A small caravan sits in the middle of a corn field under a deep black sky. A full moon sheds a pale light over the scene as a raven swoops down from the clouds, loudly cawing. The bird dives through the caravan's open window, alighting on the edge of a velvet lined box. It cocks its head, admiring its reflection in a crystal ball for a moment before pecking at the orb with sharp beak, sending a spider web of cracks over the surface. A low, throaty voice resonates from within the orb.

"Tanatos…bring me the Master Detective."

The raven, seeming to understand or perhaps just startled by the voice, ventures off into the darkness.

"Ah, Master Detective! Just to whom I would like to speak!"

Josephine Miller clenched and unclenched her fist nervously. When the Queen of England was seeking her out by phone, it meant only one thing: another (probably highly dangerous) case.

"Your majesty, the curse of Ravenhearst Manor has been broken. Charles Dalimar has been destroyed, but his son Victor escaped. All trapped souls have been freed and the manor itself has been demolished."

"Yes, yes, that's all very well indeed, but a new shall-we-say complication has arisen from a previous case. Do you remember that charming little carnival that you investigated just days before your second investigation of Ravenhearst Manor?"

"Charming's not exactly the word I would use, your Majesty." She thought for a moment on the eccentric cast of a traveling carnival she had been acquainted with, each now quite probably dead. She shuddered, nudging the bobble-head figurine of the eccentric fortune teller by whom her services had been requested.

"It seems that the Dalimar family has been linked back to Madame Fate's Carnival. I need you to hunt down answers, find suspects, and seek out the truth!"

Josephine groaned internally. She had hoped to have seen the last of the Dalimar family forever, but, alas, this seemed to have been a bit too much to hope for.

"Your Majesty, I'm on the case."