Editing Finished (I hope.)

Ok. I did a little more than just fixing mistakes. I couldn't help myself. I did add more detail to the story and internal though processes in a few places. Hopefully I made the story better. If you liked the story the first time and wouldn't mind reading it again even though there aren't any major changes, please feel free and enjoy. If you find any mistakes, PLEASE let me know. I really hate when I miss something that is glaringly obvious. If you have questions about why a character behaved a certain way or can think of a place where the story could use clarification or embellishment, or just have an idea of how the story might be improved, please let me know. It's the only way I can learn to write better.

Thank you everyone who has read this story. I am working on a follow up one, but it's a very slow process this time, so I cannot make any promises as to when it will be done, just know I am working on it as often as my life allows.