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Chapter 1: A tough nut to crack

"And then we continued into blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever.", Margaret read aloud with a slight sigh as she put aside her tablet which had the file containing the story Esme had sent her. It was easy to see how happy the ending of the story made her. "I'm so happy Bella wrote all that down, to preserve it" she continued in her dreamy state, her mind, I'm sure revolving around the happiness her longtime friend was no doubt experiencing at the moment, and the similar happiness I might bring her one day, and I had to agree, being in the situation I was in, it was nice to know that someone, somewhere got their happy ending, seeing as I probably wasn't.

Margaret seemed to pick up on my thoughts, she was no Edward or Jasper, but she was very observant of other people's feelings. "He'll figure it out you know, he always does."

I couldn't deny that, even to my own doubting mind. That it would get done was never in question, it's when that was the concern. "You know I'm only worried about the 'deadline', it has nothing to do with his ability to figure this out."

Matthew Paul Dunstan was probably the greatest scientific mind in his community. It was by an amazing twist of fate that our paths had happened to cross, had it been anyone else, who knows what would have happened.

"Adam, you know neither of us will allow anything to happen to you" and to that I had to laugh. "We're starting to sound like Esme and Bella, aren't we?" And to that we both began laugh, but just as our laughter trailed off a breeze past the back of the couch alerted me to Matthew's entry into the room before my eyes had the chance. He was sitting in a chair that was just off the foot of the couch I was laying back on, his head resting against the low back of the chair, his upward turned eyes closed. That wasn't a good sign.

The moment of levity that had just passed, brought on by the happy ending we got to hear had evaporated just as quickly, leaving in it's wake that overwhelming sense of powerlessness we had all begun to feel these last few months. None of us could escape the sense that the proverbial flood of knowledge we obtained in the weeks following my arrival into their lives had been little more than a flash in the pan, and now, things had ground to an absolute halt. Every attempt we made at making progress was met by a dead end, and not the kind of dead end I was interested in.

Despite the unnervingly still and seeming peaceful appearance of his body, the clenched set of his fists gave away the true nature of his emotions. "Matt, why don't you and Maggie go hunting, maybe some fresh air will clear your head. I'm getting pretty hungry myself, I'll take my time downtown and get something to eat, when I get back we'll get back to work."

His reaction at first, or lack thereof, would have lead someone else to think I was talking to a statue, but a moment later, said sculpture sighed and looked at me, nodding, before turning his golden gaze to his mate, "When the human is right, he's right" he announced in an oddly tired sounding voice for someone of his kind before getting to his feet, Margaret at his side in an instant. "Have fun you guys, don't rush back for me, I have no idea how long I'll be out", I said as I wrenched myself into a seated position on the couch.

"Bon appetit" Margaret said as she leaned in to give me a peck on the cheek goodbye, of course she didn't actually allow our skin to touch, and Matt extended his fit towards mine, as if we were to bump them, but again, we made sure that no skin-to-skin contact was made before they seemingly vanished into thin air. 6 months ago, it used to freak me out, now I'd probably be more concerned I was able to actually see them move.

People always told me I was an old man in a young man's body, and as I stretched and heard several of the vertebrae in my 27-year-old neck and spine pop and crack, I began to believe them.

After getting to my feet and lumbering around my room, making myself presentable to the outside world, I made my way to the garage, and much as I loved speeding around in Margaret's Maserati Granturismo convertible, it's not something I was comfortable with taking out alone, instead I 'settled' with the Cadillac SRX that just so happened to show up at the house a few week after I arrived, and just 2 days after I mentioned in passing that it was one of my favorite cars while an ad was playing for it on TV. Growing up, my family and I were what you would consider lower-middle-class, so the Idea of getting a $50,000+ car at the drop of a hat was a bit alien to me, 5 minutes behind the wheel well and truly buried those feelings.

As I sat behind the wheel, in a rare moment of solitude, I found myself reflecting on that first night, and what I had learned about this world, and those that inhabit it. I was still recovering from the shock of learning what they were when they began discussing what I could mean to their world, the impact I could have. That brought me up short. I had never had an 'impact' on anyone. Much as I did like to help people, I was always of meager means, so the idea of having a truly meaningful impact on the world was always nothing more than a fantasy to me. If what they were discussing at the time came to pass, it would be the most devastating powerful change to ever impact the unchanging.

The thought of being able to bring that kind of happiness to total strangers brought an odd sense of accomplishment to me, and with it, a slight smile. My stomach had other plans for the moment however, and with a nasty growl, I started the engine and headed toward downtown Boston to see how good my 'hunting' for the evening would be.