't hurt so what happened?

Ambrose:The spell is don't do damage to you they do damage to damage to your health count(point so to Aaron's life points)and once it reaches zero you are defeated

Aaron:This sounds like a game in my world called yugioh.

Ambrose:I know of it.I gave Kazuki Takahashi the idea in his dream.

Aaron:Sweet thank know if kind of a professional du-

Malistarie:You naive fools, have you forgotten about the battle.

Aaron:Thats right i forgot about that anyway i cast fire cat.

Malistarie:You incompetent fool you let the young brat do damage to better turn this battle around or you'll pay for it.

The draconian casts Minotaur and reduces Aaron's health to 100.

Ambrose:O my your in trouble but I have an idea,here are the extra pips to cast meteor strike that should finish him off.

Aaron:I cast meteor strike(hits the dragon and defeats it)

Ambrose:Yes!good job i knew you had potential now sit back while I tend to Malistarie.

Malistarie:Another time old man i have what i came here for. now i will take my leave of this wrenchit place(disappears)

Aaron:Why did he come here.

Ambrose:I don't know I guess we will have to wait and see but anyway good job battling that monster now I can truly believe you will do just fine speaking of which I almost forgot your wizard clothes(looks through his laundry basket)here we are.

Aaron:Sweet(puts it on)

Ambrose:Whats this(pulls out his phone)yes?o my,well i'll send someone to check it out.(hangs up)

Aaron:Who was that?

Ambrose:Private Conelly on by unicorn way says that things are looking bad over there so I'm sending you to check it out here(gives him a pass)The guard won't let you in unless you have that pass.

Aaron:Awesome I will destroy these evil doers(leaves)

And so the adventure begins